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    Feb 2004

    Infertility Issues

    I'm just curious as to the different circumstances that have lead people to sadly belong to the Long Term forum. What I mean is, what are your fertility problems? I don't mean to sound rude, I just wonder how common different things are, if we are suffering from the same sorts of things IYKWIM.

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    For us, we were TTC for 20months before looking into our fertility - figured no it wasn't going to happen to us. So anyway we got Aaron tested first & turns out that our problem was a low sperm count.

    Motility & all of that were fine, just the count was low - 5million. We were told that it could take us up to 5yr to get pregnant & that IVF was probably where we were headed.

    We had always been told, as most people are, to BD every second day as it gives the body a chance to replenish the sperm count. Turns out that for us it didn't matter - 2hrs or 2days the count would be the same. So as soon as it came O time we BDed as much as possible & the rest is history

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Sarah,

    Our timeline looks a bit like this:

    2002 - Come off the pill due to continual spotting. Thinking this is the body's signal to get cracking on a conception before it is too late! Age at this point: 34

    2003 - 2004 - Two horrible years spent trying and failing, consulting Natural Fertility specialist and my GP who told me to stop worrying. In the meantime, AF opens on Broadway for a two week stint every month, thus ruining more than just the odd special occasion.

    2004 - Finally got GP to give me a referral to an infertility specialist. Had to wait six months to get in! Did all the usual tests. Husband's sperm normal, I was ovulating etc. Only thing is, his sperm didn't seem to like me very much (starting to get paranoid). AF develops diva complex and absolutely refuses to go away. Time to call in the big guns.

    2005 - One laparoscopy later, it looks like AF has been put back in her box. Diagnosis - endometriosis. It seems that endo produces macrophages which kill off sperm (that explains a lot) and interfere with ovulation, thus making conception difficult but not impossible.

    So ... that's why I'm here. Anyone else?

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    May 2004

    DH has antibodies on his sperm, most probably caused by a kick to the groin when he use to play rugby. the antibodies attach themselves to various parts of the sperm and cause them to malfunction and not swim properly etc.. From memory i think it is caused by blood getting into the testicles, but I will have to wait until I get home to verify that!!

    the annoying thing is that if he had gone to a Dr and told him what had happened and if the Dr was cluey enough to prescribe a course of antibiotics then we wouldn't have a problem now!

    We are lucky that ICSI is available to us now, it's only been around since '96 (I think, or '93) prior to ICSI the only choices that would have been available to us would have been DH being prescribed VERY high doses of steroids (crap results which is why they don't do it!) doner sperm or adoption. Yay for progress!


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    Oct 2004
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    Well I came off the pill in October 2003. We were not yet married (due to marry in the Feb 2004) but I have had a long history with Endometriosis and it was back worse than ever. The dr gave me a choice, more operations (already had plenty) or look at starting a family. I was about to turn 29 so starting a familty was on our plans anyway, so why not now?? So we took the drs advice and decided that I would have no contraception from now on.

    Well after 6 months of no contraception and 3 months of actively plotting temps, etc, we were still not pg. Then to my surpise in April 04 I experienced a miscarriage. It was hard as DH was away with work and I had not yet told him that I thought I pg, as I had not confirmed the test yet. I checked with the gyn that it was a miscarriage and YES it was. I was then monitored for the next 3 days to ensure that it was complete.

    Something told me that something was not right. After investigation it was found that I was actually pg with twins and the second was actually ectopic. So I had to go into surgery to have our pg removed. What followed was all sorts of compliactions and more surgeries.

    So here we are now, 8 months after the last surgery which resulted with the left tube gone and the right tube not functional. So the IVF rollercoaster begins and fingers crossed for a happy ending.

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    Jan 2005
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    Hi everyone - here's a bit about our issues:

    DH and I started TTC in about 1999 - as we were young and had lots of time, we weren't particularly worried. I went off the pill and we continued trying on and off until about 2004 when we decided that something must be wrong.
    We went to a gyno who we heard about through a cousin who had been unable to get pg - had gone on clomid and fallen pg almost straight away. So went to the gyno and had the op where they check out wether everything's working, had a D&C and blood test and hubby did sperm test.
    Results: All my plumbing was fine but I wasn't ovulating and DH sperm count a bit low (12 mill). So was put on clomid.
    I was quite excited, as thought that I'd become pg soon........18 months later and still no pg...stil on clomid.
    DH had another sperm test and we found that count was down to only 4 mill. Gyno then decided maybe it was time to send us to IVF.
    Went to MIVF and they sent DH for a more indepth sperm test - found that not only low count but that 98% of sperm abnormal - (wrong shaped head) and that it was almost impossiblt to fall pg naturally.
    Also found that I had PCOS - which explained my period probs as a teenager (period for 3 months, no period for 3 months, period for 6 months etc...facial hair, mood swings).
    Anyway - Now on first cycle of ICSI.

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    Sep 2004

    I was diagnosed with endo at around 17 and was told that conception would be difficult. My first marriage failed because I couldn't have children so that was 1992. Between the diagnosis and meeting DH#2 I had 9 laps and several different protocols for endo.

    I had a near death experience in Dec 1998 and after that _ we started to get healthy and TTC. Regardless of the endo diagnosis we still went through the clomid, timed intercourse, hormone tracking and IUI.

    7/00 IVF
    9/00 IVF
    11/00 lap 10
    2/01 FET cancelled
    9/01 FET success
    DD 25/05/2002
    1/03 IVF PGD
    11/03 IVF
    2/04 FET
    3/04 FET
    6/04 lap 11
    8/04 IVF
    10/04 FET cancelled
    11/04 FET
    12/04 FET
    another FET hopefully this month

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    Jun 2004

    I was diagnosed with endo when I was about 23 and had 2 operations over 5 years to remove it and 2 D&C's. Also on drugs to try and reduce the endo that was on my tubes and ovaries (couldn't cauterise it).

    Never bothered to TTC until I met my DH although had been in a long term relationship (7 years) prior.

    We were married in Dec 2001 (about 18 months after we met) and pretty much started TTC straight away as I was coming up 32 yrs and DH was 34 yrs.

    I got pg first try and carried the baby through to 12 weeks when I had some spotting following BD. An u/s showed that the baby had died and reaborbed some weeks earlier. Third D&C.

    Waited 2 cycles and tried again and fell pg first go again. Stressed that the pg was the same as the first so went for an u/s at 7wks. Couldn't see a HB so told to come back next week. Ruled a miscarriage again. Fourth D&C. Kept bleeding the next week and started having contractions. Another u/s showed they didn't get almost half of the foetal tissue and other stuff. Fifth D&C.

    Got referral to fertility specialist. While waiting for the appt, got pg again and miscarried again, but no D&C. Fertility specialist asks us to try to get pg again - di so another 2 times but both times m/c'd. Started on IVF - DH's sperm is all normal (in fact, busting at the seams as far as number!) and our intial bloods all come back normal. Have three rounds of IVF - using ICSI for 2, but no implantation for any of them. Had genetic testing done on embryos - all normal

    Told to go away and try ourselves - had better luck falling pg on own own. Swapped clinics and drs and in the meantime got pg again. Supported with drugs. U/s at 6 weeks was ok and had twins. U/s at 10 weeks showed twins had both died. Sixth D&C.

    New dr decideds on another lap and 'look and see' - seventh D&C and removes small amount of endo and adhesions. Everything all normal. Foetal matter from last m/c also come back as normal.

    Just about to start IVF again and got pg naturally. Supported with different drugs and rates and this time pg is progessing well (currently almost 20 weeks). Had also gone on long service leave from stressful job just prior to getting pg.

    No problem getting pg; HUGE problem staying pg. Ruled as unexplained infertility and no-one knows why this time the pg has worked.

    Hope this is not too long....


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    Sal Guest

    Well I've been TTC since Nov 2001. I've always had irregular periods except when on the pill, so my PCOS was disguised for many years.

    I've had many bloodtests, showing very high LH:FSH ratios (in a normal woman LH would be less than FSH) in the order of 27:5 which is a strong marker of PCOS. I have the 'string of pearls' ovary appearance, plus oily skin and adult acne. I suffer very strong mood swings related to eating, so am pretty sure I'm insulin resistant.

    I've had a lap, which showed I also had moderate endo - the RE said that the endo alone was enough to reduce my chances of falling pg - so having PCOS and endo I really wasn't in the game. I had ovarian drilling and had the endo removed, my tubes were fine.

    I've had 4 cycles of clomid a couple of years ago, didn't ovulate on every cycle. Also, this was before I had the lap, so the endo would have been a strong factor against falling pg.

    Have had a full IVF cycle (150 iu of GonalF, 7 eggs retrieved, 6 fertilised, 4 made it to blast). Single blast put back. BFN. Had a frozen emby cycle, 2 blasts put back (didn't thaw as well as hoped). BFN.

    Am currently trying the Metformin/clomid combination, but realistically I am waiting to do another full IVF in June/July. Will fall over with surprise if I ever manage to fall pg. I have NEVER been pg.

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    Feb 2004

    Wow it seems like endo is quite a common problem. My Dr supsects I have it as well, but I refused to have the lap done [-X I'm a big wuss!

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    May 2004

    You know Sarah, it wouldn't surprise me if every woman had endo, I had a lap done when we began testing here in Aus, and it was found that I have a small problem, but not enough to cause any baby making probs. I never ever knew that I had it, until the lap.


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    Feb 2005


    Yes it is very common and I know people who have had it much worse than mine was and still managed to conceive. Unfortunately, the laparoscopy is the only way to have it definitively diagnosed which I didn't realise until recent years.

    I'm so glad you have your little baby to look forward to. If it turns out later that you find you have endo, the doctor can put you on the pill or some other type of medication to keep it at bay until such a time as you decide you want another baby.

    But of course I hope that that won't be necessary!

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    Jun 2004

    Also, pg is the best thing to 'treat' endo. The nine months without a period helps the body deal with reaborbing the endometrium cells that cause all the probs!


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    Sal Guest

    Hayseed, we are all trying our little hearts out to get into the pg state!!!!

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    Sep 2004
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    I guess my story is a little different in that I did not have an issue with infertility in my younger years. As most of you know, I have three children already (concieved naturally) from my first marriage. I was also pregnant three other times, and experienced one miscarriage and had two abortions. My doctor joked after the birth of my youngest son (who was concieved while I was on the pill) that the only way I would not have more kids with my then-husband was if he moved countries.

    At 26, my then-husband asked my doctor to tie my tubes while I was undergoing a laprascopy for ovarian cysts, and though I was reluctant (I always wanted more children) XH convinced me to go ahead. As he was adamant that we not have any more children and didn't trust the pill (with good reason), I agreed to placate him.

    Then, after 11 years of marriage, my XH and I split up. The first thing I did was get a referral to have my ligation reversed.

    I started seeing my now DH four months later. When I met him, I was already scheduled for the reversal, and was estatic to learn that he too wanted children. Despite only being together for a few months (we had been friends for years), we decided that we would TTC as soon as my operation was completed. We knew that we had something special and didn't want to wait.

    My tubal ligation reversal happened in July 01 (5 years after my ligation, but still a great success, said the doctor) and DH and I began trying every month from then with no resulting pregnancy. With a very heavy heart, I finally consulted a fertiltiy specialist in August 03, and I was sent for extensive tests, including a HSG to determine tubal patency in May 2004.

    My tubes were found to be completely sealed over. The scarring from the reversal was so bad that not the slightest bit of dye flowed through to my tubes. It was then that it was made clear to us that IVF was our only hope for having a child.

    While I have ovarian cysts, I have never had PCOS, and have no endo at all. My infertility is man-made.


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    tiggy Guest

    My story is a bit of a hodge podge too.
    We started TTC when I was 21. I had a funny feeling things would take a while. After 1 and 1/2 years trying on our own I finally convinced my GP that there was something not right. She sent me off for an U/S and it came back with a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries.
    Went to a gynae for 12 months, did 6 cycles of clomid, had some bloods done which came back with elevated levels of prolactin (effectively tricking my brain into thinking I was already pg).
    Took a further four cycles of clomid with parlodel (to decrease prolactin). This resulted in 2 m/c around the 11 week mark. Finally I went to see an infertility specialist who told me I was too fat and to go away and come back when I had lost some weight. I lost a grand total of 7kgs and fell three months after stopping clomid with my twins.I was turning 24 that year

    I went back on the pill to control PCOS symptoms but after a particularly nasty bout of gastro (courtesy of the 15 month old twinnies) Lily made her presence felt the following month. I was 5kg heavier than when I fell with the twins. Go figure...

    After Lily, we decided that we would not use contraceptives anymore and just let nature take it's course. It did about a year later but ended in another two m/c one at 11 weeks and one at 16 weeks due to placental haemorrage. I went to another gynae who said...'too fat, lose some weight come back when you are thinner. Lost the weight but still no pg, no elusive baby for the baby hungry woman. DH getting sick of TTC all the time and wanting very much to give up. Went back to rude gynae who asked why I wasn't pg after losing all the weight and put me on clomid. Did 4 cycles told him this was bollocks and to check my tubes. Blocked with some mucous build up! Problem fixed, lost the first cycle due to lap but conceived my beautiful boy the next cycle. Lily had just turned 5.

    Couldn't be happier, pregnancy brilliant, a little stressful, but enjoyed being pg, enjoyed how excited hubby was. April 2004 William was born but only lived for 5 days. Devastated.

    Now wanting a baby more than ever and can't seem to let go. Sick of hearing people say that grief is causing our infertility. Bollocks! Two totally different things, requiring different emotions.

    DH feels the same. So we try for a while but know we will need help. Referred onto super specialist straight away, who promptly puts me on clomid, even though it has never worked before. Do the required 6 cycles with nothing.Lap, bloods, DH sperm all normal. SS jokingly suggests I need to lose weight again( he knows how I feel about this issue). I tell him that he can shove that suggestion, I'm 50 kg lighter than I was2 1/2 years ago.
    So now on IUI first attempt, with pregnyl trigger, clomid, four good sized follies and everything crossed. It's been almost 11 months of TTC after William. That's me, sorry so long!

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    Feb 2005


    I am very sorry about William. I can't imagine how devastating that must have been.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.



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    Sal Guest

    Tiff, I can't imagine all the heartache and grief you've been through, losing your son as well as all the m/c. My comprehension is lacking, are you blessed with three gorgeous children already?

    You and your DH must have super-strength to keep going after all you've been through. I [-o< you get your longed-for bub very soon.

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    Sep 2004

    Tiggy - I can't imagine how you must feel loosing William, I only hope that when you need someone to talk/cry/vent or whatever, they are there for you.