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Thread: Clomid question

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    jamnik Guest


    Hi all

    This is my first post, have been reading the forums for a long time and found loads of answers to questions i have had. Rara's question about hair being effected by Clomid has promtped me to register and become part of the Belly Belly family.
    I did 3 rounds of Clomid late last year and 2 rounds so far this year. I started to notice excessive hair loss around January this year. I didnt worry too much at first but it got to the point where it was falling out in clumps and was so lifeless. As you can imagine this depressed me no end. I spoke to my doctor about it who put it down to stress, i also popped into an Ashley and Martin studio for some advise. He told me he believes it is due to the Clomid and could also have someting to do with changing hormones due to a miscarriage late last year.
    If we get the end result we are after i am happy to put up with the temporary hair loss.

    I still have 1 week left in my TWW but am feeling all the same symptoms i did last month which resulted in a bfn. I am happy however that Clomid is finally working and i am ovulating, now we just need to catch that little egg.

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    AUZZGAL Guest


    Im on clomid atm my fourth cycle
    I started on 25mg's and i didnt 0 then 50mg and i did 0 (but didnt bd) then 50mg again and no 0 now 100mg (fingers crossed) but my cm has been all over the place! When i didnt o i had the right ewcm the when i did 0 i had nothing Geez my body is weird lol
    Good Luck to All
    Lets hope there are lots of clomid babies running real soon

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