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Thread: Should I go for #4?

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    i remember telling everyone when we were expecting bubs 4 there were some congrats alot of laughs and my god are you guys crazy and a few not so positive. What i will say is that the more you have the less help you need its a combination of if she wants 4 kids she can suck it up and well she really experienced so why help. Its not that another bubs is hard its easy but its the school/kindy /swimming/netball its the jugling of the things the others are doing so bubs gets dragged around a bit. The car is a issue as well i went from a vt commadore to a kia And some friends seem to drop off the ones that dont like the brady bunch turning up but i dont care i love my life and it woulkd not have been complete without Ella she really is a great bubs and if i could i would of had more but the money would really been a prob as we dont have enough room for us now let along 5 i have to wonder what i will do in ten years time lots and lots of rum and coke i say go for it embrace the joy the warmth and the crazy life

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    ohhhh hello you sound so much like i did before i had my 4th boy , i was always wondering what other people were thinking .... but dont if u want more even if u think ohh .. gosh i cant afford another one u can always afford it u just make do u will find it will never go away so dont leave it .... go for it i did and im so happy. even after getting another boy i wouldnt change a thing.

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