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Thread: Hi New Here - Feeling Sick after day 5 of embie transfer?

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    Jettysmum Guest

    Question Hi New Here - Feeling Sick after day 5 of embie transfer?

    Hi just a question if anyone has felt sick on day 5 after transfer, do not think I'm overstimulated? Had 10 eggs removed and 6 fertilised one replaced?...

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    Hey Jettysmum

    Sorry don't know - i'm in my first stim cycle.

    Now day 5 of FSH. Nurse said BT showed coming along beautifully so feeling good. But felt sick today - not sure if its FSH or virus (people are sick at work).

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    Hi Jettysmum

    Exactly the same thing happened to me. Looking back I don't know if it was progesterone making me feel sick (it's a side effect of the crinone), or if I was mildly hyperstimulated. It only lasted for about 4 days or so and it pretty much went away! In general I felt ****e for about 2 weeks after EPU.

    Was getting nasty tummy cramps and just wanted to eat everything in sight - until I was halfway through it, and then I wanted to be sick LOL

    I'm currently in the 3rd week of my 2 week wait (had low hcg levels so confirming tomorrow what's going on), so I can't say whether its from any of the two reasons above or because of preggo hormones.

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!


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    Jettysmum Guest

    Default Thanks for reply

    Hi tish

    Yes still feeling queasy 8 days now after transfer so have another week to wait to test so fingers crossed...

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    Default Day 4 Been sick all weekend

    Hi Ladies, I'm at work day four after my first transfer and I feel like a blocked up mess!
    I had the worst bloated windy tummy (curled up in a ball bad) Sat and Sun, then today feel like I'm going to rush to the loo at any opportunity. I got 14 eggs out of one ovary 9 fertelised 1 in 6 frozen. It is too early for morning sickness I'm sure but what on earth is this? Slightly happier (sorry) that I'm not the only one but does it settle and is it a good sign?
    Very confusing

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