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    follicles (lost)

    can someone please help me understand
    ok for those who dont know im starting round 5 of clomid and
    i had a ultrasound yesterday as my af was late and and gyno wanted to check to make sure everything was ok and that i didnt have any cysts
    well while doing the ultrasound the lady that was doing it said to me that she cant seem to find any cysts which was great news but she can see
    follicles i was on day 3 of af is this normal to have follicles there while having af
    and does any one know does this also mean i will O early or will it get washed down while having af
    im soooo lost and dont understand about all this
    thanks for any of your time and help

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    hi kell, i am sorry you are feeling so lost. it really is sometimes a maze of unanswered questions for us all on the TTC path. as i understand it some clinics test early in your cycle to ensure there are no cysts present. that is great you don't have any! the follicular stage of your cycle starts with AF arrival and your follicles will start to develop for the next couple of weeks until O time. so hun, i would say that is pretty normal as AF signals the start of a new cycle and growth.

    best of luck with your cycle xx

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