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Thread: Luteal Phase and pregnancy

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    Default Luteal Phase and pregnancy

    Been TTC our first for 9 months now with no luck.
    Have a history of luteal phase spotting from around 6dpo to when AF arrives.
    Currently being treated with clomid and pregnyl.

    Question - for anyhow who experiences luteal phase spotting/bleeding and who has become pregnant, did you experience spotting the month you fell pregnant or did you get no spotting what so ever..

    I suppose what Im trying to work out is if I get spotting from 6dpo then do I automatically assume Im out for that month or is there still a chance I have conceived and still spotting...

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    Hey Albi,
    I can't give much advice as I don't spot, but I can say from reading so much info on here is that it could be normal LP spotting, or implantation spotting, so I guess you just wont know? I never got implantation spotting with my DS, nor with the subsequent chem pregnancies, so i guess I am not a spotter. I would imagine if you are prone to spotting, that you would probably see Implant spotting as well.

    Therefore - I would guess that you are def in with a chance either way,

    Good luck hun

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    cant really help either, but at 15DPO, if you were pregnant a HPT would probably show up a positive result by now, when is AF due?

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    I say to never assume you are out until the witch shows up ull flow.

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