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thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception - November 2005 #2

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Chele and Caz - thinking of you. :hugs:

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    Aug 2005
    Hoppers Crossing, VIC

    Chele and Cazz,

    Sorry to hear your news.
    Take care, I'm thinking of you both and your DH's.
    Love, Didge

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    Aug 2005
    Hoppers Crossing, VIC

    Hi there,
    Could I please update my details?
    I'm now on synarel as well as the bcp.

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    cazzoom Guest

    Oh Chele
    I am so sorry!

    Big hugs!
    email me if you need to chat

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    kirsty Guest

    All updated for you Didge.

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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Chele and Cazz, I'm so sorry for the both of you. It's just not fair. Take care the both of you.

    Only a bit over a week now Trish, are you hanging in there? I'm considerably calm so far. Still time for a total meltdown though.

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    May 2005
    South Australia

    Humphrey and Trish all the very best of luck with your BETA's and the rest of your TWW.

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    confusedegg Guest

    Hi Ladies,

    Could one of mods please update my details, thank you.

    Name - Confusedegg (Chris)
    State -NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - Irregular
    Cycle Type - FET #1
    Months of TTC - 12 years (with 2 year break)
    Medications - Primolut N, Estrogen, Prog pessaries
    Important Dates - ET 1/12


    Good luck to all in 2ww. :bdust: to all.

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    kirsty Guest

    All updated for you Chris.

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    Sep 2005
    hervey bay

    Hi guys
    Chele and Cazz sorry things did not go too well, my thoughts are with you both
    Trish and Humphrey hope you are both keeping busy in the 2WW
    Leis how are things going with you
    Didge good luck with the sniffing

    Well my cycle is definately still going ahead, after the progesterone scare on sat, they said it was too high 4.8 now they are saying its okay
    I had a repeat ultrasound today and BT dont know the results of the bloods yet but the follies are looking good, there are a few 20mm and over and there are a few a little bit smaller, they think I will get between 11-13 which I am excited about since last cycle I got 6, so hopefully will be going to blast this time
    So I will have the trigger tonight with OPU early wed morning and hopefully transfer next mon

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