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Thread: SAD NEWS

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    Alex Guest

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    Hi Everyone,

    I sorry that I haven't been around but I've been too upset and have wanted to try not to think about all of this for a while. But I am having the next transfer on Wednesday morning, which is the last frozen embryo. My DH is overseas and doesn't get home until Thursday night, the timing can't be helped and fingers crossed it will all go well on Weds. Today I am feeling really down and have woken up with the worst headache and I have even just been sick. I think this is from worry as I am terrified that this won't work and I'll have to go through it all over again.

    I just want to sit in bed crying which I know is silly as I haven't even had the transfer yet.

    I just can't believe that it isn't working and all I seem to see around me are couples with babies. It is so unfair, all I want is to have a baby, and make my own family.

    L8dybug, have you decided what you are going to do yet? Are you waiting a while before your next transfer?

    I am going away for 3 weeks soon to see my family in the UK. Unfortunately my DH can't come with me for the whole time as he has to work but he'll be with me for the first few days. I hope this trip will help me to relax and I am very excited about spending some quality time with my family.

    Good luck to everyone out there, it has to be our turn one day!

    R A

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    Im so sorry that you are so down Alex... :hugs:... dont feel bad about it though, its totally natural. It is just so devestating when we have absolutely no control over this and want it more than anything and you see babies in your face all the time, it can all just get too much.

    Try and take care of you, sweetie. Try and do something nice for yourself. We often forget about that sort of stuff when we are in the midst of all this...

    Im sure there will be many of us migrating to PG land very very soon.....

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