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Thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - April/May 2009

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    And again lol

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    Infinity: yep I must be a little immature too cause I thought it was hilarious.

    Mahli: with ya there, I too walk the fine line between normal & OHSS and was given a lower dose of puregon to start with. I have to have another BT Sun to make sure my follies don't OS. Love the name by the way, Mahli is one of our favourite girl's names.

    sandygirl: don't fret, just having your encouragement is great and one day you'll be the experienced one giving advice to the newbies.

    B2B: I'm not sure exactly, I think they said to us maybe 6 rounds or something, but the counsellor told us to expect about 18mths to 2 years, that's what I've been telling people anyway in the hope they would quit with the "are you pregnant yet" questions for a while (althought THAT hasn't worked at all!) Good luck joining the IVF train and hope you hit it first shot!

    To everyone else and lots of and !

    AFM had 1st scan & BT this morning. Approx 13 good of the bigger follies, and about 24 little ones. The big ones are good but are only 11-13mm and they want to build thenm to about 17mm so we have been told EPU will be Tues or Wed, and I have to have another scan/BT on Sun

    Have been so very emotional, which for me is not usual and is rather freaking out DH. I started crying last night and he couldn't handle it and went to bed, which I'm not too happy about - I really need him right now. I pretty much haven't stopped since, I cried all over the poor nurse in the clinic this morning and I even cried at the supermarket a little while ago when I couldn't find the frozen peas in their normal section! I hate feeling like this, would much rather be ripping people's heads off than bawling all the time. It's hard because noone else around me seems to get it, and the few people we know that do understand are so wrapped up in their own problems that they don't really care. Does anyone else feel this alone?

    Anyway better get off here, my parents will be arriving any moment. Off to Thai for dinner tonight, yum yum, haven't had it in ages but not really sure I should be inflicting myself on the general public in my current state...

    Hope you all have a great weekend and wherever you may be in your cycle!

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    [QUOTE=Ella'sMum;1750299]Hi Ladies,

    Then booked in for HSG Xray on Friday 24th April at 12.15pm...... all good until the lady on the phone FLOORED me with the cost.... $522.00 My GOD, are they using Gold Dye?
    After Medicare its only $210.00 Out of Pocket, but I wasn't expecting such a large figure, anyway its all good if it gets me to the end result!
    Still no word back on the metformin, no-one has any answers???

    Ella, I had my HSG at a public hospital and it was bulk billed. Are you going to a private clinic hun ...

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    Wouldloveabubba: Get out of town.... I'm having mine done at a public hospital but I think the xray/ultrasound etc dept might be a seperate entity, I'll definately be checking this out before my appt next week. Thanks heaps.

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    (Post started: 12:30PM - Post finnished: 8PM)
    "Sorry for the delay, i am running the farm atm and had to get back out there to babysit the M.G Dude fixing the feed system, Geez, i mean come on! Anyway..."
    Cheers Lou.
    We will be here with you bothe 100% whenever you's need us! When you guys finaly decide to take the trek. that is.
    Have fun moving in! Kaz and i will probably be moving in a couple of months aswell, Mid June i think.
    So our address will change but i will PM you on FB with our current one just incase you wanted to come over and bug kaz while she's on meds LOL, its funny, i do it all the time
    Hope everyone's doing well with their April cycling!

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    Ella : You can take a couple of pain relief tablets before you go. I found it uncomfortable, I don't have a very high pain threshold going on here, though. Just a little hint, that I didnt realise before. GL shopping around.

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    Hi girls,

    Well one more change - now FS has said 3W estrogen, 1W progesterone, then apparently I'll get AF (not sure if this happens while I'm on the prog or after it?). Then it's jabbing time! yay! So hopefully I'll be jabbing by mid-May. So far I think I may have had a couple of hot flushes but also could have been the wine I was drinking

    Loops - GL with your next FS appt. I know at our clinic ICSI adds about $1K to the bill but out of pocket is maybe only a few hundred.

    BOC - hope you're doing ok with the emotions! That is what I am a bit scared of myself, I guess I'll find out in a few weeks if that happens to me. Sounds like you've got lots of follies though which is great!

    Ella's Mum - I'm on metformin (though I'm a bit slack in taking it I must admit) although I have no PCOS issues, but my FS basically said he didn't think it would do me any harm and might improve my egg quality. I take one slow release 500mg a day, and get no side effects.

    We're off to a fancy dinner tonight, a belated dinner with friend's for my 30th. Last chance for me to get boozy as soon I'll be pg I'm sure (positive thinking!!!).

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    Well hi all,
    So much has happened while I was away, hope everyone is doing well.

    Had the most amazing four days away with the girls. shopped til we dropped, went and saw Billy Elliot and Wicked both the most amazing shows ever. i loved them, so if in Mel you should try and catch them. We all loved Billy, but we are all teachers and to see those talented children performing was great.
    Our flight home was delayed so I didnt get home until 2 am this morning. Then bloods at 7.30, e2 325, LH 5.5 i am absoultely shatters so still jabbing away. Thinking insemination will be late next week, hoping for more than one follicle.
    Looks like lots of people starting new cycles soon hope everyone is doing well.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just popping in for a quick hello and good luck to all those cycling or about to start!

    Just waiting (prob 2 more weeks to go!) for AF to come so can do natural FET.

    Thoughts to those who faced a BFN over past few weeks...

    Had embryo shipped over from Monash to MIVF (to add to 4 already there) - $250 for courier!!! DH offered to pick it up in an eski!!!

    Chat soon

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    i am still watching over everyone, just so many new guys finding it hard to keep up, especially since i've been away.
    good luck to all the newbies and everyone doing a cycle

    good luck to everyone else too.

    see you all soon.

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    I am also new to this site. We have been TTC since Sept 07. We have recently tried IUI and was considering trying IUI again. However, my fertility specialist said I can go straight to IVF if I wan't. It seems like a big step and I have been struggling with the decision for a few weeks.....

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    girls,just popping my head in to do some lurking ,
    take care xxoo and good luk

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    Hi all,
    I just thought I'd give a quick update. My FS appointment was o.k. today. He was very thorough and very clinical. I was expecting that. He gave me about a 45% chance of success. All the stats sounded very scary, he then reminded me that without IVF i have a 0% chance. That kinda put it back into perspective.

    So now I play the waiting game; I get my BT's and Ultrasound done in the next couple of weeks. Then after AF arrives (which I'm not expecting for a couple of weeks), I wait for Day 19 to start sniffing. Does this sound right? I thought it a bit strange to start on day 19. Would love to know if anyone knows why Day 19?

    Sorry for the me post. Hope everyone is well.

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    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is good. Just popping in for a quick update.

    A big to all the newbies!

    sandygirl: I started sniffing day 18 so yeah 19 sounds ok.
    JBM: nice to see you pop in again
    smithy: Lurk away hun! Hows it going?

    To all the TWWers:
    And to everyone else, wherever you're at!

    Quick update, had 2nd BT & Scan on Sun, a few follies were up around 18-19mm and the rest of the goodies were 13-15 so they delayed us yet again in order to let them all grow a bit longer before EPU. My estrogen levels were getting a little on the high side too and they were worried so they doubled my dosage of Synarel and made me take it 3 times a day instead of 2! OMG! It was soooo horrible and on top of the nausea, vomiting, headaches and insomnia I developed a sinus inflammation from it too! Thank god it's all over now! Took my trigger last night which wasn't too bad and and enjoying my drug-free day today!

    So TOMORROW is our big day! (DH having his sperm aspiration 2moro too). Getting a little nervous now, does anyone know exactly how sedated you are and whether it hurts a lot or not? Trying to mentally prepare.

    Oh and tip for anyone who hasn't had their EPU done yet, I got a "lovely" pphone call from the hospital last night, seems my FS only operates in private hospital and becasue we changed our health cover last year we're not covered at all yet! So with 2 days notice we have to come up with $1900 on top of the $6500 I paid to the IVF yesterday! Ouch! Make sure you check before you have yours done!

    Anyway ladies, sorry for the ramble, I'll get off here now. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

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    Hi to everyone - there's a lot of us at the moment which means lots of support to be shared around!

    Mahli09 - Have you had your EPU yet? Fingers crossed all goes well for you
    Infinity - Sending you some positivity vibes and hope you're feeling more positive this week. with your FET.
    BOC - all the very best for tomorrow. I had my EPU yesterday and had a general as I had a lot of eggs so not sure about the whole sedation thing.
    Saph204 - for you for more than one follie
    mitf - a difficult decision as to when to move on from IUI to IVF but one that only you know the answer to. We did 2 cycles of IUI then decided to go straight to IVF - with male factor infertility our chances were low with IUI but we're all different and you've got to find what's right for you

    For anyone I've missed - sorry but am sending lots of

    AFM - had EPU yesterday and got 31 eggs - 25 of which were able to be ICSI'd. They rang us this morning and said that 23 have fertilised which is great news. On the down side I am at high risk of OHSS and have a low chance of being allowed to go ahead with a transfer on Fri/Sat so desperately desperately hoping we don't get cancelled and are able to go ahead. Anyone got any tips on how to help avoid OHSS - sustagen did somebody mention??

    Goodluck everyone!
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    K MOND.. great news on the eggs hun i would try heaps of water ,i found this thread it may help with some good info ..

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    Kmond : Wonderful results, water .. water ... water .. Best of luck for your ET

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    Thanks so much Smithy for the link - lots of helpful info there and WLAB - thank you thank you thank you! Will keep on drinking drinking drinking and hope for the best!

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