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Thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - August/September 2006

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    welcome alibakes. I hope both of your wishes come true!!

    Kristie- sorry cannot help you with the medication front.

    gee it is quiet in here!

    Enjoy the weekend


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    Hello Ladies,

    Loula- sorry it's taken a few days to reply. Computer troubles!!!! I'm doing fine. Had my last ultrasound and bl test today before ERet. on Monday. All looks okay. 5 follicles 20mm on R and 8 follicles 20mm on L. Monash called this afternoon and said my hormone level was 11000. Fingers crossed all goes well Monday and I hope they fertilize okay. I'm getting on a bit (38) so my eggs might be a bit old. Hopefully the transfer will go ahead on Thursday.

    Welcome to BellyBelly all our new ladies. Best of luck to everyone (Alex Jchab Kristie86...)

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    Time for a new thread, girls. Please continue your chatting [URL=""]here[/URL]

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