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Thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception ~ February/March '06

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    Hello all you lovely ladies,
    WOW, i've only been out for 2 days and has taken me awhile to catch up on everything.
    Sorry, I'd usually do personals first but excited today after my BT and scan!!
    Went in at 10am and had scan 1st -TWO follies -one on each ovary. Left is 20mm and Right 17mm which for those of you not familar with AC stuff is just "ripe" so to speak. So very, very excited as I was having a fair bit of abdominal pain yesterday and was worried that maybe there was too many developing (3 or more and they would have cancelled my cycle due to risk of multiples). Nurse (and me for that matter) was bit suprised as I am on very low dose of FSH and only had 7 injections (would normally take longer ) so had blood taken and went off to work. Within 2 hrs she has called me back and told me I need to have my trigger injection NOW as in ASAP!!. Well I'm at work and have to leave straight away to drive 40mins home to give myself injection. Then drive all the way back to work to finish surgery -so not home till late. Now tommorrow I have to go in and have "insemination" (DH will have relations with a jar few hrs earlier -LOL) and then it will be the long TWW! Is bit tricky tomorrow given I am supposed to be working but will just have to leave work and come back after -whatever it takes I gues -hopefully will all be worth it. So anyway, am feeling hopeful, excited and a large amount scared.There is a fair bit invested in this cycle (monetary and emotional!) but I don't want to get too hopeful for BFP and have the big crash if -ve. Also is the added thought of chance now for twins (must have jinxed myself semi hoping for this chance few weeks ago!)
    Shan - I am so excited for you. We've had our trigger injection on same day so hope there will be 2 BFPs to announce in a little over 2 weeks! Good Luck and fun with BDing this weekend
    Jane -I am soo sorry AF has reared her ugly mug. Is very tough to take when she comes and we don't want her or not arriving when we do!
    I hope the prospect of your upcoming IVF appointment gives you renewed hope. I know its not quite the joy of concieving naturally but I take some comfort in AC knowing that someone is monitoring everything and helping every step rather than all the guesswork and praying!
    Leis - How are you feeling ? Are still carrying around a "pee bag" -lol!
    Sarams -Hope hubby is getting better at injecting. My DH can't even watch me give them to myself. i don't think i would possibly ask him to give them!
    Cherie -Good luck with the upcoming BD fest. Hope the food does the trick!
    Lil -Chookie - glad to see you feeling a little better. Hope you will contiue to pop in and be back here whenever you are ready

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    Hi Merideth..

    Glad to hear things are going well... no pee bag has gone.. thank goodness, but i kind of miss it... it was fun... peeing on peoples tyres..

    All the best and i hope your husband has a fun time with the jar...


    leis xx

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    Hi Meredith

    I was getting so excited reading your post. I'm so glad this is all working out for you so far. I'm watching intently to see how you go because if our next 2 cycles on clomind don't produce a BFP, then our next step is AIH.

    Very glad to hear that we are cycle buddies.

    All my fingers and toes are crossed that we both get our BFP's this month and can go through this whole journey together.

    Best of luck to you and DH that this is the one, and, yes, DH and I are going to have heaps of fun this weekend LOL...

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    Oh sorry Shan I missed your other post, me too, I can hardly wait to hold our child... I don't think it will seem real when the time comes, and i will have to pinch myself over and over again.

    I have often imagined what it will be like giving birth, as i have the hospital and obs all picked out!!! I think about how DH will react, how I will react.. it all seems so far away but all so close...

    take care

    leis xx

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Hi Ladies

    Hope everyone is well. I am still suffering from PMS...grrr... just want the silly witch to arrive and then I can start on clomid. I feel revolting and have had pms for nearly a week now, I have puffed up like a beach ball it's quite depressing.

    Mrs Mac... how did the weekend go? hope you caught the egg

    Meredith - fingers crossed that all your hard work will pay off this month, must be stressful travelling to and from work on top of everything else

    Leis - how are you healing? Hope you are feeling better without the bag

    Hope everyone is well

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    Hi Lovely Ladies,

    It seems to have been very quiet in here, I think it might be time for me to come back. I was going to stay away for while but I changed my mind!! I am feeling really good & positive. Dh & I are taking a very relaxed approach to things. The last 2 weeks have been wonderful, we have really reconnected our relationship (not that we were that disconnected in the first place) and I have to say I have never loved that man more!! The no schedule for bding has been wonderful also

    Mrs Mac - How are things lovely? I see you were off to do some egg catching over the weekend, hope that went well

    Leis - Hope you have been healing nicely and all things are well.

    Meredith - You have been a busy girl for you. You are amazing for giving yourself injections. I just couldn't do it!!

    Jane - Sorry your out for this month. I hope you enjoyed that big glass of wine, af has arrived and you have started your clomid.

    Everyone else hope your well and I hope to see everyone else back in here soon. Well actually what I really hope is that your all not in here because you all have BFP's and you don't need to be here anymore!!!


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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Hi everyone

    Good to see you back lil-chookie, you're right it is really quiet in here

    Well I am still waiting for AF and feel revolting. I am getting sick of waiting, I am cramping and have bb's the size of watermelons so I am not sure what is going on. I am definately not pg, had the blood test last week and did a HPT tonight, nothing brings on an overdue period like doing a HPT I always find. Hopefully it will arrive soon so I can start clomid.

    I might post some more when I am not feeling so blah

    Hope everyone is well


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    I hope you are feeling better soon... I hope the old witch is kind to you and that your period is not painful...

    Take care..

    love leis xx

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    sararms Guest


    Hi ladies

    It's good to see you arouns Jane and Lil Chookie. Jane I find that the old HPT brings on AF like nothing on Earth!!! I hope it isn't too bad for you. I too am in the throws of AF ahead of the stimulating stage of this cycle. But I'm not down about it because the stimmulating bit is where it gets exciting.

    I hope the clomid works for you love. [-o<

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    Hey everyone. yes it is very quiet in here! I can finally get online as its my day off. Very long day yesterday with the furry patients so glad for a rest day.
    Shan - Hope you caught that eggie over the weekend. How's the TWW going for you? I'm desperatey trying to think of thigs to do every day for the next 10 just so I dont; think about it too much IYKWIM! Hoping Clomid is all you need to fufill your dream. My last pg was a clomid/pregnyl cycle so yes it does work!
    Jane -You poor thing, as if getting AF rather than being pg isn't bad enough, for her to keep you waiting, waiting is just horrid. Hope she arrives soon and you can get onto the clomid for a fresh try.
    Lil_chookie - Glad to hear you sounding so positive and that you have such a great man in your life. As hard as it is, the TTC urge seems to be irrisistable so we just keep going back and back. I hope for you, that the "relaxed" approach does it for you and you carry that little one till its good and ready to meet the world.
    Leis -how are you healing up? Hope the magic surgeon's work is paying off already. When is your bowel surgery again? -sorry have forgotten
    Sarams -When do you start your FSH injections? Crossing everything that you get lots of follies and a positive result at the ened of all this ahrd work

    Me -no much exciting happening. just waiting out the 2 weeks in anticipation. Had a prog test on Tues (2dpo) to see if I would need booster HCG injection (this is what is used to trigger ovulation but booster shots are sometimes used to improve CL function) My level was 43 which is great so no booster needed. Just one more test on Saturday. Still injecting, however, with the Clexane (aimed to help with implantation and poss reduce risk of another m/c). These are a bit painful and leaving little bruises so my belly is a bit spotty atm !! But, if it works, every stab will all be worth it

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Thanks for all you kind thoughts, you gals always cheer me up when I am feeling down.
    Sararms - The HPT did the trick.

    Tested last night BFN so went to bed feeling grumpy, got up this morning still no AF so tested at 6.45am BFN no sign of AF, get to work at 8.15 and guess who else arrived? LOL seems to work every time for me. I tell you though I was just about beside myself with PMS, it just makes me so sick. My MIL once laughed about me having it and I almost lost the plot.

    I am actually feeling much better and my period pain is under control for a change. I start the clomid on saturday and have checked my dates, if we conceive this month it will be a Christmas bub, what a present that would be.

    I guess I should go and do some work, I am not feeling at all inspired today, although I have a heap of work to get through

    Glad to see everyone back on chatting

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    Jane - A Christmas bub would be just lovely. I've just spoken to Santa and put an order in for all of us!! I hear you about the PMS - nasty nasty nasty.

    Meredith - Hope the 2ww flys by for you and produces a BFP at the end. I may or may not be in the 2ww with you. No idea if I have O'd or not!! Feeling good I don't know too. I wish my life away too much when I do.

    Sarams - Hi lovely, hope all is well.

    Well it is a little wet & cold today. Last week my little shop was really starting to take off a little bit but now with it being school holidays & a little rainy it's gone all quiet again. It's okay, it gives me some computer time

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    cazzoom Guest


    Hi everyone!
    Its been quite a while since I last posted here!
    After our Second IVF failed I really needed a break from everything and there have been quite a few changes for me in that time!

    I will be heading into our third cycle in the next week or two and wanted to ask your forgiveness and come back for the wondeful support I received the first two times!

    Quick History for those who dont know me!

    TTC # 1 for 9 years 4 months now!
    8 rounds of injectables(1 pregnancy 1 miscarriage at 5 weeks)
    4 natural pregnancies (4 miscarriages at 5 weeks)
    1st cycle of IVF 3 eggs. 1 embryo..(pregnant and miscarriage at 5 weeks)
    2nd cycle of IVF 8 eggs 2 embryos no success

    It has been an okay break for me between the last IVF and I have also gotten myself a new job so this time I will be working full time while doing my cycle! I will also be doing a flare cycle and not a down regulation cycle like the first two!

    Have to try and catch up with all the new things happening on here!!!


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    welcome back Cazz and goodluck with flare cycle

    "~♥~ DD Charlotte Rose 1/9/04 26wks ~♥~"
    Expecting IVF twins July 06

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    WA y WA y A WAy


    welcome back Cazz

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    Hi Cazz *waves*

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    Welcome back Cazz.
    You're sounding positive now - good luck.
    My last cycle was a flare - I went off like a rocket after only 6 days of Puregon and ended up with a mad dash OPU, so be prepared!

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    Welcome back Cazz, a break does the world of good sometimes.
    Wishing you the best.

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