thread: How much longer??

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    Jan 2004
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    Trish and Melbo,
    Not sure if you were both around when Gabby had her first cycle, (and I hope she does mind me using her story) but for Gabby's first cycle she had lots of eggs, which we were all thrilled about of course, and then none fertilised. She was devastated but now look where she is. so you are right, you are one step closer with each step you take.

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    I guess I can shout it out now


    grab some everyone and breathe in deeply (every waking hour)

    By the way what is Synarel like ? what does it smell or feel like up ya snooz ?

    I realise the older I am the less chance I have but I won't give up yet.
    I hope my eggs fertilise [-o< -might it be worth doing an ICSI split ?