thread: Counselling at your fertility centre

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    Counselling at your fertility centre

    Has anyone used the counselling offered after a failed round and if so did it help?

    They have told me someone will be in touch with me. I'm not sure how much it's going to help - I just don't see how more talking about it actually achieves anything when it's all so unknown what is going to happen.

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    Not after 1 unsuccessful round but we did use it after we had no more embies, after about 4.5 years. In hindsight, we should have gone after each attempt that didnt take!
    Talking about it wont achieve anything physically but it will help you to heal emotionally because as you know getting pregnant isnt where all this heartache ends.Did it help us? At the time I really didnt think so! but looking back now I will find myself referring back to things that our counsellor taught us, techniques she suggested to get through the heartache and stress. It allowed us a safe place to talk about things, a place that we could open up to someone who wasnt going to shoot us down for saying certain things.
    Looking at your signature, you are having a rough time of it, hun. I dearly hope your forever baby isnt far away

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    Firstly, big big to you hun, you have had a horrible time. Honestly, for me, I tried the counselling thing after resisting for too long and I did go back for several sessions where I was given loads of coping strategies etc etc. But if I am being truthful, I thought counselling was going to help some of the pain go away and I kept going back in the hope that I was going to have some amazing breakthrough and be able to deal with things a lot better. For me, it never happened and I found in the end, I was getting quite resentful that I had this stranger telling me how I should be viewing things and making changes within my own life when she had never walked in my shoes.

    Do you have anyone irl that is/has gone through similar heartache to you? And BB is also a great place for it but the thing that helped me the most was immersing myself amongst like-minded people in a similar situation and talking/crying/b!tching as much as we needed to. Sure, some may see that as not being particularly conducive to the whole healing process but I found in doing this, whoever I was with at the time, really and truly did understand how it felt. I know that my clinic has information on an infertility support group - would you consider giving something like this a go if the idea of therapy isn't for you?

    I really feel for you, it is a horrible, cruel journey. Take care of yourself and I hope you can get your forever baby XXX

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    Wow thank you for your responses. No I don't have anyone around me that has gone/going through infertility. I think an infertility support group might be a really good thing now. I might look into that at my clinic, thanks. It has got to the stage I don't talk about it with my close family much as it's also so upsetting for them too.

    To add to everything, DH was diagnosed with testicular cancer this year so we've been going through that and radiation too. The clinic do not seem to think that is related to the infertility though.

    No answers which I think makes it even harder!

    I will give the counselling a try x