thread: Washing Machines

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    The jet plane isn't as loud as some machines Suzie, and I would go the bigger machine, the bigger they get the more washing you have.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Thanks for the advice!!!

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    Nov 2004

    my parents spent many $$$ on a Kleenmaid industrial size washing machine about 10 years ago, and its still going strong, had to spend about $50 on it last year. Not bad, with 6 kids, mum does about 2 loads a day!!! (at least!!) I have found maytag to be the best brand. very expensive, especially if u need a big one, but will last forever.

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    *still LOL at this thread*

    I agree with the Maytag recommendation. When I worked at a child care centre we bought a large Maytag and it was fantastic. It was very basic, just a few dials but it was all stainless steel and very quiet. At home we have an LG (7.5 kilo I think...too lazy to get off my butt to check!) which we are very happy with... it has all the sensor-type functions and does a good job. Our previous one was a tiny Sanyo that took about 3 kilos! It was 53cm wide (I remember because we had a 55cm space in the unit we were living in and bought a machine to fit the space) I can't belive it lasted for 7 years including a time when I used cloth nappies!

    My husband is good at offering to help but he's too much of a perfectionist... he colour coordinates the pegs on the line for God's sake! LOL but I can't laugh, I used to be like that too! Now the daily drudge is dealt with in fits and starts. We're planning on having up to four children and I'm happy to just accept mess and chaos as a way of life.