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Thread: FS vs Fertility counsellor vs gynie and TTC#1 stress

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    Question FS vs Fertility counsellor vs gynie and TTC#1 stress

    Hi all,
    I am off to see the gynie this week, six months since last visit where he said, oh you'll be pregnant within six months!
    Short of it is that we have been TTC for 1 yr ( But I have been wanting to TTC for 5 years but thats another story!), I am 38 and in a slight panic about the time left to start our family.
    To make things worse I now have to take a couple of months off from TTC due to cat scan last week, I've been advised to take anywhere from 0 (my GP says dont worry) to 4 months( natural health professional) break from ttc. I think I'll wait for two months, this is not easy and has caused me a bit of anxiety, but I have read that it can cause higher risk to ova and feotus for at least one cycle, theres nothing definite & the info varies but I'd rather be on the safe side.
    I am trying to see it as a positive break and a chance to focus more on my health and building up my fitness ready to start ttc again in a couple of months time. I wont do any BBT or OPk-ing in this time which might be nice. It has certainly been a drain going through month after month of TWW's!
    Anyway, I feel quite stressed, worried and nervous, I dont think this is a good way to be while trying to RELAX, which is what everyone keeps telling me to do. Two of my closest friend have just had BFP and I dont feel as comfortable sooking with them now as they are on positive paths & I dont want to bring them down. Other friends just feed me that Relax and it will happen line!!!
    I am not too sure who to talk to, I like the sound of a fertility counsellor, has any one seen one? What is the difference between a gynie and a fertility Specialist?
    I think we may start having assistance from now on, clomid or other, is that where a "fertility specialist (FS)" gets involved?
    I know my TTC problems arent too bad and some of you all go through terrible pain and heartache and I am sorry if I seem like a sooky whinger. Any advice would be great.
    thanks, sassba

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    Hi Sassba,

    First of all I can definitely relate to the slight panic about the time left, being around the same age. However there are many stories about people falling pregnant in their middle to late 40s, so don't panic too much!

    Second it's rather scary that you had to have a cat scan - hope everything is ok.

    I wish people would realise how irritating it is to say to people who are long term ttc 'just relax'. Yes there are people that have forgotten about everything, gone away and fallen pregnant. But most of us who are long term will need assistance, and comments like this are not helpful.

    Talking to a counsellor is a very good idea - my DH and I have one that is outside the fertility industry which we find a good balance. Most clinics have a fertility counsellor and most are quite good to talk to.

    I think the major difference between a gynae and a FS is that the FS can recommend more specialised help such as IUI and IVF. And he/she is used to working with people that are having difficulties concieving, so can suggest more alternatives.

    You don't come across as sooky at all! And this site is brilliant for asking questions and getting support. Good luck with your fertility journey!!

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