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    Switch up the music nice and loud....and scrub...really really really hard..........that's what I like to do when I'm feeling crappy, frustrated or impatient!

    There are at least 4 of us it looks like that will be beginning a new round of IVF/ICSI in Feb so it should be exciting! Woohooo!

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    barney Guest


    hey there rach i to am starting in january well the pill that is we will be going through this together and i cant wait so i look foward to sharing my journey with you take care and bring on xmas i say and get it out of the way lol..

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    Hey Smithy, that is just awesome and I agree - bring it on!! Get over xmas and lets get to it! Let's make some embies and hopefully bubbies.... I think there is me, slyder (I think - not sure), Rara and yourself all going in Feb - Hooray!!! It will be great to be able to share our journeys' - good or bad...

    Rara, thanks for your advice I took it! cleaned the house, vent etc had phantom of the opera up nice and loud (I teach dance and musical theatre is my passion!!)
    I am feeling a bit better, but must be truthful and say that I am still a bit wound up for some reason. Poor DH is copping the lot!!! I really am trying to be myself but am struggling a bit. I think because I am normally such a chirpy person it is really noticable when I am feeling down. Also the late nights are doing my head in a bit at the moment - only because I have been getting broken sleep otherwise I am normally fine with the night shift.

    Anyway enough about that - do you guys have any exciting news??

    I am loving BB, thanks for chatting

    Rach xxx

    PS also sorry for excessive use of smilie thingys I just them!

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    Haha...ur funny hun! I luved them 2 when I first came onto BB. They used to have them next to the quick reply screen so it was much easier b4!

    Wow what a fun job u must have! Tho I do notice that u were on bb at 4 this morning! My body doesn't even know there is a 4am!!!!!

    Well I was a happy kinda gal until DH & I began to get serious about this whole TTC thing! Now I have very up & down days. But hopeing I am going to be "down day free" very soon!

    I love cleaning. It just makes me feel refreshed & ready to take on the world once again!

    Must get back to work. Hope you are having a good day!

    Ciao hun xx

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    barney Guest



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    Hey Smithy

    Just wanted to say Hi and I hope you're doing well...

    I have been mainly posting in Rara's journal - seems easier to follow than the threads themseleves as they get so big...

    Anyway Hope xmas was good and your rested ready for feb..

    Rach xx

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