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Thread: How do you know you can trust your FS?

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    Default How do you know you can trust your FS?

    Hi Girls. I've recently moved from the care of my gyno to an FS with IVF Australia.

    I had my first appt with him last week, we went through my history and he did an ultrasound which showed a few things he's not happy with (including a new 2cm endometrioma, I had an 8cm cyst removed from my other ovary in May).

    So after discussing our options he's booked me in for another lap. I am feeling really anxious about this and don't know if I am making the right decision. I have only seen this FS once, although he was highly recommended by one of my best friends and also by Keen. I will be having the procedure done at St George public hospital which I am not familiar with and is a long way from home.

    I guess I have a few issues about the fact that after my last lap I was assured all would be OK and I wouldn't have any probs concieving again (have had 2 previous pregnancies, no probs concieving) and now I've found out that perhaps my gyno was not as skilled or as well informed as I'd hoped.

    How do you know that you can trust a Dr with something as important as your fertility?? Has anyone else struggled with this?

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    Hi Willow

    It's a hard one, if it's an endometrioma you should consider getting it out. I am surprised your old gynea would tell you that you wouldn't have troubles conceiving again, it's a bit of a big statement to make, I know mine won't make those sorts of statements.

    I think laps are pretty scary at the best of times and no-one wants to go staight back in for another, but it has certainly happened to a few of us on here, especially us endo girls.

    If he comes highly recommended I would seriously condsider his advice, did you see the endometrioma on the ultrasound? that would convince me that he was moving in the right direction.

    I personally don't have a problem trusting my FS, and prefer a more pro-active approach. I only have had problems when I had dr's who were more blase and didn't seem to want to help if that makes sense.

    Also - I have found sometimes a new FS will want to do a lap just to see what is going on for themselves. Can I ask why you weren't happy with your previous specialist?

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    Krusty Guest



    I think it is hard to trust someone with something that is so presious to us when we ourselves don't really know what is right or wrong.

    But I think it is important to feel comfortable with your FS and have enough faith in him/her to trust that they will do the right thing by you.

    Just make sure that you ask all the questions that you feel you need to and that you feel comfortable with the choice you have made.

    Good luck I hope all goes well.

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    Thanks girls. That's what i keep coming back to - I do have another endometrioma, I saw it for myself and although it is only very small, I want it out before it causes all the problems my last one did.

    It wasn't that I was not happy with my gynae as such, it's just that he has put me on clomid and after two months of monitoring has said "see you in 3 months". I just suspected that something else might be going on so thought it best to seek out another opinion. I am now really annoyed and questioning why he didn't do a follow up u/sound when I went back to him and said I was having problems. It was the first thing my new FS did and now I'm glad he did.

    As you said Jane, I think he was a more of the blase type, "let's just see how things go". I'm sick of waiting. I was told the FS I am seeing is very proactive which is what I wanted.

    I know deep down that I am just scared and just don't want to do the lap, even though I know it's a good idea. My last lap ended up being a 4 hour surgery and the recovery was painful and slow. I am hoping things won't be as complicated this time and I won't be in as much pain afterwards. That shoulder tip pain is enough to reduce me to tears now!!

    I just have to hope that he can get me in quickly so it's all over and done with. Last time I had a 6 month wait (due mainly to a prg) and that was torture.

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    Hey Willow

    I have had lots of trust issues with my FS (x5)

    But I agree with Jane, the ones I have been most disappointed in are the ones who do very little...(ie. nothing!)

    I'm finally with one that is taking a more proactive approach...I'm still not sure if I totally trust him (mainly due to his bedside manner) but at least he's doing something!

    Wishing you all the best...and that this time the lap is as good as they come.

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    Hi Willow.

    Trust is such a big factor when it comes to something so precious
    I had an issue with my gyno which didnt surface until I went to see my FS. I had 2 laps and was on Chlomid for 9 months which the FS later told me was the wrong thing to do as after 6 months the Chlomid starts to work against you and actually makes it harder to conceive. So the gyno I trusted really wasnt as knowledgeable about infertility treatments as I would have thought. The thing about FS's is that they specialise in infertility where as gyno's dont.

    I personally think its really important to trust your FS and trust the fact that this is what he deals with and treats on a daily basis - even though they might not necessarily have the best bedside manner . Do your own research about your condition and proposed treatment (the internet is a great place to start) and dont be afraid to question what you are being told by your FS after all its better to feel confident and well informed about your treatment.

    Hope all goes well for you

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