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thread: Long Term Assisted Conception - September '05

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    Yeah I don't know what they will be able to see!

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    Dec 2003
    Not London

    Hi Tam, that was from the strart of art thaw cycle right through to end of LP.

    Sheree, good luck for your scan.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Aug 2005

    Thanks for your thoughts Sushee. Not a lot of hope in sight atm. I don't have to worry about 2WW because it's gunna be an awfully long time before I am able to do that again - if at all. Atm, I would absolutely love a 2WW. A sad road and one that I have nobody to travel with. Par for the course, I've always been an individual. But, I know I have you guys in here. I'm pretty damn miserable to be honest. :-({|= Sorry.
    Sheree, hope your scan goes well tomorrow. Better to be safe than sorry!!
    *Tam* hope you'll be feeling better soon. The things we have to go through. But, it's worth it in the end.
    Keen inkstick: :bluestick: (I know they're burrowing - I can hear them up here on the CC).
    Hey, Blue, how are you?? Bumping along ok?
    Hi Bee, Trish and anyone I may have forgotten (it's not intentional). Brain a bit full. Hope you're all well.

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    Sep 2004

    Thanks for all the sticky vibes guys - Im sure they are helping.

    Sheree - just wanted to drop in to make sure I told you I have everything crossed for you and am so desperately hoping you make it this time. Have seen you go through a lot and think it really must be your turn soon. Hang in there matey and know I am thinking of you.

    Suze - Im so sorry the way things have been going for you lately, I wish I had some answers for you... I know I could say be hopeful and stay positive and hang in there and all that, but Im sure at this stage you are over all that and just want the chance to be a mum. I truly hope you get that chance very very soon.

    Bee - Here's hoping third time is the charm!

    Tam - hope the headaches ease up soon, honey. Try a cold press - helps me sometimes. Could also be a little bit of dehydration. My RE told me that during an IVF cycle it is quite common to become fairly dehydrated. Either way, hope they leave you alone very soon.

    Trish - I hope you are holding Sheree's hand when she drags you into the pg forums! Im sure you too are next to graduate.

    As for me I am now on FOUR pessaries a day, 2 in the morning at 6am, then 1 at 6pm, then another at 11pm! Bloody useless body and its inability to make its own progesterone! But, I suppose, you get that!

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi girls,
    Sue - sorry to hear you're feeling a bit down. Dont have to be sorry about it though sweetie! Play that violin as much as you like!
    Sheree - good luck tomorrow! Hope it comes up trumps!
    Tam - bugger about those headaches - hope they rack off soon.
    Hi to Bee, Trish, Keen, anyone I've missed. You're all in my thoughts and [-o< .
    Sorry for the short post. Have to get some stuff done. Realised today that I have 5 assignments due in 4 weeks... #-o 8-[ ](*,) faaaaarrrrk!! Feel free to [-X if you see me hanging around too long on BB!!
    Hope you have a great (long for some [-( ) weekend.

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    ann Guest

    Well I think you all guessed correctly BFN.

    The nurse even got th escientist to ring me cause they have no idea why the little buggers won't stick, as he said all of my levels are those you would see in a pg woman, except the HCG. He said of the 1 remaining bub on ice it would be useless transfering as the others didn't take. He thinks we should do another full stim ASAP, but hey another surprise IVF has gone up in price. We had to get a loan to start this all off, we can't afford another $10,000.

    On another note, this GF at work, 20 yrs old been TTC since Jan this yr for #2 now 8 weeks pg, has started telling everyone at work about her wonderful news, like how much she is glowing, how she thought it would never work, it took soooooooo long for it to happen, and yes she knows all about my little trip down IVF lane. Yes I am very happy for her, but it feels like it is being rubbed in my face, but I just sit across from her and smile.

    Anyway, I won't be hanging around here much anymore, DH and I have finally come to the end of our road, it just seems unfair that it comes down to money. This is our shattered dream.
    I hope you all get to where you want to be, and to have what we all pray for. Also thank you to all of you that have kept me sane (you know who you are), whilst on this journey.

    Stay safe
    Love to all

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    Sep 2004

    Ann, honey Im so sorry and what more can I say but thank you for being our support too, as you have been wonderful and I truly hope this is not the last of this journey for you. Am hoping your miracle happens. :hugs:

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    Aug 2005

    Oh Ann, I really feel for you. So sorry. I'm not sure where you live in Australia? $10,000 seems awfully expensive though. What sort of stim cycle? I was on a full stim ICSI with donor sperm and ended up being around $2000 out of pocket or thereabouts. I can't believe the scientist thinks transferring your little snowbub is a waste of time. Not to mention that he said that :evil:. While ever you have your embee, you have some hope. What is the cost at your clinic for FET? Please don't just take the scientist's word for it. What do they expect you to do with your precious embee??? I know you've said you and DH have decided this is the end of the road, but I reckon it's gotta be worth a shot. Please, have an FET. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear, just hate to see you forego what may be the cycle that is the one As for the girl at work :smt062 Please don't go too far away....
    Hey Blue, good to see you.....Gosh, you're getting dreadfully organised. Hmmmm, ok, I'll wrist-slap (but only lightly, it's great to see you here) if you spend too much time on BB over the weekend. Even Monday, when, of course, we NSW'ers will be having a public holiday..... And, you can slap mine if I'm in here too much. I intend to spend 3 days in the sun - reading, gardening and lunching. 8-) Maybe some shopping too.....
    Keen, thanks for your kind words. Keep on nurturing those children of yours. Oh, doesn't that sound so nice - your children....
    Sue :luck:

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    May 2005
    South Australia


    Sorry for your negative result and everything else on top of that it must be hard for you but as Sue has said $10,000 sounds like an awful lot :-s . Is this your cost not the total minus medicare and safety net from medicare?

    I agree with Sue that maybe the 1 embie left could be the one but it is up to you and DH whatever you decide is right for you.

    Good luck on this journey.

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    I have been thinking about you today and when I logged on I was so sorry to hear your news.

    Right now we understand there aren't enough words to explain how you feel.

    Money is such a limiting factor for so many people and it is so sad it it means the end.

    I was also told over $1500 out of pocket you can claim back 20% on your tax. I know right now it means little but don't give up hope - if we can shine a glimmer of light at the end of tunnel - it is worth telling you all this.

    The government are prepared to throw thousands of $$$$ at people to have babies but as much to help assisted conception. I do appreciate the safety net by all means.

    Nothing we say will comfort you where you are at right now ...but we are here for you.

    Don't give up on your embie -as well if you are over the threshold still in this calendar year - you get back 80% of out of pocket costs - a huge saving if you do it now instead of Jan.

    There is still time for another stim cycle too if you decide to go this path.

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    Aug 2005

    Good morning everyone on this 1st day of the long weekend... for some
    Hi Blue =D> nice to see you..... now [-X back to those assignments.
    Sheree, will be waiting to see how you went this morning. Hope you'll be smiling.
    Sush, hope you manage to boot the kids of the puter just long enough to say hi. You never did answer my question about if any of those willing donors way over there were single????
    Keen - take it easy this l-o-n-g weekend and spoil yourself, DH and those precious embees of yours rotten.
    Hope you're feeling better *Tam*.
    Hi to Trish, Bee, and anyone else popping in.
    Anney, if you're lurking, please stick your head in to say :wave:
    I'm off to hang out the washing and sit outside in the brilliant sunshine with Patricia Cornwell. After being awoken at 7.30am by the lawnmower next door :evil: . Then, the son of the lady who owns the duplex adjoining mine decided 8.30am on a Saturday morning was a great time to start building the deck (hammering & sawing etc) he's been talking about for 6 months. But hey, don't sweat the small stuff, I still have another 2 days to sleep in. Sorry Blue...

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    Dec 2003
    Not London

    Keen, does that mean you have to spend half an hour laying down for every pessary???

    Ann, I know not much anyone says will make your situation better. I'm sure I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say we love you and send you heaps of

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    Sep 2004

    Bee - I wish half an hour! I have to lay for a WHOLE Hour each time! Of course the last one is ok because I just stay in bed but the others are much more difficult!

    Talking about the costs that Ann mentioned I know with our full stim we had to pay almost $7000 up front after everything claimed we ended up spending about $4000 out of pocket. But the trouble is coming up with the initial lump sum. Yes you can claim 20c in the dollar medical costs in tax return, but alas is a bit away just yet.

    Am kicking back talking to my tummy telling "Bib & Bub" (as DH has taken to calling them) to hold on tight!

    Hope you all have a loverly weekend... enjoy the book Suzi!

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    Feb 2005

    I was always told to lay down for an hour after the pessaries as well. I figure at least it makes me stop & rest, though mind you must admit I don't always anyway.

    Keen, good luck for Bib & Bub, that does kinda stick a bit doesn't it. I just hope it's not just the name that's sticking!

    Ann, big decisions the whole way through this AC thingo. Wish the decisions were a bit easier. I haven't actually fully worked out my costs for everything, but I guess every clinic is different.
    But as with a lot of things there has to be a cost analysis deciding where the cost outweighs the benefits/future of it. We have spoken about when does the point come where funds could be better utilised elsewhere.
    Not sure if it sounds harsh (or cold) but I do have a DD to think about, mine & DH future, & I'm an accountant (which is probably the biggest explanation, lol)

    But, what is the go with saying that the last embie is a dud, that is a bit cold. Is it a lower grade? But does that really matter. Mine were supposedly high grade, did that make a difference? No. There is every chance that that little embie is a fighter, every embie has a chance, or else he wouldn't even be there!!
    Ok, I'm off the soap box.

    All in all Ann, sending you a very big hug & lots of support either way.

    Sheree, how was your scan, any thing going on?

    Sue, have you made any inroad into that book, or tan? I'm sure I remember you starting that book a few weeks ago, lol

    Bee, Blue, Trish, take care

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    Sep 2004

    Keen- thanks again, I hope that your 2WW is an easy one and that you get a BFP too.

    Ann- yep money and IVF sucks, I'm an accountant like Tam ( no doubt) and have spreadsheets calculating the costs. After 15 IVF attempts, if I get a another baby well let's just say the little b*gger has to go out and get a job at a young age to pay us back - no allowances now way! (I don't mean to jest about your predicament ). We have a credit card which we make the initial IVF charge on, then I race to medicare obtain the rebate and race to the bank to pay of the credit card, then we have 55 days interest free to pay it the remainder! You get frequent flyer points to boot!!

    My scan was at CD5 yesterday so very early and even though they only saw aoubt 5-7 they are still hopefull for more though. So I started the orgalutron yesterday and have a BT tomorrow. So just ticking along. Strangely though I'm very very tired this time around.

    I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

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    Aug 2005

    Hi Sheree, was just about to ask how you went and saw your post. 5 - 7 at 5 days sounds like pretty good progress to me. I only had 7 at around day 11. Yep, just keep rolling, nice and steady.
    Yes *Tam* you're right. I did start that book about 2 months ago. Only 64 pages to go. As for the tan... hmmm. I have a tradition (anal I know) that I'm out of the trousers and into the skirts for work after the Oct Long Weekend (sorry Blue for rubbing that in ). There's no way the world is ready to see my lily white legs yet. Hope your headaches have eased a little.
    How are the assignments going by the way Blue??
    Hope you're doing ok Ann even though you're probably not
    Agh Keen, 4 pessaries a day and then lying down for an hour. But then again, you could probably use the 6pm one to your advantage. DH would have to be cooking dinner in that case.
    I too have a credit card for IVF although I thought the $4000 I paid up front was after medicare #-o . Only found out by accident that I could claim a further $1900.
    Sush, guess the kids rule in your house when it comes to the puter.
    Hi Trish, Bee and anyone else I've forgotten.

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    Sep 2004

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend...

    Sheree - 5-7 at this stage sounds pretty promising sweetheart. When is your next scan/bt?

    Sue - your absolutely right about the 6pm pessary being good most of the time because DH has to cook dinner, or he forgets and I have to get up at 7 and run around getting it done (but that hasnt been often as he's pretty good).

    I have a credit card for IVF too. My costs may be a little more because we use ICSI which is an extra $1000. I dont really know though.

    Well am not having any of the pg symptoms like I have had in the past. No sore bbs, no extra peeing, nothing.... wish I was feeling more positive. Am really hoping this birthday present isnt a bad one....

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