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Thread: Any other late starters?

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    Hi Sue, Your post has altered my mood... had to pick myself up off the floor
    Sorry for delayed response got called away yesterday and have only just had some spare time to get back... town trip today to Onslow which ended up in us driving half way up to Karratha with Water Samples because airport is still closed due to post cyclone flood damage.... so got absolutely nothing done... I've a list a mile long as we go on holiday in 3 weeks so did not need a lost day... such is life!
    Have a heap to catch up on in our garden damage was not as bad as I had thought... seaside daisies grow well here in our arid environs but we lost all the mulch that helps that happen so have a lot of work to get that sorted again.
    On the Risotto front... it sounds like you need to book a coach trip around Europe... hope you get to link up with him ... one way or another!
    Ciao for now

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    Hi Kate,

    I'm 34yrs probably not in your age category but do feel like it as we've been TTC for over 12 months, plus, with my surgery in January, renovating a 2 storey house, selling and then moving interstate has put a strain on the marriage and ttc. Now, things have settled down in our new state and dh is working we are trying again. I'll be on my first clomid cycle once af arrives which is 2 days late. No, I'm not pg, I just have irregular af's.


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    Hi Sam
    Lots of girls have had good success with clomid, so I hope it will be just what you need.
    We've been on the renovation trail too... seems like for many years now so I can relate to that for sure... we are about to go on hols but will be working on our house in Karratha for a few weeks, laying floorboards and re-concreting the bathroom floor ready to put the rest of it back in and probably joy of joys ... more painting!
    Moving in itself can be stressfull so take it easy with each other, wow a move interstate thats huge! I assume you have moved to Tassie... do you know many people there or have family around?
    Sorry for delayed response but my internet is just appaulling atm... waiting for sat broadband connection was supposed to happen this week but delayed yet again grrr... seems to be the story of my life lately!!!
    You certainly have age on your side... I will only be ttc for the rest of this year, personally I think that having a baby after I turn 45 will physically be pushing my luck... but that said, I may feel differently if nothing has happened by December. We have decided not to pursue ivf.. but then again I may change my mind about that too! Just trying to let things happen and go with the flow with the assistance of clomid, turns out I have a bicornuate uterus and only one viable tube, although the right ovary works fine it connects to a rudimentary horn and doesn't communicate with the main uterus, only found this out with recent surgery, had a lap & hyst in April...
    Gosh I've been rambling on ... sorry!
    Nice to meet you and good luck on your journey.
    Ciao Kate

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