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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - April/May 2009

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    Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - April/May 2009

    Welcome to the Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception Thread!

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    Just a reminder to all: all LTers love seeing a fellow LTer achieve that longed-for BFP, and we all find hope in one of our own having success in this difficult journey. But please remember that there are those who cycled with you who may not have received good news at the end of their cycle. Please do not post baby/child/pg tickers or pg related signatures (eg blinking BFP icons) etc in this forum out of respect for them.

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    The old thread is HERE
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    Feb 2009


    Hi Ladies,

    Seems fitting for me to be starting a new thread on the first day I see my FS....

    I finally got to have my appt and now things are seeming less stressful and I'm less anxious. First off I have to say I was wrapped with my FS, very friendly, very relaxed easy to understand, and importantly VERY Positive!
    He seems to think my inability to conceive is due to a combination of my previous birth being a C-Section and my totally out of whack Cycle...
    So first up some treatment for my tubes, bit of a flush out required on Day 10 of my next cycle and start a round of Clomid at the beginning of Cycle. Sounds relatively simple, almost Too Easy if you ask me after such a long time of TTC!
    FS said he would be VERY suprised if I didn't fall pg straight away,....
    However if after 2 cycles on clomid it still wasn't happening to make an appt and start a 3rd cycle and he would have "BIG PLANS" for me... Not sure what that means but he's lovely.
    So now am just looking forward to AF arriving (never thought i'd say that) so I can get this thing underway!
    Has anyone else had the H.S.G. Xray/Flush out thingy? With or without success?

    I'd also like to Thank all of you for your patience and support over the last few weeks, I've only popped in and out with a few pestering questions now and then but it has all been really helpful... Thanks Heaps, and I hope you all get the BFP you deserve.

    Me (25) Irregular Ovulation
    DH (25) Let's say "Challenged Motility"! FS, things he's a fine Specimen (produces BILLIONS of the little buggers, they can just bit a little lazy, sometimes!)
    DD (3)

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    Lovenhope Guest

    Hi all,
    I just wanted to introduce myself in this new thread as I will begin lurking in here, filling my mind with all things IVF. To give you all a quick run down I have been TTC # 2 for 2 years. In that time I have had endo removed, cystic ovaries drilled, completed 3 cycles of clomid and lost both tubes to ectopic pregnancies. So here starts my AC journey.
    As I have only just lost the second tube, I am still recovering and will take a month to prepare myself for a new journey. After this time I will get the referral from my gyno to begin the ivf process. I am very scared and never thought in a million years I would ever get to such a point in my life.
    Looking forward to learning lots from all

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    Mar 2009

    Ella'smum- Great to hear you are wrapped with your FS. Can't give any advice on H.S.G. Xray/Flush out thingy Sorry but it works for you.

    Sandygirl- Welcome. Sorry to hear that you have gone through a fair bit, with your AC journey. I wish you all the very best.

    AFM- Transfer went really well this morning. I went straight to Acupuncture after and am feeling good. A little tired now though. I have everything crossed for this one the 2ww goes quickly.

    to all.

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    mellmell Guest


    Well, we got the news tonight that DP has a new job overseas............problem is he leaves before May 15 (EPU and TESA). So I'm calling the FS tomorrow to see if we can have the little tackers removed and put on ice for my EPU date. Does having the sperm frozen prior impact on success rates? A little worried about going through the process alone but I have some really supportive friends who have been through IVF before, one whos DH also works overseas, to help me out. Still no smokes - 3 weeks now - I don't think I will ever be an ex-smoker, just a smokes who chooses not to smoke!! Still just cruising along, don't start sniffing until 22 april, I seem to have the longest cycle ever

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    EmmaP - thanks for your help

    JBM - thanks. Hope you can work out where to go next from here. All the best

    CP77 - Sorry you couldn't go ahead this month. All the best down the track and the next step

    Bella - Hope today went well. Thinking of you

    Lani - thanks for your help. Glad the transfer went well and see you in TWW soon

    Rob - Hope all is going well in TWW - not stressing you out too much

    Boc - Good luck with the pill taking etc and I hope you are able to find the job you want

    BDT - thanks heaps. I'm trying to think like that... "new house, new baby".. Hope your injections are going ok and GL with the EPU next week

    Jaxi - GL with getting ready for your next stage etc

    Ella'sMum - Glad you went well with the FS - it was Dr M Talbot wasnt it?

    Sandygirl - welcome and GL. Might chat to you some more soon

    MellMell - All the best without DP by your side. You'll be right - a strong, independant woman I am sure

    AFM - I've had an extremely light period, thought it was only going to last 3 days but it did hang around a bit longer just very light. The Puregon and Pregnyl from last IUI in Jan have stuffed up my system. But I'm going through it again currently - four Puregon jabs done another 3 to do, then my U/S on Monday to check if ready for IUI. Looking forward to being in TWW... well kind of

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    Feb 2009

    Hey Loops,

    It was Dr. Talbot, He is wonderful I can't believe I was so nervous about the whole thing...
    Am very excited to start the Clomid but have been looking around and Noticed that not many people start on a dose of 100mg per day....Kind of scares me a little bit, Twins argh... seriously though it wouldn't worry me, just like to be prepared for these things!
    Look at me getting ahead of myself again!!

    Hope all goes well with your next IUI, will be thinking of you!

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Hi Ella's mum
    Yeh he is great isnt he. Also reccommended him to TrueBlue and she was happy too. Seems like he is the one to see. And we have found him to be fabulous too.
    That's great for you. Staying positive is a good thing.
    All the best and thanks

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    Mar 2009


    Stumbled across this forum while googling symptoms for 6dp2dt!! Have had period like/af cramps all day - is it implantation or is the witch arriving??

    Been ttc for nearly 5 years! This has consisted of clomid and 8 IVF cycles.

    In dreaded two week wait and looking forward to chatting to people at the same stressful stage as me!


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    Jan 2008

    wow all these new people.
    tanya as our new moderator
    sandy girl

    ellamum: how did fs app go? keep on asking us questions, i still ask them.

    sandygirl: sorry for losses, good luck with TWW. hoping for BFP

    lani: glad u tfer went well. x

    mel: good luck with eggs and no somekes too.

    loops: Af stuffed up for for a while for me after pregnyl. good luck

    polyanna: hope the TWW goes fast for you

    AFM: well thank goodness it is the weekend !!!. i had a buffet breakfast with my DH today, been ages since we did anything like that. it was nice. had some US time before i had to go to work . but now i am finished and not working til tue again.

    i have a maths asignment due for my engineering course on thur and a test on tue for the CAD, Technical drafting computer program. That should be fun "NOT !"

    DH and i have decided to have a break from LTTC until we have our house plans approved for building and re have the loan to build, as this is a bit stressfull time and we want to give our baby the best chance by me not being stressed out.

    so prob won't be til May or June, i would usually be worried waiting for so long but i am sick of BFN, i want to do all that i/ we can to give our embies the best chance,.

    i will still come onto BB as i am addicted to it.

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    Jan 2008
    Sunny Paradise

    Welcome to all the new people in here and hi to the regulars!!!!

    I just got my AF following my first IVF cycle (implantation cancelled). Not sure what I'm in for with this one but strapping myself in for the ride.

    Ella's Mum - is the HSG Xray/ flush out thing that xray they do to test if your tubes are blocked? If so I have done it. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't feel a thing, but it was bearable. My test showed that mine were both blocked, but when I went in for a laproscopy 2 weeks later they were found to be clear. Apparently the test is not too accurate. If you get nervous and clench like I did they may appear to be blocked.

    Have a good weekend everyone

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    Apr 2008

    Good morning lovely ladies!

    Thanks for all the well wishes!

    Well i had my EPU yesterday great news and bad news.........
    Great news:- we got 12 eggs! and just got a phonecall from the clinic = 11 were inseminated we have 8 embryos so we are very happy - day 5 transfer for us hoping all make it to blastie so we have some ice babes! Transfer Wed - my mums birthday!!!.

    Bad news - PAIN..... I couldn't move last night it was painful from the moment i woke up after sedation - i had to get my friend (another nurse) to get me some panadeine forte??? Anyway i'm still "uncomfortable today" but i can walk around and do things - but it certainly wasn't what i was expecting - the clinic says some people get like that but apparently it's uncommon

    Hello to all the new girls (i'm pretty much one as well!) Sandy i remember you from 6+ month forum!

    Ella's mum - i had a HSG - again i won't lie and say it was painless but it didn't do much for me but i do have 2 friends who got pregnant within 3 months of HSG so GL.

    I to see Mac Talbot!

    JBM - glad to hear you got to spend some 1:1 time with DH - i think your plan sounds perfect we had jan and feb off and now looking back it was the best thing we ever did!

    Pollyana - GL XX

    Loops great to hear your almost ready to go again - GL hope your not getting to bruised!

    Lani - hope your resting up and the little one is snuggling in!

    Thats about all i can manage sitting in this chair - hello to all those in the TWW and to anyone i have missed. I will BBL to catch up.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


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    Mar 2009

    mindhugs - in response to a recent message, yes, I've tried chinese herbs and acupuncture for about 5 months. I've decided to give it a break after my 1st failed cycle this month. I admit overall I felt better but there's so much of it I could do. I had high hopes for acupuncture and after months and no pregnancy, I actually started dreading going. In saying that, I've been very bloated over the last 2 weeks..more than I've been in the last 6 months since my 1st acupuncture visit.

    Glad to hear it's doing great things for you. I know it works...unfortunatley I wasn't that lucky.

    Still annoyed that I didn't ov this month...I'm hoping AF arrives soon so I can move to the next step.

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    Feb 2008

    Hi all, sorry I have been awol for a while, have been lurking and keeping up to date with everyone. Welcome to all the newbies hope your time here with us is short. Just worked out that Baby number 2 has now been 17 months in the assisted conception making, make that 18 by the time we get started again. I have one more week on the pill and them wait for AF and we start agian. So far i have lost 8kg and am starting to feel quite good, another 8 will get me back to pre DS weight. I am hoping that with some weight loss I will get more follies and a better chance of preg. We will just have to wait and see.
    On a lighter note having a garage sale this weekend and so far everyone has bought the crap that i was quite prepared to throw in the bin. The furniture that we have and that i am really wanting to get rid of is still here,oh well still have tomorrow. Just love the little old men who want everything for nothing and want you to deliver it. LOL

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    barney Guest

    sorry girls been MIA
    but just had to come in and say hi to you all ill be back very soon to join you all again
    i hope your all doing ok

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    Jan 2008
    North West NSW

    Hi ladies
    I have been lurking around the AC threads for a couple of months and have finally decided to join in.
    Quick background, DH & I have been TTC for 2 years. Had a lap in July last year, nothing wrong. All tests so far have been "normal". Tried acupuncture and tcm for 5 months with no results. We have an appointment with FS on 14 May to start our AC journey.
    Look forward to getting to know you all.

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    Mar 2009

    Welcome Cass,

    I did the whole acupuncture thing too and even though I've had no luck yet I still found it very relaxing!

    Good luck with your appointment

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    Hi Girls

    Well firstly a big welcome to all these new people. Guess that's what happens when you have a break from this thread for a week or so.

    Ellamum: Best of luck with the Clomid, it worked 2nd try for Kim. Its great that you like your FS. Makes alot of difference re trust etc...I had a HSG, did two cycles of IUI afterwards. Didnt work but i have egg issues. Have heard ALOT of people say they got pregnant after it tho...Good Luck!!

    Sandygirl: Welcome and good luck with IVF, it sounds like it might just do the trick for you!!

    Lani: I'm so happy your transfer went well. Now for the TWW, you will be fine.

    Mellmell: I hope that you can have them frozen. Fingers crossed !!

    Loops: AF was always late and long for Kim after Pregnyl too...

    Pollyanna: Best of luck on the TWW hope it flys past! 8 dpo, sounds more like implantation pains to me!!

    Bella: Way to go girl!!! i hope you are alright now after EPU, you should be ok, lots of water, lots of protein!!!

    JBM: Kim and i had quite a few breaks in the last 3 odd years, the last one lasted 5 months!! And here we are back doing IVF after IUI's failed. We started with IVF tho and IVF Donor eggs (from kim to me). It truely can make a big difference in your relationship, and thats the main thing...

    Mindhugs: Glad AF is here and you can start to prepare for your FET!!! C'mon May!!!

    Hey girls....go to the link in my signature and check out the last entry to my blog and you will see a photo of a HPT we took yesterday and today... there is a faint line and it is getting darker...hehehehe!!!!!!
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