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    Hi everyone,

    I am on my first IVF cycle and had my eggs retrieved on Friday. I was meant to start Crinone last night (Saturday) but totally forgot (must be the joy of having a whole day and a half without drugs!) so took the dose this morning.

    Problem is - when do I take the next one? I am only meant to take 1 x 8% a day at night time. I could take it tonight before I go to bed but that means I am taking more than my dose in one day. I also thought I could set the alarm for 3am and take it then meaning there is a little more time inbetween doses. And do my "normal" one tomorrow night.

    I need to get it back to night-time as we anticipate having a 5 day transfer on Wednesday morning.

    Has anyone else forgotten to take their first dose and if so what did you do? Does anyone think it is worth calling the FS on call from my clinic?

    I just had a good money making idea for clinics - they should send out SMSs to patients to remind them to do stuff like this. The technology exists to automate it and I for one would be grateful and would pay for it.

    I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday and my best wishes to you all on this journey of ours.

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    Hi Lily,
    I have not been in that situation with Crinone, but did something similar with my Lucrin injections when we first started. In the end I rang the nurses at our clinic and they gave me instructions - I think that there is generally some lee way, BUT that will depend on the med and the time in your cycle.

    I figure we pay the clinics enough - so if your clinic has nurses or a FS on call (I'd start with the nurses), then ring them and ask their advice. Trust me, you will not be the first to, and you wont be the last - answering questions like yours is a big part of what they get paid for - and hearing what to do first hand from them will put your mind at rest.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Lily,

    I would recommend definitely speaking to your clinic nurses. They'll be able to confirm the right thing to do, and also it'll be good to let them know in any case.

    From my own experience, I would imagine that getting back to the normal dose tonight would be the best thing, at the same time you will give yourself the dose from now on. You won't be overdosing by having two doses today, and it will be better to regulate the time at which you're taking it sooner rather than later.

    I was on two doses of Crinone a day, which is just as common as being prescribed one dose. It's also not that uncommon for women to be prescribed 3 doses a day (I asked my clinic if I could go up to three late in a cycle I had a couple of months ago and they were fine with this) so this is why I don't think it would be a problem for you to have a second dose today, and better to regulate the time you take it now.

    Crinone is generally used as an extra precaution to supplement your own body's progesterone rather than take over the role of progesterone all together as can happen when you have a fully artificial FET. I mention this because it might help you not to worry too much if you know that the Crinone you're taking is more of a supplement to your body's on progesterone when you've had a fresh transfer after a stim cycle.

    During down regulation on my second stim cycle I got a little distracted and forgot to take my OCP and synarel exactly on time a couple of times, and again left my synarel late during one morning during the stim stage. I spoke to my clinic in those situations and they were really helpful. I also started setting a regular alarm on my mobile phone to remind me to take it! I found the reminder when I was distracted and not in a proper routine at that point really good.

    Talk to your clinic - I'm sure they'll be able to reassure you and they'll definitely provide you with the right thing to do!

    Good luck with your transfer, hun. I hope the TWW goes quickly for you with a BFP at the end!

    Miss C

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    Definitely call the clinic and ask, lilybella. I believe most clinics actually start crinone/pessaries only after transfer, so I don't think it will be a major problem if you have missed a dose. My clinic also starts things the night of egg collection, but I've never had a fresh transfer yet so it's part of the process that I've always missed out on before. You'll find that the nurses are very used to getting questions like that, so please don't hesitate to check with them.


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    Thanks everyone for your input. Can you believe I just called the clinic "after hours" number and it doesn't work???!!!!! Not disconnected or anything just a voice saying "your call was not successful". I tried a few times and using a few different phone lines in case it was us. But it's not. I have left a message on the usual nurses landline with the details of my situation so *maybe* someone out there checks that or perhaps the FS on call will wonder why they are not getting nay calls and work out the number is not working. *sigh*.


    Halfway through typing this answer the clinic called me! So clearly this isn't outside of normal hours! They told me that it was completely fine to just go back to normal dosing and take the Crinone tonight. Phew. And Miss_c.. I am putting a reminder in my mobile as I type... well right afterwards

    Again, thank you everyone for your feedback. There are so many variables in this process and so much hangs on timing and following instructions - it is very comforting to know that there are others out there on the same path.

    I don't know all the acronyms and stuff but I am sending lots of good energy your way...


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