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Thread: Crinone vs Pessaries

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    Does anyone know much about the difference between crinone and pessaries and the pregnancy symptoms they may mimic? It's fairly common knowledge that crinone can give you a range of pregnancy symptoms even when you aren't UTD. So I was wondering if the same could be said for pessaries, given that they are both progesterone in the end anyway?

    Our nurse said pessaries can do that, but probably less so than crinone, so I wonder why that would be?

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    I have no idea.. but have been wondering also so thanks slyder Looking forward to the answers.

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    in general any supplement of progesterone can cause your body to mimic pregnancy symptoms, eg sore boobs, cramps, nausea, bloating etc. And that's mainly because on implantation, your body starts producing progesterone and this is what causes most of your pg symptoms. So P4 supplements = pg symptoms. That goes for both Crinone and pessaries, I'm afraid.

    One symptom that occasionally does pop up from the use of P4 supplements that could indicate pg though is extreme bloating (to the point of discomfort). This usually happens with women who don't have luteal phase issues. In these cases, when pg is achieved, the body produces P4, and the body is also absorbing P4 from supplements. The result is an 'exaggeration' of symptoms, for want of a better word. The muscles in the throat, tummy and sphinter relax to a point where the body bloats hugely, causing pain, breathlessness and distention of the stomache.

    Unfortunately these symptoms are also those of OHSS, so if any or all of those sorts of symptoms present themselves, go get a BT done.

    Oh and personally, I'd take the 3 pessaries a day over the Crinone any day.
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    Somehow I missed this post yesterday. Thanks Sushee, very helpful as always.

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