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Thread: Alcohol and LT TTC

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    Default Alcohol and LT TTC

    Hi guys

    Just wanted to ask your opinion on alcohol and TTC-ing.

    I know there are some schools of thought (naturopathy) that discourage any alcohol consumption whilst TTC...but then there are other schools that don't see it as an issue.

    I love food and wine (especially WA wine!) DH and I would have a glass most nights and enjoy the whole thing very much...go to wine tastings, read books on wine, go on holidays to wineries, etc.

    Anyway...we've been TTC for nearly 3 years...we've had times where we have reduced alcohol intake hugely but doesn't seem to make a lot of be really honest, it feels like another LT TTC "punishment"...

    I would love to hear what you guys think and believe on this issue...

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    Hi monnie,

    I personally believe that all things in moderation (except for drugs etc) is ok when ttc (ie a glass with dinner is ok). And if its any consolation, my fertility naturopath makes me drink my herbs with 10ml vodka every night!


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    Sammi Jane Guest


    Hi Monnie,

    I used to try to be good, and feel bad if I got drunk. My life changed and I avoided friends and events because I knew everyone would be drinking and I couldn't. Sometimes I'd go and just let loose, then feel really guilty afterwards. After 11 months of TTC I don't give myself grief any more, I try to be good, but I still have a few drinks on a few occasions.

    I agree with you - it feels like punishment and you just can't live like that long term. I think it's a personal decision. Personally for me, I know way too many friends who got pregnant straight away and were out drinking etc ! I don't know the answers though. After 3 years, is drinking the odd glass of wine really going to be the reason you haven't fallen pregnant? I doubt it !

    We still have to live through this ttc journey...


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    Alex Guest



    Personally, after 2 years of TTC and still at it (5th ivf at the moment), I think that the odd glass of wine is fine. I agree that it totally feels like a punishment - another one! this road is hard enough without depriving ourselves of some good old shiraz!

    After watching some show on channel 9 a few weeks ago I went to the Jocelyn Centre. It must work for some people but to be honest it wasn't my cup of tea. Way too strict and I felt that they didn't listen to my story at all. They also said 'don't do this, don't do that' - basically don't enjoy yourself EVER - and when you do finally conceive, 9 months of not enjoying yourself either! Obvioulsy I am not going to go out drinking when I finally get pregnant, but changing my entire life, from the cleaning products in my home to only eating organic etc. is simply not something that I prepared to do. Maybe I am being naive and should give it a go, but on the other hand, my naturopath thinks that the things we like (wine, good food), in moderation are fine. and they also help us to relax!

    I am not drinking at the moment as I am waiting for my results, but in between transfers, (i.e. when I'm taking the medication before the transfer), the nurses at my ivf clinic have pretty much said that the odd glass of wine is compulsory!

    R A

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