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Thread: HELP - sperm collection for epu

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    Red face HELP - sperm collection for epu

    I am having my epu next week, have just been given all my instructions, they asked when DH & I last bd'd and I told them.

    She told me no more intercourse or ejaculation from now until epu - I've worked it out and that is at least 6 days.

    We had a SA done after 8 days (forgot about that bit!) and it came back with low morphology, have had it repeated twice since then (all with only 2-3 days abstinence) and DH's results were well above normal.

    SOOOOO, what I'm getting to is don't you think leaving it 6 days is too risky, especially considering that it's for epu and fertilisation so it needs to be the best it can be???

    I think we should do 'something' tonight and that way we'll get a much better result.

    Please HELP!

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    I think we were told at minimum 3 - max 5 days from memory - gee I've forgotten already.I would be ringing the clinic Willow and asking them to be sure. Don't be embarassed .. maybe someone else can help

    editted to say ... Dh not sex at minimum three ... ouchy on those enlarged ovaries
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    I was told noduring my IVF stim cycles and that DH had to have max 5 days, min 3 days 'banked up'. So I left how he managed that to him IYKWIM.

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    We were the same as Sushee. Maximum of 5 days minimum of 2. Ring again and double check with someone. You could even say you are just checking you heard right.

    Baby dust!

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    Thanks guys, we were also told maximum 5 days, minimum 2 so I'd be aiming for about 3. That's why I think 6 is a bit too long?

    Being a public holiday there's no one at the clinic now and we kinda need to get DH to do what he has to do tonight (iykwim - we definately won't be ), other wise it may be too close to epu.

    If he takes care of it tonight, and our epu is on Monday, do you think this will be OK?

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    I would go with whatever you feel most comfortable with, Willow.

    If you feel that 6 is too long and you would feel uncomfortable about the sperm quality, go with the maximum 5 and minimum 2 that you were told.

    A specialist semenologist told us that we should never go over 4 days, as the sperm quality is adversely effected by any time period longer than this. It will be interesting to know how the fact we are doing ICSI as well changes the instructions.


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    working on the "at least 2 days" part of it, i'd say it's probably a good idea tonight - that's still going to leave two and a half days if your epu is monday morning. we were also given the same advice - at least 2, no more than 5 days.

    good luck with it all willow.

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    We were told 3-5 days. Then when the time came and I was booked in for EPU, it was only 2 days. I left DH to take care of it himself. Thankfully it didn't make any difference, but if you're concerned about it being too long, tonight is probably a good idea. I think it's something hard to plan when you often don't know when you're going in for epu until 48 hours beforehand.

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