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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - April/May 2009

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    Mellmell - The scientist phoned me this morning and I had 4 fertilise, 4 from 9 so you did pretty well to get 3 from 6 thats 50%! I know you are disappointed and you are allowed to be. I am sending happy healthy strong growing vibes to our eggs and hoping that ALL the fertilised ones grow very well! Looks like I will be seeing you on Monday too.
    Keep us informed when you hear from Linda tomoro and if you can try to get some rest.

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    Hi all,

    I have been checking in and out of this site for a while and finally decided to say hi.

    We are almost 3 years into TTC. I'm about to have my 2nd EPU with IVF (Wed or Fri), and have previously had 4 failed IUI attempts. I had a panic attack before the last EPU so would appreciate any tips or advice for this one!

    Hope everyone on the thread is travelling okay, I'll be thinking of you all. Sandygirl I am also at Maroubra, they're lovely there.

    BTW I have a tip for anyone who has trouble with the idea of needles, ice beforehand works really well! And a question about syneryl use, am I the only one that feels like my body is trying to repel it? Still, if it works I'll take the symptoms!

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    Sandygirl - Thanks for your help. I've been googling about it and found that most searches said what you are saying, it's a booster and not completely necessary. I'm just so scared of stuffing it want to give my two little embies the best chance of survival. I've decided to go ahead and take it tonight, get more on Monday and hope I've done the right thing. How did you go with the puffing last night?

    Nikki - I'm just one day ahead of you in the TWW. Let's worry together! lol!

    Spring : Dont rely on Google hun, for your IVF cycle......Ring the chemist and see if they will give you Progesterone Pess, the chemist where you picked up your syneral.... It is necessary to use them after ET. You want to give your embies the best chance.... Your clinic should have a 24 hour number, and IMO, I would not give up until I got that prog pess for tonight... Do you live near anyone that has a spare pess ?

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    Hi Ladies,

    Hope you are all well.

    Spring: I agree. Go for it. The only other thing I could suggest is perhaps ask the pharmacist? There should be an IVF FAQ somewhere shouldn't there!

    Cass: it is quite a daunting process, I too had a panic attack before EPU but as silly as I felt, the hospital staff were really great and by the time I came out they were too busy laughing at my DH being such a sook to remember me. I hope it all goes well for you.

    Misty & Sandy: I too had a nasty run with Synarel. I got a sinus infection, migraines and was vomiting 3-4 times a day the entire time I was on it. I also couldn't sleep more than 3hrs a night. FS was going to take me off it but then my estrogen spiked and they had to double my dosage and made me take it 3 times a day instead of 2. But in the end it worked for me so all I can say is just look at the bigger picture and it's all worth it in the end. Once you start the injections the side effects ease (thank goodness!)

    Mell: with the ET. As everyone is prob telling you, it only takes 1 embie to make a baby. But I get what you mean. It's nice to know you have plenty as backup. BTW I agree, hope you give DP a right royal a*se kicking when you do talk to him! How rude!

    To everyone esle a big and thinking of you all.

    AFM, did the winery tour yesterday. It was good, great food and some nice wines although I limited my alcohol just to be on the safe side. Back on my self imposed alcohol ban and healthy diet now. Still having ups and downs but I guess that's to be expected. Trying to prepare myself for the next round. One more BT tomorrow. I tell you I after all the jabs and BTs last few months I'm surprised I don't spring a leak when I take a drink now

    Wishing you all lots of and

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    Angry Scientist making me PO'ed!!!!! Long rant.........

    Well I'm starting to get very snakey at my IVF lab's scientist. She rang today with "good news"and told me that I had 3 embies at the 2 cell stage (day 2). Naturally I asked her "what do they look like, how are the doing?" to which she replied "well they are at the 2 cell stage". Now I'm no rocket scientist but that little snippett gives me absolutely NO more information! So I pressed "yes but how are they, do they look okay?" she responds "well I preferer them to be at 4 cells by now, but they are okay". SOOOO............just be damn honest and don't ring up saying "good news" when in fact your embies are not at the expected 4 cell stage. Also, I have googled a fair bit (I know not the best source of info) but just about everyone seems to be able to identify some features that suggest a day 2, 2 cell embie is going okay (even shaped and sized cells, small amount of fragmentation), but would she cough up any info? NO WAY! Just told me that I have a transfer tomorrow at 11:30. Now I am really PO'ed!!! I am paying a bloody lot of money for this little exercise and the least I expect in return is some honest and usefull feedback. I know they can't change the 5 eggs or the 3, 2 cell embies BUT be honest with me and give me some decent answers!! Anyway, I guess I will have my transfer tomorrow, but once those suckers are in Im gonna let her know Im not happy!! I was only having one put back but seeing as they are already behind the eight ball I will insist that the best 2 go back in. My FS is dead set against this, but seeing as I'm such a poor performer Im gonna put my foot down!
    Sorry for the rant ladies..........am I out of line???


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    havn't read all posts but sending all good luck, i'm still a bit unwell but had acupuncture on thur and was very relaxing.
    got til fri off work and school. good but i'll have to catch up on school i missed.
    chat soon.

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    Mellmell - I know it seems frustrating to not know exactly what is happening but I guess she does not want to promise too much and there is ALOT that they do not know when it comes to IVF. Mine are at 2 cell stage as well which she said is slow, meaning that she would like them at 4 cells but this is still within normal limits. I'm at 11.50 so I will c u there. Good luck!

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    Hi Mellmell- I understand your frustrations, sometimes it helps just to know all the info possible so you can prepare yourself. But I guess it is hard to predict sometimes and I assume different people respond differently (positively or negatively) to detailed info?

    For me, I want to know everything even if it is just speculation! For my last cycle I had 7 fertilised and was told all were going really well and almost all were developing to blastocyst stage, so I was ecstatic assuming I would have some leftover for freezing. Imagine my surprise when I found out on ET day that the others were not good enough for freezing. It took me a while to comprehend that I would have to do the whole IVF procedure again so soon and doubled the impact of G&L when AF came. Good luck with your ET

    Thanks BOC for your welcome and advice.

    I have one more question for everyone, when on different meds (syneryl, puregon) do you become ridiculously tired and vague? I am finding myself constantly getting up to do something then forgetting what I was going to do, then sitting on the couch and falling easily into a deep sleep in the middle of the day - so not me. Dont think work appreciate it either!

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    Mell: That is so infuriating! I would definitely mention it, not in a nasty way but maybe just to remind them that whilst we understand this is just another day at the office for them, for every single patient this is the biggest event of their lives and maybe just a little extra patience and compassion wouldn't hurt. I hope you get thru hun

    Misty: YES!!!! I was totally hopeless. It became the running family joke. I had to be reminded of things 3 times, fell asleep on the lounge religiously every night and constantly lost things. (One day after tearing the house apart searching I found my glasses in the detergent box in the laundry ???)

    JBM: hope you're plodding along ok

    Lionfish: to you and all the others with ET on tomoz

    Crack-up of the day: I saw a really dirty car in the parking lot at the shops today. Scrawled on the back in the dirt was "I wish my girl was this dirty" classic
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    hi girls hope your all doing ok ,just checking in on you all.

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    Cass- All seems to be going in the right direction. That's great. GL with the assignment.

    Nikki- another day closer. I hope today was a little easier on you.

    Spring- glad I was on the right track, sniffing was a bit dodgy last night. But this morning was better. I think I'll get the hang of it. I have to.

    Lionfish- GL with your ET.

    Misty- Welcome. What side effects are you getting from the synarel? oh sorry, just read your next post. That is exactly how I'm feeling lately, but I thought it was from work, not synarel - I kinda feel like I'm a bit drunk, it's not so bad.

    Boc- quick question- When did you start getting symptoms from synarel? I would have done 3 days after tonight's dose and so far I'm o.k. Do you think it could still hit me later?

    Mell: I think you have every right to demand the info. Sometimes I think 'experts' expect us to be ignorant about what they are doing and what is happening to us. I know this is unrelated but I self-diagnosed both my ectopic pregnancies. What I mean is, give us some credit to be informed about what is going on. GL tomorrow again

    AFM- If all the synarel is going to do to me is make me feel a little spaced out, then I can handle it, not sure if everyone around me can? Just hoping the synarel doesn't have any other nasty surprises waiting for me.

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    Misty; I call it the syneral fog .. I am completly vague and sort of spaced out in a light way when I take it.

    MellMell; I could of written your post a cycle or two ago, our clinic, doesn't even ring to let you know how your embryo's are going, if at all. That is one part of the cycle that is the hardest, "letting someone else look after something you want to succeed so badly. Another BB member used to get phone calls each day from her embriologist and she said, sometimes it is worse, b/c you get your hopes up, it is so common for the clinic not to elaborate. It must be a policy. Try and concentrate on preparing your body for transfer hun, it's completly out of your control :hugs:

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    Hi Girls,
    I was reading a little bit through this thread and would like to join in...
    I'm on my second IVF cycle and just started FSH last Thursday. I will have a scan this week to see how many follies are there...

    Hope you girls are all doing well!!

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    Spring : Dont rely on Google hun, for your IVF cycle......Ring the chemist and see if they will give you Progesterone Pess, the chemist where you picked up your syneral.... It is necessary to use them after ET. You want to give your embies the best chance.... Your clinic should have a 24 hour number, and IMO, I would not give up until I got that prog pess for tonight... Do you live near anyone that has a spare pess ?
    Wouldloveabuba - I decided in the end to wait before taking the PP. I got a call back from FS who said they forgot to give me the PP on Friday when I went in for the transfer. So I'm to take the one I have in the fridge today and pick up more tomorrow. Thanks for the advise. I don't normally act on information I find from googling, but it some times gives me a far indication. I wish I had realised on Friday! Never mind.

    Sandygirl - Hang in there with the syneral! I hope you have it down pat now.

    esperan - Welcome! Hope your follies are growing big and strong! I look forward to hearing more about you.

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    New thread time here everyone!

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