Yes, three lovely girls who are my world.

Melbo, Sleeby and Sherwills, please don't try to imagine it. I used to say the very same thing... It's a very very sad, devastating thing when a woman loses her baby, at whatever time. You grieve for the children that were possibilities every single month that you've tried, got your hopes up. Miscarriages, stillbirth and neonatal death, they are all terrible. A loss of hopes and dreams. I think that is what I miss most about William, that I will never know what kind of a person he would grow up to be, what he would look like, all the little things that I wanted so much to see.

I have learnt alot from William. I have met alot of really amazing people in the last twelve months and I still hope, hope that I will one day be blessed again with a baby, that there is something after all this and that I will finally get to spend time and get to know my son.
In the really sad moments, I am also happy that I had the chance to spend five days with my baby, that I got to hold him and be with him as he left us. He was an amazing boy, my William.