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Thread: Advice needed: RHW infertility clinic ,Sydney. Any good?

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    loris Guest

    Default Advice needed: RHW infertility clinic ,Sydney. Any good?

    Hi there
    I would love to hear from anyone who has been to the RHW Randwick, Sydney infertility clinic. I jhave been reffered to a Dr Costello.
    Dont know anything about either the clinic or the DR.
    any advice much appreciated


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    hi Loris
    welcome to BB - come and join the monthly forum anyway and you will find lots of support and friendship to keep you company on Assisted conception/ IVF rollercoaster

    I went to Westmead Fertility centre and I have high regards for them.

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    Hi Loris

    Sorry honey I can't help either.. I am through Sydney IVF O'Connell Street, with Dr David Shelley Jones... they and he are both awesome. All the best... and we hope your stay is short and sweet until you move on over to the preggie forums..

    love and hugs

    leis xxx

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    loris Guest

    Default Thanks

    Leis and trisha

    big thanks for replying to my post. I am new to this whole thing and its a bit daunting. So far have not had any 'assistance' with conception but as its not happening naturally I may have to think about it. Dr Costello has advised a HSP and will have that next cycle if not pregnant. DH sperm morphology is not good so not sure what happens after this. ? will have to visit the IVF clinic?? very scary!

    thanks again


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