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thread: When you realise you know someone from bellybelly

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    Mar 2007

    The BBer has not been active for over 18months now, she stopped coming on at a very very hard time in her life. It ewally just shocked me that I realised who it was. If I was ever to say anything to her I think I would actually leave BB out of it and it would only be about her blog anyway. Still I don't know.
    I would go from the blog angle rather than the BB angle. She may bring up BB herself and you could decide whether to mention it or not, it sounds like she left after very difficult personal circumstances, so I think you are right not to mention the BB connection unless she brings it up hersefl. It is easy to find a blogger on Google/Internet as they quite often have pictures up of themselves, it's not as common to find another BB'er.

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    Nov 2004

    Lots of people say they know me IRL.

    Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I'm not that good with names and I usually have NO idea who they are. Oops!!!

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    Jun 2008
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    Kazzo, you could just say you recognise her from her blog, especially if she has pictures on it. I think I know who you're talking about. Given her history, she'd probably appreciate being told, especially if you see her regularly.

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    Jan 2008

    Actually thinking about this more it really did happen to me.

    We have since PMd so I know she won't mind me saying. But when Jett was in NICU still. I worked a shift and as soon as I saw Blessedatlast I wanted to go up and say 'hey I'm tegam' then I thought of it from her point of view and also that it was totally unprofessional. As it turns put Abby said she would have been fine with it and would have been nice to meet. But I think I'd still give someone the respect to PM them rather than face to face. After that I didn't get another shift there so never got to meet either of them!!!!!

    Again brain not really working today, can seem to spit anything out.

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    May 2005

    meh. Whilst, I wouldn't particularly want all my family joining, and I wouldn't like for someone to join with the sole purpose of 'stalking me'; Most of my friends are on BB anyway, so it isn't a huge deal for me. I long ago gave up my anonymity when I started goiing to BB meet up''s.

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    Jun 2005

    I just remembered that I recognised someone I know locally on a US forum I use. Next time I saw her (it had been a while) I knew quite a bit about what was going on in her life but I pretended I didn't know any of it as I didn't want her to think I was stalking her.

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    Nov 2007
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    I know a girl from BB IRL, and when we meet up we will chat about the kids and stuff but we sort of have an unspoken rule that whatever is on BB stays on BB and unless we bring it up in person then it is a no go zone

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    Aug 2008

    I have had it happen a few times. Once I have told, but twice I just let it go.

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    Oct 2007
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    i don't really 'know' the member but she is friends with other ppl that Im friends with on FB. she actually went to highschool with my DH. only reason it came up was because she'd posted on a friends wall and DH saw her name and said 'hey she was in my year level at school!' i then figured out by her blog who she was on here. i haven't told her because i don't follow her blog and don't interact with her on here.

    as for anyone knowing me on here my bestie is on here and we both know about each other if anyone else knew me that's cool too. if they wanted to tell me great and if not that's fine. i don't post much info on here about myself so it wouldn't really be an issue

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    Aug 2007

    It's kinda strange this mentality we have with Internet stuff, we put so much out there thinking its anon when really, its not...so many people on BB I have on FB now or have interacted with via my business, so many I would love to meet IRL.
    If someone came up to me and said "oh wow youre starry sky! " I think I'd be a bit chuffed, but then afterwards would be thinking oh ****! lol
    I probably would approach someone if I thought I recognised them from here, or PM them to let them know I know who they are, put the ball in their court so to speak...guess it all depends on the circumstance...

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    Dec 2006
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    i have seen someone come on here as a new member after i'd spoken to them through work (a baby loss mumma) - she wasn't around long at all. i recognised her angels name (dealing with mummas of new angels isn't something you forget).

    i have met an awful lot of BB girls now - i have given up any thought of this being anon - although i think i'd get a bit wigged out if family found BB. i have IRL stalker freak inlaws - i really hope they never find me here!

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    Jan 2008

    I have had it happen a few times. Once I have told, but twice I just let it go.
    Omg was that you at that play center last year?

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    Jan 2006

    I guess it's a good reminder that nothing is really private on the internet.

    Please just remember that even if someone isn't an active member, the rules still apply in the way we talk to and about each other.

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    Nov 2005
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    If the BB person the OP is talking about is who I think it is, I seriously doubt she'd mind She's referred to BB, in vague terms and in no way negative, in her blog. It's just something she moved on from and onto her blog Anything more private wouldn't have been in an area accessible to all members, or in a PSG, which come with their own disclosure understandings, anyway.
    I had a BB member identify herself to me and we are now friends. I don't advertise my membership now, because like a PP says, I'm in a smaller population. No biggie if I'm 'outed' though - it's all consistent here as with my IRL!

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    Jul 2008
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    If it was me, I'm not sure if I would say anything.. It depends on our relationship IRL. If I was around her a lot I'd say something, but if she was just an acquaintance I probably wouldn't. If someone met me and knew me from here I would want them to say something.. I'm a pretty open book IRL as well as here, it probably wouldn't bother me, but I guess it would at least give me the choice to censor things I share on here if I felt I needed to.

    Tegam - I remember that! It would have been good if you'd said hello!! I love showing off my baby

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    Jan 2008

    Tegam - I remember that! It would have been good if you'd said hello!! I love showing off my baby
    No really you seem so shy about your boys!!!

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    Feb 2007
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    I'd rather someone told me if hey knew me from BB. Mainly because I kind of feel like I'm eavesdropping if I don't tell someone. I would have no issue itch someone saying 'hey! I know you from BB'. I would have an issue with someone reading my posts/thoughts and pretending they didn't. This is a public place, as is a blog so you almost need to expect that people will recognize you, particularly if you post pics and personal details.

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    Jun 2010
    District Twelve

    I prefer to be recognized due to my ridiculously glamourous, revoltingly high paid international supermodel career.

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