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    Default holiday ideas with baby ...


    Not sure if this is the right place for this question ...

    But I am looking at going to the Sunshine Coast over winter. Someone w/o kids suggested Collum. I am wondering if anyone had any thoughts about Collum, Maroochydore or Noosa as a good holiday destination for me, hubbie and my (will be) 9mth old boy ...

    Generally we love urban get aways but that was before bubs of course. Not really beach bummers but love to laze by a nice pool sometimes. Love eating, wandering, shopping ... As an example, in Melbourne, we used to regularly go to Lorne for a break where we wld rent a house, eat and watch DVDs etc!

    Any ideas?


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    Hi we have booked a holiday in March to the Gold Coast and are staying at a place called Paradise Resort - it looks fantastic for kids of all ages and has a really good pool facility too. Not too sure whats at Gold Coast in way of shopping etc but there are the theme parks and the resort does offer babysitting/kids club for kids of all ages.

    Good luck! You may want to post this in the travel section too.

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    There's HEAPS of shopping at Gold Coast, no worries there.

    I'm going to guess you're alright going on holiday in an urban environment with your baby. I have friends who go backpacker traveling with their babies in tow, they go to urban areas. Just takes a little more planning and organization, is all. This is what I hear, anyway. Don't know yet..

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    We did Tasmania with our 10month old at the time. She had a ball. You just have to learn to look for different stuff. Makes it different and new for you all.

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