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Thread: 2WW+pregnancy or period symptoms?

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    Default 2WW+pregnancy or period symptoms?

    I think the 2WW is tipping me over the edge! I dont feel any different and have the usual sore breasts, cramping, sore ovary type pain! I had my transfer last Friday so does that make me 5 days post transfer????

    Anyway, for those of you who have gone through the ivf/2WW cycle and achieved a preg I just wanted to know- did you feel different? did you know? did you have the same period like symptoms???

    I dont know if im actually inventing my period pain symptoms considering ive got another 8 days to go?

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    HI Kim,
    This is a hard question - that i do not think anyone can give you an answer for.
    Sometimes i felt different and sometimes not - i have been pregnant twice and really until i was told I would not want to guess - the drugs you are on can make you feel this way too - just hang in there the wait is nearly up. BIG BIG HUGS to you and I HOPE and PRAY it all is successfull - i will be thinking of you over the next 8 days - I know its hard but just try to relax (HA HA) i know - everyone told me to relax and it did not work. THe 2ww is just hell isn't it? Anyway good luck & :hugs:

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    I had every symptom under the sun for the 7 unsuccessful cycles (probably from the progesterone supplements), but didn't have any for the successful one, except for bloating at 12dpo, which is not even a pg symptom!

    I agree wtih Lissie, I probably wouldn't be able to pick whether I was pg or not before 7 weeks, when ms and sore boobs kicked in. Before then, I had no early symptoms at all.

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    thanx for your input guys!
    I just dont feel any different than every other month! and I just think something would be different- who knows?

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    Hi Kim,

    On my last 2ww i just knew i was pregnant, i just felt different and i was SOOOO hungry all the time and i was extremley tired they were how i knew. Unfortunatley though i m/c at 5 and a half weeks.

    On day 3 and 4 i think it was after the transfer (i went blastocyst) i had some slight cramping, nothing like AF though. And i guess that was bubs snuggling in.

    I hope you get a BFP. Whens your BT?


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    I knew I was PG with DS as by the 10day I was feeling sick and just not right. I threw up twice and just had yukky morning type sickness. Just didnt feel myself and new I was.

    Awww good luck hun

    Hope you get a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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