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Thread: Acupunture and Number of eggs collected

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    Trixie Guest


    Hi Max,
    Just imagine how good would that be!!! We only had three fresh this cycles this year and we luckily have four frozen so are going to use these in the new year first. My FET cycle wont start until next period anyway which will bethe begnning of Jan. But anything can happen we have also had a failed FET just our last FET that 4 embies didnt make it through defrosting...I know it would be unheard of to happen twice but man it does your head in.
    We were hopeful this time as since our fourth failed fresh attempt we were diagnosed with APA and using asprin and Clexane but no luck.....have been annally reading about this the last two days as to what is recommended when to start in a cycle etc..have seen some ggod spec. but always love to know more as it is a developing area...... I havent had prenisone first whether we need to do this..WHO KNOWS!! sorry a bout the rabbit...... have a good break....we as good as can be hoped and fingers crossed!!!!!


    and boo hoo to SANTA.......!!!!!

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    Trixie Guest


    ps does anyone know where to buy Baby aspirin???

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