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Thread: Acupunture at NatureEco Vic Park (Perth)

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    Default Acupunture at NatureEco Vic Park (Perth)

    Does or has anyone been to the NatureEco clinic in Vic Park? I ve always wanted to try acupunture for pain management and general well being.

    Just wanted to know if anyone could recommend this clinic or another south of the river.

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    Hi Jules. Have never been to NatureEco but go to Synergy Clinic in Leederville and can highly recommend them

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    I highly recommend Geoff Brothers - he is in Nedlands, which I know isn't south of the river but it's not much further to go!
    He's helping me with fertility stuff, but also stress relief, and general stuff like if I feel a cold coming on etc. I've had really amazing things happen and I truly believe in the power of acupuncture.
    Geoff is fantastic to talk to, really understanding. He also makes up chinese herbal mixtures too - and they generally don't taste too bad, depending on what is in them!!
    Geoff has a lot of experience, has spent time in China training, and is so successful that he doesn't really advertise, he just goes on word of mouth - and he's always busy so I think that's a good indication too!

    I know that even after my TTC journey is over, I'll still use chinese medicine/acupuncture for heaps of stuff.

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