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Thread: advice on Concept in Perth (Dr Chris Nichols)

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    Default advice on Concept in Perth (Dr Chris Nichols)

    Hi there,
    Just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with Dr Nichols at Concept in Perth W.A?
    I have just made my first appointment with him which isn't for another 8 weeks but just wanted a little feedback if anyone has any.
    Your help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Jo, I am with Dr Nichols. I was referred to him by my GP earlier this year. Had a few appointments with him for consultation, fertility tests, etc. I have yet to do a treatment with Concept, but will not start till next month since I'm going away for a couple of weeks.

    I'm happy with Chris so far. I think he explains things cleary and takes his time with our questions. Only thing is that he's very busy and quite often there's a long wait in the appointment when he gets delay due to delivery. I haven't actually had Chris for any assisted conception yet (eg IVF,etc), but will be most likely use him when I go down that path.

    Would you mind me asking if you see him for any fertility treatment/IVF,etc?


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    Hi Jo,

    Chris was my FS for my IVF treatment, and also my ob when I finally had some success. I personally really like Chris. He's patient and doesn't make you feel like an idiot. He also will be honest with you about your chances of success, and he's not the kind of Dr who will blow smoke up your a*** and tell you you're going to be pg in no time.

    My only minor negative thought on him is that he can be a little conservative in his treatment. He likes it slow and steady, ruling out one method before trying another. This can be frustrating if you're impatient (like me) but ultimately I now believe he did the best thing by us. He also is an ob, so if you do find success, he's one of the few FSs who will see you right through to birth. That was a big plus for me.

    And as for waiting to see him, I never did wait long, for some reason. I almost always went straight in to see him, and the one time he went to do a delivery, I only waited 1/2 an hour tops! Pascalia, you must have been unlucky!

    Your initial appt with him takes a long time to secure, but after that he's always there, by phone or in person, if you need him. Good luck, Jo. I think you've made a good choice!

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    Hi there,
    Thanks for the replys Sushee & Pascalia, I feel much better about seeing him.
    I am thrilled for you Sushee that you had some success with him.
    Pascalia this will be my first appointment with any spec. as Dh & I have been TTC for over a year now with no success so I am guessing we will be starting with all the fertility tests & go from there.
    It's all so much to take in but I am very anxious to start looking into things.
    Good luck to you both, Jo

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