thread: Any Ideas ???

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    Jennie Guest

    Any Ideas ???

    Hi all,

    My name is Jennie & this is my first time here after being very highly recommended to this site.

    My husband & I have been TTC for 2 1/2 years now. We have had ALL the tests done and have been told that there is nothing wrong with either of us. We have been through 2 failed IVF procedures and I really am hiting my head against a brick wall now...........

    We are both 36 years old and I am worried that we are too late to enjoy the miracle...........

    If anyone has any ideas of where we can go next please let me know as I am now prepared to do anything.........

    Thank you

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    Oct 2004
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    Hi Jennie,
    Welcome to bellybelly
    I really don't feel qualified to help with your question but there are plenty of wonderful women here that could give you some excellent advice i am sure
    good luck
    take care

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    Sep 2004

    Sorry to hear of the trouble you are experiencing Jennie. You have certainly come to the right place for plenty of support and advice.

    I guess Im wondering by "all the tests" what you mean? Perhaps there is one that someone here has had that you may not have.

    Other than that Im a little out of ideas. I wish I could give you better advice right now.


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    Jennie Guest

    Thanks KeenAs,

    By the way of tests I was meaning I have had Blood Tests galore, I have have my tubes tested and flushed, I have had an ovulation test, my husband has had a sperm count test and all tests have come back very positive. I find myself in the unfortunate position of being pregnant before and terminating (due to unfortunate circumstanses) so I know I can fall, its just not happening now........

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    sunshine68 Guest

    hi jennie,
    i thought i'd share a short TRUE story with you.
    a friend of mine experienced EXACTLY the same as you....2 failed ivf, tests after tests, which all came back clear, she had no problems, then they decided to come to terms with staying childless and went on thing she knows she's pregnant with twins and in december had a boy & girl.
    so don't give up but try not to obsess , i know its difficult but they say when your relaxed and least expect it, it will happen !!!!
    good luck

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    Jennie Guest


    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. We are trying to hang in there, but just gets a little difficult sometimes........

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    Maya Guest

    Hi Jennie! Welcome to BB!

    One thing for sure about BB is that even if you dun get the right advice, you will get a lot of support and encouragement

    My neighbour was TTC for 16 months after which they "gave up" and decided to go to the specialist. On the 17th month, she got pg It's got somehting to do with "not thinking about it " for some of us. I can't do it so I am not getting pg, myself. LOL.

    Anyway, at least you know that both of you fine. Sending lotsa dust: :bdust: your way.

    Good luck!

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Jennie,

    Welcome to BB and the long-termers thread. I'm sorry that you have had such a hard time of it. The great thing about this forum is the friendly, supportive environment it offers. There are people here who have been on similar journeys to yourself so I hope this helps in making you feel a little less alone as time goes by. Looking forward to seeing you in the monthly thread when you're ready ...


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    Sal Guest

    Hi Jennie, welcome to BB. Us gals in the long-term TTC know exactly how frustrated you are feeling.

    Just wondering - did you get a good number of eggs collected and did you have a good fertilisation/growth rate for them?

    If nothing is wrong with you and DP then perhaps you are just be very unlucky with the monthly odds. that you fall pg soon and without medical intervention.


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    May 2004

    Hi Jennie,

    You poor chook, it's not only frustrating but very downheartening (is that a word?) I don't have any magic solutions for you to try as I'm sitting along side of you banging my head as well!

    But just a question, with your IVF attempts, did they try ICSI?

    Please join us in the Sticky chatterbox thread above, you will find a ton of support.


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    May 2003
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    Hi Jennie,

    I have not been through IVF, but have had "unexplained infertility", so I was thinking of all the things we tried before we got PG with Olivia. (I fell pg in the May and we had set June for our first appt at the IVF clinic)

    Please forgive me if some of these ideas are obvious and you have already tried them:

    ~ Do you chart your cycle? Can you pinpoint your own ovulation?
    ~ With your DH's sperm analysis, what was his volume like? (I ask that because my DH had loads of fast moving swimmers, but in not a lot of fluid, and this can apparently make a difference?)
    ~ Have you had a post coital test done? (It is not common in Australia, but can be done, and it may show up incompatabilities between your CM and DH's fluids in terms of pH balance?)
    ~ When you say you have had your tubes "tested and flushed", have you had a lararoscopy?
    ~ What is your diet/enviroment like? Is there ANYTHING that could be affecting your fertility?
    ~ Have you investigated the idea of both seeing a natropath?
    ~ What do you do to relax/de-stress? I ask this because I finally fell pregnant with Olivia when I took some time off work and started really looking after my own mental and emotional health.

    Jennie, again, apologies if you have already been down these paths, and I really hope that you get some answers soon.....

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    Sep 2004


    As you can see there is plenty of support and ideas in here.

    I know so many people mean well with the whole "relax and it'll happen" stuff and, they really do mean to be helpful, but I also understand just how frustrating that can be too. One of the other girls in Long Term TTC had a good comeback to when someone said "dont think about it".... her response was "well, how exactly do you suggest I do that?"

    And the truth is it really is not something that you stop thinking about. So hope that helps.

    Was also curious about whether you have done any charting at all?


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    Sep 2004

    Hi Jennie

    Keen was so right about the whole "relax and it'll happen" stuff fact when people say that to me I get very very annoyed. Everyone is so different when it comes to why TTC is difficult. You need to not "beat yourself up" about TTC - give yourself time to assess the wonders of yourself. You need strength, determination and a support group (especially from DP) to get through TTC sometimes. You will know when you are ready for more ART.

    Remember there are so many variables (endometrium lining thickness, numerous hormones levels, good embies etc etc) that need to be right for a healthy baby to come to life. Some things come easier to some than others.