thread: This is going to sound like complete gobbledegook

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    Sep 2004
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    This is going to sound like complete gobbledegook

    But I needed to share my excitement.

    When we froze our little snowbaby from Charlie's cycle, they told me that they would normally have discarded it because it showed up with only one pronucleus at fertilisation. One pronucleus is considered an abnormal fertilsation, and embryos are usually discarded, but because the embryos were dividing, and eventually went on to be a grade 1 blasts, they froze them.

    I say 'them' because 2 of our 3 embryos had 1 only pronucleus. The third was a 'normal' 2 pronuclei blast, and we transferred that 'normal' blast and one other 'abnormal' blast. We were told that if both took (very unlikely they said), we would likely need to do chromosonal tests. They were not surprised at all in fact when I was found to be carrying a single bub, it was firmly believed at the time that 1 pronucleus embryos didn't have the genetic male/female material to become a baby.

    So it follows on that our last embryo therefore should have very little chance of success as well.

    Except, that in the 2 years since we did IVF, the tide had changed, and where back then I managed to only find only 1 pathetic case of a successful healthy pg resulting in a live birth documented where a 1 pronuclei blast was transferred, today when I googled it, there are loads of medical information that now not only believe that 1 pronucleus blasts can absolutely be diploid (2 celled), but that tests have proven that when they removed a single pronuclues that belonged to one of these 'abnormal' embryos at 16 cell stage, that both male and female DNA was present!

    Do you know what this means? It means I have HOPE again!

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    That is awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    and not gobbledeegook at all (well not any more than the word itself which is surprisingly hard to spell. lol)

    Isn't it amazing what science is capable of?!?

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    Isn't the human body a wonderful thing - even when we think it isn't working it is and we just don't understand it.

    Not gooble at all - makes perfect sense to me.

    My heart is skipping with joy for you

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    sushee - this is fantastic news!

    i'm so glad you've got some good news about your snowbubba

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    Apr 2007
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    Congrats Sushee that is excellent news

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    Sep 2005
    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!

    not that i completely understand all the jargon i understand enough to know that this is absolutely amazingly brilliant news for you and your DH - yeha!!!!!!

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    Oh Sushee, That is fantastic - I certainly know what it means to have HOPE again! Where do you get all this information? I must say I am not much of a researcher - I usually just accept what the doctors say. In our recent donor cycle our donor did not respond well and we got no embies to freeze (couldn't synch our cycles as I managed to ovulate despite synarel!! aaaaaargh) anyway they grew the embies to day 6 anyway, just to see what would happen and they had "no inner mass" ie. the bit that would have become a baby was missing but the sac but was there. It really is amazing what they can tell us isn't it?
    if you have time and you found it on the internet, would you mind PMing me where you found the info?
    thanks and am wishing you lots of luck for your lucky last try (whenever that may be ).

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    Oct 2007

    Thats fantastic news Sushee!

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    Thats brilliant news!!!

    I have often wondered myself sometimes(in some of our cycles we have had slow growing blasts, or embies at morula stage that they didn't bother freezing) - whether it would be worth freezing them anyway - In another few yrs time, who knows what research they will do and what they will find out!!!

    This is proof that they are worth keeping Just In Case!!!

    So happy for you

    Soooo - Now - How long til you can convince your DH to do a frozen transfer???!!!

    Brilliant news, hun xxx

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    Sep 2004
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    Oooh Anney I'll have to google it again but there was one particular paper that collectively covered the various aspects that the other abstracts talked about. Watch this space, I'll post the link later today if I can.

    Holly, I agree with you. What seemed like a no-hope embryo two years ago is now viable! Science discovers new things everyday!

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    Sushee that is wonderful news. I'm gonna keep everything crossed for you.

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    Aug 2006

    OK, I didn't really get all those terms you used, but I get the general gist of it - woo hoo!!

    But hang on - does this mean that your DH has reconsidered another transfer and there is now the possibility that this little embryo could become Charlie's little brother or sister???

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    That is fantastic news Sushee!!!
    It is amazing what they can find out in only a little while. Ok, it feels like forever if you are the one waiting to find out but in the scheme of science it is only a short while really. The human body is truely an amazing thing and I am sooooo constantly surprised but what it can do. Even little things like watching a cut heal really amaze me!! It really is a miracle how a person comes to be when you think of all the things that go on right from the lead up to conception, which in itself seems like a miracle actually, through to being born safely. Isnt it wonderful to think of all the possibilities that there are still out there waiting to be discovered? Imagine the things they will be able to do to help AC in say 10 years time... the mind boggles. I know myself, what seemed impossible 7 years ago has now become possible and my little unborn is "proof in the pudding" as they say.
    Good luck convincing DH that the time has come and best of luck with your lovely little frostie!

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    Anney, it's an extract from a book called 'The Atlas of Human Blastocysts' and you can find the page referring to it here. There is also a case study in Oxford Journals here.

    And thank you lovely ladies for feeling my excitement, even if it didnd't make sense (or it did!) DH is very excited by this info too.

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    Just saw this thread. It's amazing how the amount of stuff that is apparently 'fact', changes with time!

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    oh sush, i just found your post and that is really wonderful to hear. the miracles of patience and science working together. so happy you have this newer bit of hope hun. xx

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    Yeh Sushee, good on you for spreading the news, I bet you have brought hope to lots of women

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