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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - April/May 2009

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    barney Guest

    you are more than welcome hunny ,rest up and drink till you cant drink any more,then keep drinking lol..take care and let us know how your feeling in the morning ,ill be back to check hun

    i just found this too hehehehe...
    One downside of using fertility drugs to stimulate egg production is that they can have severe side effects. The most dangerous of these is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

    This happens when the ovaries over-react in response to the fertility drugs, and rapidly swell up to several times their normal size. They can also leak fluid into the abdominal cavity.

    If you are taking fertility drugs which carry a risk of OHSS, your clinic will monitor you closely. You should be given information on the warning signs to look out for, and an emergency number to phone if you think you are experiencing hyperstimulation.

    Signs of OHSS include weight gain and a full, bloated feeling. Some women also have shortness of breath, dizziness, pelvic pain, nausea, and vomiting. It is vital that you seek medical help if you have any of these symptoms.

    Mild symptoms can often be treated by drinking water whenever you’re thirsty, resting and taking painkillers. More severe cases may require admission to hospital for treatment and bed rest while your over-stimulated ovaries settle down.

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    Apr 2009

    Thanks KMond. We have decided we will have another attempt at IUI. Maybe... hopefully we will be one of the lucky ones. I am on day 5 of my cycle so we picked up the drugs today and I had my first injection tonight.

    with the rest of your IVF cycle.

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    Feb 2007
    Central Coast NSW

    ladies.... sorry i havent been in here much lately..... have just been lurking

    BOC - ooooh its all coming together for you .... best of luck for today..... let us know how it goes....... OUCH on the extra money you have to pay...... that really sucks

    Kmond - great news on your eggs hun..... i really dont know anything about OHSS but just wanted to wish you lots of luck and hopefully doesnt happen to you...

    Hi and welcome Mitf....i think IVF is a huge step to take.... take all the time you need to thinkk about it then decide whether to do another IUI or IVF... i am going straight towars IVF as i didnt really like the sucess rate of IUI's

    Pollyanna - hope AF turns up for you soon so you can get the ball rolling on your FET.. @ your DH offering to pick it up with an eksi..... something my DP would totally ask to do too lmao

    Ella'smum .... goodluck with your HSG... mine was also bulkbilled (actually i think i had to pay the gap which was $40 or so)

    Smithy.... hope you are doing well hun

    A big huge hello to everyone else i have missed... hope everyone is doing well

    AFM: i had my nurses appt yesterday, which went fantastic (i love the ladies there..... they are all so nice) anyway i am on Lucrin which im so glad about as i've read horrible things about sniffing.... I didnt ask for lucrin but i just tlked to the nurse about the really bad hayfever i get and colds etc so she gave me Lucrin..... i had my first injection yesterday
    ATM i cant bring myself to giving the lucrin so DP is doing it
    So im just waiting for AF to come.... hopefully before the 29th as i have another nurses appt to get more drugs... then i have my scans and BT's

    I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this..... but does this sound right to anyone...... i started the pill cd6 this month and asked the nurse when do i stop it...... she told me yesterday to stop now... it seemed pointless i was on the pill..... when does everyone else get told to stop the pill???


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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Hi Everyone
    Just been peaking in lately

    KMond - well done on your eggs - GL

    Mtif - GL with the IUI i hope it works for you. We had 2 IUI's both - BFN and thought about doing a third but our FS reccommends we go straight into IVF probably ICSI because of the male infertility factor. So I think that is what we will do - better chances for us.
    I really hope you are a couple that it does work for GL

    AFM - Im off to FS tomorrow to discuss where from here. Im a bit nervous but just want to get things rolling again.

    Goodluck everyone. Thinking of all and for BFP's x

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    Mar 2009
    Sydney, Australia

    I am back I have been lurking and reading but not posting. Good luck to everyone in whatever part of your cycle you are in. Thinking of you all.

    I had my 7th embryo transfer yesterday (my 3rd FET) and decided to tempt fate and put back 2. We aren't trying to get twins but instead increase our odds of getting one baby!! After the last year in our lives......... I think we could face anything

    As I left the FS said....it is all a game of numbers and also a bit of luck!! Ooh please let us be our time.
    Now I start the dreaded 2WW...this is the bit that kills me, the waiting, the diagnosing, maybe I am?. or no I am not...ARGHHH!! Sorry for my rant but needed to vent and get some support from those who know what it is like.

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    Aug 2008

    Hi everybody

    Just popping in for a quick

    EPU went well yesterday. They took 18 eggs and 7 have fertilised and they're waiting on 2 more that weren't quite ready this morning. They also managed to freeze an extra 3 batches of DH's sperm which is good! ET is set for Monday. Still a bit sore and sorry but oh well it's all worth it hey.

    Hope everyone else is doing wel, will BBL for personals!

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    Feb 2009


    Morning Ladies

    Smithy - thanks for all the info - having been drinking so much water I am fit to burst - feels like if you're so bloated you should drink less not more but what would I know so I've been ploughing through the H20.

    Mitf - another IUI sounds like a good plan - goodluck with those injections.

    Nikki - all the best for this cycle. I started the pill on day 5 and took all of the 21 tabs and then started sniffing syneral about a week before I took the last pill. How many days have you taken the pill for?

    Loops12 - hope your FS appointment went well and you're all set with a new plan of action.

    Jodz - sending you all the luck in the world for your TWW. Sending you lots of positive vibes

    AFM - the lab rang this morning and said that of our 23 eggs they have frozen 8 and of the remaining 15 8 or 9 are coming along nicely Been drinking water by the gallon, lots of protein, milk, nuts, gatorade and nothing but R&R in a desperate attempt to avoid getting cancelled due to OHSS. Feeling quietly optimistic as I don't have any other symptoms other than some fairly heavy duty bloating so and we get to go ahead with transfer on Saturday.

    Hope you are all having a good day.

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    Nov 2008

    Hi Girls,

    Sorry I have been AWOL not too flash ATM.

    MITF Another IUI should be great anything you can try is better than nothing.

    NIKKI Good luck with this round.

    LOOPS How did you go with the FS hope it is positive for you.

    JODZ will see you over in the TWW hun.

    AFM Great news on the embies hope they keep coming along nicely.

    BOC Great news on your EPU hope they all settle into lovely little embies.

    AFM I am currently supposed to be in the TWW but couldn't help popping over. Well we are on our own this month. Silly me so used to IVF and reporting to the nurses almost forgot 1st day of AF cause I didn't mark my calendar. Think it was around the 4th , so here we are all on our own in the TWW. I did say to hubby we will DTD in the TWW regardless because I wasn't going to stress this month about charting and POAS for ovulation just wanted to do it as per normal s to speak. So didn't want to miss an opportunity

    I have a sinus infection which is just awesome, NOT, a little bloating after eating. The only other thing I feel is heavy boobs not sore just heavy as of yesterday and some occasional tightening in my lower belly. It seems to come and go, isn't painful but it can catch my breath if I am not expecting it.

    I did do the funniest thing. Whilst I was at Dr for antibiotics he suggested we do a new count on DH since we haven't done one in a while. He thinks if it builds up enough on its own we can have a break from IVF and try on our own for a while. Anyway, DS has a microscope, nothing too flash but I decided to look at the little swimmers with my own eyes to see what I could see, and it was amazing. They are so tiny and just swim everywhere. It was cool to watch. Poor DH I just wanted to check for myself think I am lacking trust in people.

    Anyway I hope everyone is doing well. And I will be back later.

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    Nov 2008
    Perth, WA

    hahaha sorry Rob but I couldn't help laughing at the thought of me and my dh checking out his swimmers under a microscope!!! GL with your natural cycle!!

    GL to everyone else

    AFM: lurking a lot at the moment as we are waiting for our day 21 appointment before we can start IVF.....just hanging around. I've really been focusing on my health, exercising etc. Doing whatever I can to increase the chances!!!!

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    Feb 2009

    Hi Everyone!

    Sorry for being AWOL!!

    BOC: We really are cycle twins!! Same day EPU! I love the name Mahli for a little girl too - thats why I used it!! How funny. Rest up for Monday - I hope DH is doing well too.

    Kmond: What a result! I bet you were feeling uncomfortable before the EPU - I know I was. Have you heard yet about the transfer? I am so over drinking water!!

    AFM: I had my EPU on Wed and I have been lying low because I have been in agony!! I had over 45 follicles and they got 16 viable eggs. They said that 14 were perfect for fertilization and they called yesterday to let me know that 11 have fertilized. I just got another call to let me know that the 11 are still doing well and are dividing perfectly!! I am in a far bit of pain though - lots of water and resting for the past 2 1/2 days!! Hopefully transfer on Monday but I will find out on Sunday.

    Good Luck to everyone else & thanks for your thoughts and wishes

    xxx Mahli xxx

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    Aug 2008

    Hi Everybody!

    mahli: Good luck for the ET, hopefully we'll be ers and ers together too!

    B2B: good luck! Bring on Day 21!

    Rob: what great idea! wish we had a microscope!

    KMond: with the embies and ET tomorrow!

    AFM felt heaps better last night, but then woke up in agony this morning, bloated and sever bladder and bowel pains and rang clinic immediately totally freaking out thinking I had OHSS. I was lying curled up on the floor in pain and my sweet little furbaby thought I was wanting cuddles & kisses LOL bless her little heart. She hasn't left my side all morning and keeps coming over and resting her head on my leg. Clinic said it's ok, today was going to be my worst day. WIsh they'd told me that originally, I told my mum it was ok for her to go home yesterday and now I wish I hadn't! Have to go in for BT today just to get a base line for OHSS and have been ordered to keep taking panadeine every 4 hrs & stay in bed all day so currently cuddling up to my laptop LOL. DH the boofhead has gone back to work today (he thinks he's superhuman, even told the nurses he's a machine) but methinks he will be in pain by this afternoon. Unfortunately he's one that likes to learn the hard way LOL.

    for you all wherever you may be. Still waiting for that BFP Bonanza over the next couple of weeks!

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Rob - Thanks for asking about yestie - see below. GL with you natural TWW. LOL about the microscope - that would be every interesting.

    KMond - thanks for thinking of me yestie - see below. Well done on your results - still great.

    BOC - well done on your eggs. GL Monday. Sorry about your pain.

    Jodz - GL in TWW

    B2B - GL with the IVF, hope you can get started very soon. Im doing the same going to really focus on health and fitness.

    Mahli - Sorry your in pain, great about the 11 eggs though. GL on Monday.

    Thinking of you all x

    AFM - Yesterdays appointment with FS was ok - we are starting our first IVF round at the end of July.
    I was a bit upset that I have to wait so long but at least I have a new house to keep me occupied I suppose.
    I was upset because family and friends just really dont understand that I don't want to wait to long - they say it will happen, dont think about it so much etc. You guys know what its like and its just frustrating sometimes. Sorry to vent.

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    Mar 2009
    Sydney, Australia

    Loops12... I totally get your vent........been there done that! I still get told after 2 and 1/2 years of TTC#2 that maybe it will just hapeen I don't think so!!

    BOC....I hope you can recover and that you haven't entered into OHSS territory

    KMond...Good luck for Saturday

    Mahli09... I hope you are feeling good for Monday.

    To everyone else....I hope your in a happy place within your cycle

    AFM ... At 2dpt in 2ww and feeling nothing, just trying to keep myself busy, busy, busy and stop myself going mental

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    barney Guest

    KMOND... tomorrow hun,.

    to all you girls a big hello and keep pushing on were all goning to get bfp by the end of this year
    3 CHEERS FOR US ...
    stay strong girls and to all of you with epu and et .,drink lots of water

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    Jan 2007

    Hi girls

    jodz - GL with your 2WW! Hope it flies by.

    Loops - hun I totally understand, the waiting is soooooo frustrating. I hate it when people say "Oh it's just another couple of months" - I'm like, hello I've been waiting years for this!!

    BOC- hope you are feeling a little better by now. I have to say these stories are making me freak out a little about my 1st cycle! I'm such a bad patient when I am sick! Cute that your furry is looking after you - my two always know when I'm down and come over for a cuddle, belly rub and a lot of purring. They'll always be my first babies.

    Mahli - hope you're also doing better!! Drink more water, hee hee!

    Rob - GL with your natural cycle! I'm a scientist and it never ceases to amaze me the stuff you see down a microscope. Even after years, I still think it's cool

    KMond - sounds like you're doing really well! I must take note of all these post-EPU behaviours so I know what to do!!

    AFM - 8 days down of estrogen, 13 to go. Then 7 days prog then jabbing. Feeling ok today, had AP last night which was awesome as always. Just want the next few weeks to pass so I can get into jabbing and scans and hopefully get some eggs!!

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    Feb 2009


    Thanks so much Smithy! We got the go ahead at 5pm tonight that my OHSS is okay to go ahead with the transfer, sooooo relieved that we can go ahead tomorrow morning! It must have been all that water.

    Jodz - sending you lots of shall be seeing you in the TWW as of tomorrow

    Loops12 - you sound v. disappointed about the delay but great that you've got a plan and something to look towards. Why is it that you have to wait until end of July?

    BOC - so sorry you're not feeling so great. Hang in there. My bloating pain/discomfort definitely was the worse on day 4 after EPU and today day 5 I feel 100% better. I was so worried about getting cancelled due to OHSS and was so bloated I looked like I was 3 months pregnant but we got the okay. So hope you start to feel better soon.

    Mahli09 - Great results fingers crossed that continues! Keep resting and drinking - I pretty much didn't leave the house for 5 days just took it really easy and feel like that's definitely helped. So good luck.

    B2B - keep up the good work - all that good living can only help

    Rob - all the best in the TWW!

    Thanks for all the good wishes everyone - right back at you

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    Lovenhope Guest

    Great news Kmond. All the best for tomorrow.

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    barney Guest

    yep great news KMOND
    glad you got the go ahead hunny ,have fun at your little embie transfer. GO THE WATER LOL..so this time tomorrow you will be PUPO ( pregnant until proven otherwise )

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