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Thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception ~ April 2006 #2

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    im here chookie--- just readign everyones posts but not replying much.

    our specialists appointments have been pushed back another 2 weeks and it just seems i am never going to be a mum

    ive been having a lot of panic attacks lately and im not coping very well at all. Maybe when we get back from holidays next week i will be able to put all my feelings into a post and see how i can overcome this

    i love u guys

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    Danni - your holiday sounds like it is exactly what you need at the moment. A change of sceanary can do wonders. Just message me on msn if you need to talk, in this whole ttc I think I have felt & expereinced eveything, so I am here if you need.

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    Lil chookie, congratulations on your acheivement and i hope you have a top night at your grad!!! Also fun with the BD a thon... i like that!!!

    Dan, I had panic attacks for awhile too after our IVF failure. I used to get heart palpatations and shake, like a leaf!!! But time was the only healer for me with that and i haven't had one since before Christmas.... I hope you are holding up ok....

    Love Leis xx

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    Welcome Percy, hope your stay is short and sweet, you are more than welcome to post in here with us, the more the merrier. Good to hear the metformin is helping you out and I hope you have a BFP real soon.

    Danni - I can relate to the anxiety issue, I have had many problems with this in the past and struggle to keep a lid on it. The only thing I can recommend is giving yourself time and if it gets too bad you should really talk to your GP as panic attacks can be very debilitating and scary.

    Chookie - \/ well done on your graduation, job well done

    Kate - hope you catch the egg

    Shan - hope clomid is kind to you this cycle

    Hope everyone else is going well

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    Hi Girls,

    Percy - Welcome aboard...the more the merrier i say.

    Danni - you poor thing...hope your holiday does the trick for you. Sorry i haven't been on msn for a while...been busy, plus i'm running mum's office for her whilst she's away with my SIL, so i haven't been about much....i'll try and be here for you sweets.

    Lil_chookie - =D> on your graduation....hope you have a wonderful time. You must be really proud of yourself...Good luck with the fostering thing...hope it works out well for are a very special lady and i'm sure you'll make a great foster mum...

    Jane - So far so good on the clomid. Had a much better day today, so at least that's a good thing...for DH anyway!!

    Leis - how you doing sweet pea....

    Have a great night girls....

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    Time for another group tantrum girls, check out [url=]this thread[/url] for more details....

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Hi lovelies

    How is everyone, we have gone a bit quiet.

    Percy - how are you going? hope the metformin is treating you well, I hear it can be nasty stuff if they give you too much of it.

    - how was graduation? Are you feeling very knowledgable now? I am studying as well and had to finish an assignment last night and I am sooooo glad to have it submitted, I even got an email from my lecturer thanking me for getting it in before the due date. I emailed it 11pm last night and it is due today LOL she is a great lecturer, one of those gorgeous strong women who is just so inspiring, the total opposite to some of the other lecturers that I have.

    Shan, glad to hear the clomid is going well, I think last cycle I said I would never take it again, but I thought, one more month wont hurt, I have ended up in all sorts of strife this week with enlarged ovaries and fluid around the left ovary, so I am definatley giving it the flick now.

    I have been off work the last few days and feeling really bad for taking today off as well, DH thinks I am insane, apparently I am as white as a sheet but I feel bad for taking more time off work, god knows why I am sure they can cope three days without me. My doctor even said to take it easy today but I dont know why, but I get stressed when I take sick leave. Does anyone else have that? It's like I worry that they will think I am a hyperchondriac (sp?) and because I am feeling a bit better I am feeling a bit like one too, even though I am not totally 100% better, oh dear I am sure I am not making sense again. Oh well, better to have another day on the couch with Dr Phil than to stir things up by being on my feet half of the day again. One things came out of it all, I have been distracted on the tww this time and I must confess to looking for babies on the ultrasound like they would be there on cd22 but you never know

    Kate - how was the "early night" I hope you caught the egg, I feel like I should asking you a question like that, I sound a bit like I am in the footy change rooms after the match LOL

    Cherie - I hope everything is going well for your dad and you are looking after yourself :flower:

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    Hi Lovelies,

    I did a huge long post this morning and the move must have happened when I submitted it because it is gone. Oh well here goes again:

    Jane - Hope you are feeling better lovely and I also hope that good old Dr Phil kept you entertained on that couch today. Everytime I have to go for an ultrasound I think to myself in the car on the way there.....oh I hope that that will by miracle find a baby inside me that I didn't know about (crazy thoughts!!LOL). The last time I hand an ultrasound a few months ago this is what happened I was laying back and she is doing her thing when she stops and clicks on her machince a few time and says I'll be back in just a minute, I just have to get the senior tech to have a look at something for me. Now the only time I have had them have to get the senior tech for a second opinion was when I had a 6 cm cyst on my left ovary, so I must have had a worried look on my face. She just smiled at me and said, "don't worry, nothing is wrong". So when she left the room I lay there thinking to myself, ohhhhhh maybe this is it, my miracle dream is going to happen!! The senior tech comes in and has a look and says "were you aware you have a retroverted uterus" "no" I say, he responds "well you do". Thats all!! No miracle for me!! LOL, I just have to laugh at myself sometimes.

    Shan - Hey lovely, hope you are not working to hard and you are getting some nice relaxing Shan time.

    KBaby - Hows the research going? Did you find what you were looking for at the library?

    Well I graduated the other night, felt so proud of myself when my name was called and I walked up to get my certificate!!

    Time to start adding coal to the BFP express this month & start heading off. Can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease offload some passengers this month, we are carrying far too much cargo!!


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    KBaby06 Guest


    Hi Ladies
    Did a big post yesterday arvo but it disappeared into thin air... must have been zapped in the change over...never mind.

    So hows everyone going... I agree we definately need to the the BFP Express moving along and hopefully loose a little excess cargo in the near future. TOOT TOOT!

    Thanks for the ra ra session girls... got to have a cheering squad, so long as your not actually in the bedroom with us IYKWIM! (LOL) things didn't quite go as planned DH hurt his legs so wasn't really upto BD the day I got the +OPK so we gave it a miss but got into it the next night so hopefully we caught the egg... (trying to go with the flow and not stress out about these things).
    Research on the www re; bicornuate uterus has been a little scarry but they do seem to be worst case scenario so have given that the flick... decided that I will ring my Gyn next week with a list of q's he seems pretty in the know I just didn't think of half the q's until after my apt!

    I need to read up on what everyone has been upto but my system is extra slow atm, we are getting sat broadband connected next week so wont know ourselves... atm we are doing well if we get intenet dial up speed above 24kbps... very very slow! Takes me ages to get anywhere Im not the most patient person when it comes to slow internet!
    Had better go, have a table full of paperwork that I need to organise as we are off on hol's in 2 weeks... hoping for a BFP just in time for that currently 18cd 4dpo so if all goes well I'll be getting off at the next station! Hope you girls are all on the same platform!!
    Ciao for now

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    Hi everyone

    I am back on track again after my week of pain, for want of a better way of putting it.

    Kate - sounds as though your timing still would have been spot on, I thought the OPK + indicated that ovulation was "about" to occur? someone probably knows more about that than me, I never seem to get them to work and remember to do them at the wrong time of day etc. I must admit we just go every 2nd day from about day 10 to day 18 and hope for the best, the poor people who live downstairs, we have somewhat squeaky floorboards and their teenage daughter is in the room directly under ours. DH and I often laugh that she probably says "Mum they're doing it AGAIN up there, GROSS" LOL

    Chookie - glad it's not just me who does that sort of thing at ultrasounds

    I had a very interesting talk with my Mum the other day about the dreaded mothers day that is coming up. This still brings a tear to my eye in a good way, she said to me "what do you want for mother's day" because she always gives my 2 sisters a present and me the same thing as well. I said that this year I wasn't too interested to be honest as it just reminds me I am not a mother. Mum says, "no in our house we celebrate being a woman and you get a present too" isn't that just gorgeous, Mum has changed mothers day just for me. I don't think she realises there is an international woman's day, but we won't tell her, the sentiment is just lovely.

    I hope everyone is going well and getting ready to disembark this train soon

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    'Womans Day'.. Jano i love the fact about your mum changing the day.... LOL!!! Well I have a girlfriend who is 40 and no partner but is desperatley looking for Mr Right, so she can have a family, she HATES mothers day so anyway i was in this card shop the other day and saw a card from Cats to their mother, i bought it for her wrote on it from her Sashca and Tara cats and posted it off.. she sent me an email and said she cried and laughed when she read it and knew it would only be me who would send it to her.... so i guess the wide world is beginning to understand that not everyone is a mother..

    love leis xx

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    Gotta say I think Mothers Day can mean lots of things... I'm definately Mum for our dog who is really a FUR KID... dh usually gets a card from her and sometimes even a present... which is alway very touching!
    Jane I just think your mum is so sweet... and you too lil chookie... your friend is very lucky to have someone so special that would think of something like that... you've left footprints on someones heart and there's not too much in life that can top that!
    I think we should all celebrate the fact that we all want to be mothers this mothers day... you just never know we could be rewarded for our positive thinking... its worth a try anyway... what do you all think?
    Love to you all for now

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    Kate - I also think your timing sounds just about right! A positive OPK means that ovulation will occur within the next 24-48 hours, so your BD'ing would have been at just the right time. Hope you caught the eggie

    Congrats on graduating chookie Well done.

    Danni - I'm so sorry that you're finding things a bit rough at the moment hun, and I really hope your holiday helps a bit. I'm finding that I'm suffering from anxiety at the moment too, although not panic attacks .. there is so much emotional and mental strain that goes along with the physical realities of LTTTC, and it can be difficult to explain it to friends who are not going through the same thing. I hope you feel supported enough to let it all hang out here - I find that sometimes it helps to clear things in my own head, just trying to put them into words on BB ... kind of like writing a diary, only with lots of supportive replies from all the amazing women here.

    I love the idea of celebrating the fact that we all want to be mothers this Mother's Day. We should consider the whole day a gift to ourselves ... a whole day when we're not allowed to beat ourselves up for being in this LTTTC boat, or think negative thoughts about how long it might take us.

    Thanks so much for everyone's lovely thoughts for my Dad. He is recovering well, and is definitely out of danger now, but still has a long road of recovery ahead of him. He's getting a bit frustrated at the things he can't do because of both his wrists being broken (eg wipe his own bottom), but is in really good spirits.

    As for me, I'm absolutely exhausted. I actually am getting slightly breathless even doing something simple, like making lunch for myself. I've done a google on Synarel, and fatigue doesn't seem to be one of the side effects that's commonly mentioned, but it's really knocking me about. And I've had a rotten headache for about 3 days now (that is one of the common side effects .. lucky me lol. I've got my appt with the ivf clinic tomorrow morning, to start my FSH injections. I'm a bit worried about what sort of effect they're going to have on my body, but I guess it's nothing that a lot of you lovely ladies have been through many times before, so I'm sure I can handle it!

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    Hello all my old friends ad to the new ladies in here. Thought I would pop back in and see how everyone is doing. We definitely need more BFPs here!!

    Jane - Sorry to hear the Clomid has not treated you that well. I hope you are resting up as ordered and feeling better. What a great mum you have to think of "woman's day". Sounds like you will be able to have a good celebration that day -just don't go looking in the card section at the newsagent -I find those typical mother's day cards just upsetting.
    You and chookie shouldn't feel to bad about the u/s wishes - it does actually happen! My very first gyno u/s was after I had just started first round of clomid - was doubling as a baseline(bit of a looky around) plus follicle scan. Despite medical knowledge, I really had not much idea what I was looking at but i did think the little "black hole" in my uterus must not be quite right. After lots of measuring, the sonographer asks me if there could be chance I was actually pg - I'm like "very, very unlikely!" and she was "but your husband is in the country and you have had sex? - Because it looks like you are 4w2d pg!" She was right and I was in fact pg prior to even starting the clomid.Sadly lost this one not long after but I must admit every follicle scan I had therafter, I went in with that little hope that I would be blessed with a suprise again.

    Lil-Chookie - Huge congrats on your graduation - what an achievement. Do you actually work as a Youth Worker now? Also exciting news re foster caring. DH and I certainly considered this option and might still think about it down the track.

    Shan - How are you doing? How many more cycles with Clomid? Hope it works for you very, very soon.

    Cherie - sorry to hear about your dad's accident. Hope is on the fast road to recovery. So hoping this first round of IVF is also your last IYKWIM. FSH injections didn't bother me much but I was on very low dose for OI. Just got hormonal/pimply skin and ovary pain as i stumilated very quickly.

    Leis - Sorry, I am not sure where you are at? Have you had your big bowel resection yet? I hope you can soon be on your way back to the TTC ride ad may this ride be very short!

    Percy and Kate - hope you are getting lots of support from this great group of people but are not in here long enough to get comfortable

    Anyone one know how Sarams is doing?

    Me - Hope none of you are upset by my posting in here with pg ticker -hope it gives some hope. Has been a very rocky/stressful 10weeks so far. I have had on and off bleeding with quite a nasty episode last week. Thought all was lost. But, our little bubs is hanging in there! I have now had 8 scans already and as of today all is still looking ok. Good HB and actually saw some movement last week. Am under Dr's orders to stay off work until 12 weeks so trying to rest and catch up on reading/Oprah etc!!
    Much as you girls are all wonderful, I really do not want to come back in here! But all of you feel free to grab my hand and come on over -lets empty this thread!

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    Hi all,

    I haven't even begun to read about where everyone's at, but wanted to pop in to say that hopefully, as of today, I'm going to be on here (BB) at least once a day, even if it's for 5 mins or so, so please be gentle until I get back into the swing of things.

    I have missed you all like you wouldn't believe, but honestly, I reckon it's going to take me a couple of days at least to catch up on where everyone's at.

    Plus this is my first time in the new forums, so I'm going to have to tool around and see what's new! Lol!


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    Wow, you have had a few scary weeks Meredith. I hope everything starts to settle down for you, and you can start to enjoy your pregnancy a bit more, instead of worrying the whole time.

    Welcome back Sushee ... nice to have you here again

    I gave myself my first Puregon injection today ... it went much better than I thought it was going to. I was really worried about how much it was going to hurt, but honest to goodness, I couldn't even feel the needle going in. The OB did an internal ultrasound, and my ovaries were a 'blank canvas' as he put it, so it looks like the Synarel did it's job. I was a bit worried about whether I was sniffing right or not, so am very relieved to know that I was doing the right thing.

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    Percy Guest


    Hi everyone - thank you very much for the welcome! Hopefully we'll all not be in here too long!

    Jane - Clomid is a horrible drug! It turned me inside out and made me a crazy woman who would cry at the drop of a hat! I spent most of my CD 5to 10 crying in the loos at work when I was on it. I'm not looking forward to going on it if I have to again.

    Meredith - wow! What an amazing story about your little one. I will admit to having the same sort of fantasy - going for a scan and seeing a baby there! I think its quite a normal thing to hope for!

    Cherie - how is you dad going? Is he ok?

    As for me, I'm still taking the metformin. Had a blood test yesterday to check for any damage it might do to my liver. Scary prospect! I'm on three tablets a day and all seems to be fine so far. It does do terrible things to your tummy at first but I just kept taking the tablets and my systme got used ot it in a week or so. Hopefully will be ovulating soon (maybe in my dreams!!! LOL!) but you never know! I have actually ovulated on my own for the last three cycles - well late but I have actually ovulated - around day 30 for the first two cycles off clomid then about 6 weeks after my d&c following my m/c - so am hopeful that this cycle with the metformin seemingly working I will ovulate earlier. We are on a strict every two days BD regiment at the moment - just in case! Hubby is loving it!

    I'm beginning to get excited about TTCing again. Its actually a surprise to me. I thought after two years and losing our angel I was over it but I think I just needed a bit of time to greive for my little one and here I am again!

    We're finally moving out of my in laws place this weekend. We've been living there since we moved to NZ in December - long story but bascially we were meant to be house sitting and did for three months but then they cut their year long trip short and decided to come home - very very annoyed! Anwyays our move to our own place has made me very very happy and I think is contributing to my up-beatedness (is that a word!!) about everything!

    Sorry for the long post - it kinda got away from me!

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    Percy Guest


    Oh and I'm trying to ignore Mothers Day after my father in law said I wasn't a mother so shouldn't expect anything at all!

    (which I guess is true but he didn't need to rub it in!!!)

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