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Thread: Oooohhhhhh

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    awww that is so great....Well I think you should go for it if you really want kids and do ICSI Well that is just what I think.

    Good luck.

    c ya

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    Carla, great news about DH, hope all goes well with finding a donor. Does DH have a brother you could ask - just a thought as we are doing the same thing using my DH brother and we had many friends offer their sperm as well just a thought I know not everyone wants to go that way and would rather an unknown donor. Anyway good luck sweetie you will get there and it will happen - POSITIVE THINKING goes along way. Although its hard sometimes to think positive all the time but we are all strong ladies and we are doing this because we all believe that it will happen.

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    *las* Guest


    Oh I'm so relieved for your DH!

    I hope you are able to find a donor soon and before you know it, will be holding a precious baby

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    gina Guest


    I am soooo glad that he is ok. I hope you find a donor that you are happy with. There are a few ladies in my clinic that have donor sperm. Do you want me to ask how and where from? I can, i suppose there is nothing to lose.

    xoxoxo Gina

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    Hi Carla,

    I'm really glad your DH is ok. That must have been a really scary time for you!

    I'd like to also add my voice to the others that have said to make sure you investigate all your options for donors.

    We originally went down the unknown Australian donor route in 2006. We changed plans because our clinic didn't have unknown donors available at the time that we were ready. However some do and most have a waiting list. The waiting time is generally 6 - 12 months (at least). You will have to ask the clinic that you are going though.

    We had also gone down the known donor route. Unlike Lissie, going with DH's brother didn't work out for us. But we have a very good friend who has offered to donate, and we are going down this path now.

    As for going IUI or ICSI, this would really depend on your fertility issues. We tried IUI twice in 2006. My plan at this stage is to try IUI at least once again when the sperm is cleared as ok and then move to IVF/ICSI if this doesn't work.

    Good luck with whatever you decide...

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    CarlaTTC Guest


    thanks guys. well i am going to get my tubes tested to see if all is good to do IUI and that they are not blocked at all. (i had overian cancer just over a year ago) and the test is to be done on day ten BUT i have not had a period for ages. i am 14 days late. i have done 3 pg tests but ng all the time. i know the chances of me falling are so slim that i am not getting my hopes up, just want to know what is going on. i am usually to the day and the fertility dr says the meds i was on, shouldnt have any effect at all since i have already had af since then.
    but here is for a miracle!
    Gina that would be great if you could do that. but if i have to go oversea's i will.
    The brother thing is not an option. he is a half brother and they hate each other, he doesnt know his real dad and he loves his grandad but he has prostrate so we have no luck with that option
    i dont come on very often because my password seems to change. when i get a new one sent to me, i wright it down and use it the next time, it says its incorrect so then i have to ask for a new one. etc etc. lol my computer is so slow i get the poops with it. hehe

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