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Thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception - November/December 2005

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    Oh Shazey,
    I'm so sorry
    I hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful christmas

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    Afternoon Ladies
    Have been MIA and just taking a break from all this and stuff to do with TTC. Just thought I would check in since I haven't checked the postings since Thursday.
    Shazey Sorry for your BFN hope you are handling it as well as can be and keep your chin up.

    Mods can you change me from December to January Please

    Good luck to all in the dreaded TWW before xmas I take my hat off to you as I couldn't do it. Christmas will be bad enough for me this year without another BFN to deal with. I know should think it would have been a BFP but am feeling very negative ATM. Xmas Day will be 9 mths since our ~Angel~ left us with empty hearts and arms so not lookinf forward to that day. Haven't even bothered to put up decorations as have no urge to celebrate this year which is unusual as I love all things christmassy and usually everything is up by now.. Any way sorry for rambling on when I have been absent for nearly a week. Cee ya around soon.

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    Okay lovely ladies just locking this thread now & you'll find the new one [url=]HERE[/url] to pick up with the chatting.

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