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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - April/May 2009

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    Aug 2008

    Hi Ladies,

    Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.

    Loops: I hear ya RE the expense. We have our first bill due this week $6500! Although I know we'll get most of it back, it's hard to find in the first place., which is devastating. I like infinity's idea, may have to take out a credit card purely for the IVF...

    B2B: Good luck! Come on AF you wicked witch get your butt into gear!

    Saph: Good luck with the airport, surely it will be ok, what would they do if you were diabetic?

    Infinity: Furbabies rock ! My poor girl had to go to the V-E-T this morning for her needles. Poor baby they were having problems with their sharps and ended up taking 4 goes to get it all done . She's been giving me sad, hurt eyes since then. Needless to say it's lots of lap time & cuddles today.

    To all the 2wwers and our lucky BFP girls:

    And to everyone else I've missed:

    AFM still sniffing & jabbing. Hey has anyone else noticed this, when I inject on my right side, I don't feel a thing, nothing afterwards. When I inject on my left side it really stings all day and it bleeds for about 20mins and then bruises all around the spot. 2nd acupuncture 2moro, looking forward to it. Last time the old man in the cubicle next to me fell asleep and it was snore-fart-snore-fart-snore-fart so I didn't relax too much, too busy trying not to ! Let's hope I get a quiet one this time hehe

    And lastly BOC's Tip of the Day: If you have fill your dog's ear with solution, it's best to shut your mouth and get out of the way quick smart... that stuff goes EVERYWHERE and it doesn't really taste all that good...

    Have a great week ladies!

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria


    Thanks Ladies.
    Infinity - i like your idea of the credit card, may have to increase my limit and do that. Although not ideal - a good idea, thanks.
    I'll see how I go once I speak to the specialist. I thought we would be looking around $4000 out of pocket but maybe it will be less - i hope. Is ICSI less than other IVF etc?
    I did a test couple of days ago and there was still a very faint line but probably the Pregnyl now I just think I will wait for AF or BT if she doesnt come by Thursday.

    GL to you lovely ladies. You have all been wonderful and kept me going and kept me sane. Ta x
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    Well all the wishing has worked - I'm baseline! But, now my FS has decided I need to go on 3 weeks of Progynova and 1 week of Provera to bring on AF. I'm actually pleased because I was concerned about the quality of such an old lining I did have AF in the middle of last year via the pill (b4 they found my blood clotting problem!) but nothing since then. Apparently FS spoke with the most senior FS at the clinic (since I am not your 'typical' patient) and he advised this. So I'm happy with that.

    So - does this actually count as the start of my 1st IVF cycle? Ha ha. I think I'm going to say it does, just so I feel like I'm doing something! Hopefully will get started in a couple of days... And be jabbing in mid-May!

    Hope everyone survived the 1st day back after Easter!

    BOC - I laughed at your acu story - luckily my AP only sees one person at a time so no awkward moments!

    baby2bee - I know what you mean about the waiting. It's driving me nuts too. Hope it starts for you soon.

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    to you all,
    just popping in to say hello and wish you all BIG LUCK

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    Mar 2008
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    Loops- sorry it looks like AF is on the way. And I also hear you on the expense!

    Mrs P- glad you are baseline and things are moving forward!

    BOC- good luck with all the sniffing and jabbing...like the acu story! And arent dogs just great! ours are very spoilt! I see you are in Newcastle...are you with SIVF? I am in Port Macquarie and that's who I am with ...and have my ET etc in Newcastle.

    Infinity- hi...I think we were closer to $3000 out of pocket with our cycle! It is hard to manage the cost, but I guess we just do

    afm- just on the pill and wishing the pill weeks would hurry up and pass by and that I can get to the egg collection and ET stage! Have been really down since our last loss too...and just havent bounced back too well this time...hoping this cycle brings us what we long for
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    Sep 2008

    Loops: I think you are with Monash, I had a look at there website yesterday, and there out of pocket fees are posted on there. You can ring Monash and ask for the accounts dept, even before you start a cycle, and they will give you the run down, so you can budget. Hopfeully u wont need it though ..

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    Nov 2008
    Perth, WA

    and i'm still waiting.............is it something i should ring FS about or is it just all out of wack since stop stopping the drugs last cycle?? I've had slight AF pain at times but NOTHING else!!! CMON!!!!

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Thanks WLAB and others - I will have a look at the Monash prices - thanks.

    Your right hopefully wont even have to worry, AF still hasnt arrived so even though I think she is coming I still have a tiny amount of hope. Its been so up and down for me these two weeks, bad AF like pains then they go, sore BB's then that goes, sore back coming and going and a really sore back now. Some slight headaches which is normally a sign of AF for me but nowhere near as bad as normal. So I really have no idea what my body is doing. My BT is tomorrow so will be interesting to see if AF comes today. I may do a POAS tomorrow morning, not sure.

    Thanks for your support everyone and GL to everyone trying to get that BFP! x

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    Nov 2008
    Perth, WA

    good luck loops! i probably shouldn't encourage it but it may be fairly safe to POAS today if your BT is due tomorrow......

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    Aug 2008
    Hill End Vic

    loops: hugs and you know i am here if you need but fingers crossed and just hold onto that glimmer of hope until af or your bt it's all you can do from going mad with thought.
    I have it marked in my diary lol so have been thinking of you I have all fingers and toes crossed for good news for you how better to start your new life in your new house as a mummy to be

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    Nov 2008
    Perth, WA

    on another note does anyone know why i can't change my mood....i'm a platinum member

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Thanks x

    Thanks Baby2bee and True Blue
    I can't change my mood either and Im a Platinum Member too.

    True Blue - thinking of you too and your wait until June, very excited for you guys that you will be starting the assisted journey soon.

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    we all have to reset our moods kelly is trying to fix up the site so if any one has not done this could you please do so ,please be patient the mods are very busy

    here is another one ...https://www.bellybelly.com.au/forums...your-mood.html

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    Feb 2009

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope everyones Easter was great - 4 days off work was fantastic!

    Loops12 - ICSI is dearer than IVF at my clinic anyway and I did the credit card thing like Infinity was talking about it is alot easier than coming up with the cash for us. - Good luck with your BT tommorrow

    Baby2bee - Waiting is the worst part of all of this!!

    Possums - Big hugs to you

    Mrs P - I am glad for you that your news is good

    BOC - I had pain on my left side on Monday night and it bleed but all the other times it has been fine - how observant of each little thing that happens in your body do you become with this!!

    AFM - I started the Gonal F shots on Friday night and had my first BT yesterday, they said I am right where I need to be at this stage and I have started on my Cetrotide shot last night - this one is a little bit scarier because it is not as simple as the pen shot and there is alot more involved with it's preparation. So far so good with the side effects I am just really tired. I have a BT and ultrasound on Friday morning and they are looking at EPU on Wed next week.

    Long post sorry guy's!

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    Feb 2009


    Good Luck for Tomorrow Loops, thinking of you!!!

    AFM: Stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Waiting for AF, up to Cycle Day 35, having on off symptoms of it turning up soon...... i think it is going to make me wait as long as possible!!!
    The longest cycle i've had was 39 days so hopefully it doesn't go that far again and comes soon....
    Quick Question what is Metformin for? I've noticed a few people on Clomid taking it and havent bothered to google what its for!

    Good Luck to everyone else I hope everything is going the way you want it too!

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    Sep 2008

    Hi Saph,

    have a great time in Melbourne. I am sure you know that yourself but just in case a quick tip as I did the same with my 1st cycle. I stupidly kept the syringes with the meds in my eski for the hand luggage - got obviously stopped and had to transfer them into my backpack and check them in....

    So Sara, you had to put your syringes, in the suitcase,with your clothes etc, and you could take the meds and iceblock on board the plane. ?

    I wouldnt have thought of that. I was going to ask FS for a letter to say what the injections are for, but I realise they wouldnt want the needles on board the plane ..

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    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Thanks everyone, just started getting light AF though. So looks like may not need to get BT done tomorrow afterall

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    Feb 2009

    Thumbs up

    Hi Everyone

    Have been MIA for a little while after flying back to Oz from overseas and arriving to Easter and lots of catch ups with family and friends and all of my initial AC appointments - things have been hectic to say the least. Have been checking in here though and reading up on everyone's progress but just not had the time to post.


    LWAB & Bella - huge congratulations on your BFP's - so pleased !!! Hope all is continuing to go well.

    Possums - Welcome back and Good Luck!

    Infinity - hope AF arrives soon so you can get started. I am on my first IVF cycle so yet to find out how much it 'messes' with my body. Hopefully not too much.

    Mrs P - I am on my 8th day of injections today. After a scan today they said two more days before trigger. This is only my first cycle but will be about 10 days for me.

    B2B - fingers crossed that AF graces you with her presence - soon! All the waiting can be so frustrating can't it.

    BOC - haven't had any problems with jabbing so far and not noticing any difference between one side or the other - maybe just avoid the side that causes the probs if poss?

    Mahli09 - GL for your EPU next week.

    Loops12 - so sorry to hear that wicked AF has arrived. Will you still go for your BT? Thinking of you.

    AFM - after 6 days of Puregon injections had a scan today and have been told I have lots of follies - they are predicting around 18 mature ones for collection. Which is good but also a risk of OHSS unfortunately Back for another scan on Friday and hopefully EPU on Monday.

    Hope I haven't missed anyone - to all!

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