thread: Empty Arms... Aching Heart

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    starbright Guest

    HI Leis

    I ended up doing an online search for it as I couldn't wait for a reply and found it.

    You are not wrong! I was sobbing... full on heart wrenching sobs!

    I needed to blow my nose 7 times!

    Wipe my eyes 3 times that!

    It was so accurate in everyway... I think it is a beautiful thing to send on to friends and family...

    I needed to have a really good cry and get it out of my system for tomorrow and now I feel so much better as it described the emotions, the feelings, the let downs and the heart ache. I got so much out of it!

    Thank You Leis...

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Your welcome.... I have passed it onto a few friends and family, and i suppose it does make them more aware to some extent...

    love leis

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    Nov 2005
    Langwarrin. Victoria

    I have one word to say....WOW.....that just blew me away and is so how I feel a lot of the time, even though I know I can conceive,I don't yet know if I can carry so, yes Meredith we are suffering a form of 'infertility' until we are proven wrong...with the grace of God.