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Thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - June/July 2008

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    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick question - this is my second day of using the Puregon pen and already I feel heaving down around where my ovaries are - is this normal? They don't really hurt, just feel heavy and little twinges every now and then. I expected to feel that at some stage, but so soon?

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    Hi ladies

    I am soo sorry i havent been back in during the week but its been a tough one for me. Unfortunately my eggs were not growing and for some reason as soon a my period finished (10 days) all my hormones plummetted so its back to the drawing board for me. Meeting with my FS in two weeks to discuss a new plan of action. I was feeling quite upset but dragged myself into work and i have to say im glad i did seeing so many sick patients at the hospital and having a work colleague die suudenly just puts your whole life in perspective at least im here and there is always next month.

    I am thrilled to see how well most of you are going lets hope this month is a good one for you. I too wanted to say how great it is to have so many ladies in here who can understand where I'm coming from...i really wanted to get on here this week but the internet went down so a BiG ThankyOu for just being here in general.

    I'll keep an eye out to see what happens in the TWW thread, my everythings are crossed and i;m praying for us all!

    If anyone has had a similar experience to me i would love to hear it i have bad PCOS having produced nearly 70 follicles this cycle all less than 1cm, i had a long period (10 days) my eostrogen only got to 100 then everying fell P4 and L2.

    Thanks Everyone and GooDluCk!!
    Bee(24) and DH (30)
    1st IVF/ICSI: Cancelled D12 no growth.

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    Hi kate
    I felt like i had a stitch within a couple of days of using the puregon too and a little short of breath. i think it is quite normal as your ovaries are larger than normal and put more pressure on your organs. I fthe pain gets too severe of you cant breathe though contact your FS.

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    Meridth TWW with a big 9mth BFP is what I have ordered for you

    Kate - That is quite possible because it is stimualting the growth of the follies make sure you drink lots of water

    Bee - that is tough news sweet there are other ladies on BB that have had simliar exp

    Me - 5 of our 6 eggs turned into embies overnight

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    scoob: good to see you pop in, HI to you

    paula: good job 14 eggs, wow, i thought 11 was bad!!
    acupuncture was very good and tell dh i was a sceptic too, but heard so much i thought what can it hurt. i was bit stressed during 1st session, more relaxed 2nd go around. i am feeling way more relaxed than usuall and it has made me more affectionate to dh. so tell your dh that and he won't complain then.

    janie: how are you going? hope all is well

    sues: count down to transfer, hope all goes well

    kate: hi, how are you going?

    tl: good luck for monday for tfer, 5 embies good job. i'll be thinking of you.
    lots of sticky dust going your way

    meredith: hope tww flies by

    bee: new plan with fs is good idea

    afm: just relaxing, packing, and not really doing much today. 2nd acupuncture was so relaxing i am in slow mode.
    hi to all who i missed!!

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    slyder Guest


    New thread time, ladies.

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