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    Hi Girls,

    I have been on IVF for 3yrs now, 2MC, am 42yrs old still trying with my own eggs ( have tried with donor egss twice) now have donor sperm. I have just managed to get myself on a waiting list for donor embryos, I'm about 6th on the list but can wait up to 2yrs for a donor. Interesting news though - I live in country NSW although the list I'm on is on the Gold Coast, I was informed that anyone going thru IVF no matter where they are can have donor embryos donated from one clinic to another - so even though I'm doing my IVF thru SYD IVF (in Coffs Harbour) Syd IVF do not have a donor program and my other doctor on Gold Coast (on waiting list) if anyone wanted to donate and their clinic did not offer a donating program you can actually donate them to a clinic that does have a donor program - there is no law stopping us - i was advised to put the word out so other like me can inform others that there is this option - I know a lot of girls who too were under the impression that if your clinic did not offer this you could not donate left over embryos to another clinic but good news YOU CAN. I have also been advised to advertise for anyone wanting to donate. My husband and I are staying really positive - we have tried just about every option open to us - but I live by the motto of NEVER SAY NEVER. If anyone out there has any advise for us about advertising etc - would really appreciate your words of wisdom. Good luck to all.

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    Hi Lissie and welcome to BB.

    We have a Donor Conception General Discussion thread here which you might like to check out. Also please read this before posting there.

    I wish you all the luck in your journey!

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    Hi Lissie,
    sorry I did not see this when you posted it. I wanted to let you know that I belong to a site for support for egg and embryo donors and recipients. It is redominantly a site for support and mainly related to egg donation however there are a few people who are looking for donor embryos on it and occasionally people who have embryos to donate join up. Someone with embryos to donate just joined the other day and I was cruising around in here and saw your post so it prompted me to tell you about the site. It is a bit difficult to find via google and I can't post the name here so email me if you are interested in joining it.: [email protected].

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