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    snowflake Guest

    MIVF & Monash (Melb)

    I'm really not sure on a couple of things and looking for any assistance :-k

    Due to PCOS, I was referred to Monash IVF and was at the tail end of a three month wait to see spec and a family emergency forced me to miss appt.

    This week I attempted to reschedule and the best available was the last week in January. A friend referred me to Freemason's where she is currently undergoing treatment and I have managed an appointment in the first week of Dec! \/

    I am a little concerned "am I doing the right thing" etc because I have no idea what I am in for and not sure whether they may specialise in different areas of infertility etc like I would hate to cancel the Jan appt and then find out that these people are the gurus for PCOS or the bees knees iykwim (then my original 3 month wait will have turned into 9!)

    Hopeful of any experiences / info anyone able to share

    :bdust: dust: :bdust:

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    I went through MIVF. Can't recommend them highly enough. Who is the specialist you are booked in to see?

    Mine was Lyndon Hale.


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    snowflake Guest

    Thanks, that's positive
    I am booked to see Dr Penelope Foster

    I feel such a clutz, not knowing anything about all this.

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    Don't feel like a clutz! You're most definitely not. Most people don't know what goes on with IVF or clinics unless they need to go through it. It's just one of those things.

    The clinic will give you a DVD and a book which explains the IVF procedure if you have any questions about it. Can I also recommend that you get a hold of a book called "Getting Pregnant" by Robert Jansen. It is around $40.00 and available from many bookstores and probably your local library. The author is an IVF doctor who discusses all aspects of pregnancy and infertility. I found it invaluable ... it really puts you on a new level of understanding so that you can ask any questions of your doctor that you might need to. Knowing a lot about possible treatment options also allays any fears you might have about "missing" something that could help you.

    MIVF also have a website. I can't post the link here but you will be able to find it easily enough on the net. There are profiles of their doctors on there as well so you can read up about yours before you meet her.

    At MIVF, where possible, you have the one doctor caring for you throughout your treatment. That was one other thing I really liked about them. I haven't met your doctor but have had dealings with one or two others there apart from Lyndon. Very positive experience with all of them.

    The nurses are wonderful. Very kind and supportive and you can ask them anything.

    Anything else you need to know, just ask. I wish you all the best with your treatment.



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    snowflake Guest

    Thanks Mel. I am setting myself the task to find that book this weekend! I find it is also a case of, you don't know, what you don't know!

    I think that these couples that go through it must be absolute towers of strength and determination. I just hope if I need the whole nine yards worth I am a shadow of some of the stories that I have read on BB.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and most of all Congratulations \/ on your pregnancy! You can already see that William is set to be a heart breaker I think puddy has some serious competition ahead

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    Hi Snowflake,
    If you have PCOS you should see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). Many IVF doctors have this qualification as well but some don't. I am going thru monash and I know on their web site, it has all the doctors with their areas of speciality and their qualifications so maybe check out the melbourne site and make sure Dr foster has that qualification.
    I have just made an appt for a new patient with my monash doctor and the wait is 11 weeks so I can sympathise (it is damn annoying) but it would be best to go to the right person first.
    Also you are usually not able to pick your appt. times as they are so busy, so it is important if you work 9 to 5, that the place you are going to is convenient so you don't have to miss too much work. this is probably a trivial thing at this stage but if you do have to have IVF or lots of appointments, it will become an issue.
    hope that helps

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    cazzoom Guest

    I use to be with Monash for my Ovulation induction.
    The nurses there were great. but they just kept wanting to do the same thing over and over again and I wanted to go on to IVF but my doctor there wouldnt let me.

    I then went to MIVF and they have been great.

    there is another book called The infertility handbook and while it covers all infertility stuff there is a great section on IVF and the Author herself went though it. Under my doctor, who also wrote the forword of the book!

    good luck

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    near the water

    I went throu MIVF and found them to be wonderful. Good luck at your appointment

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    Oct 2005

    I know 2 couples who have been through Freemasons & both could not have been happier.

    Both couples are now the proud parents of twins (1 boy/1 girl)

    Good Luck

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Snowflake,

    I too have PCOS and am going through Melb IVF (Dr McBain).
    Do you know which Dr you were going to see at Monash? This might be a bit naughty 8-[ but maybe you could keep your appt at Monash until after your appt at Melb IVF? Then if you're happy with Melb IVF you can cancel your Monash appt? That's probably what I'd do...
    You might just need to make sure you have a referral from your GP to whichever specialist you do see! Otherwise I think it can be a bit expensive.

    Best of luck - join us in the monthly thread and let us know how you go!

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    snowflake Guest

    How good are all you??!

    That really does make perfect sense with the aspect of commuting to the city frequently.

    Further investigation required!! This week has proved a big task trying to organise another referral and even to speak to original specialist.

    I may re-assess once I have been to MIVF next month, I wouldn't be denying another person an appointment seeing it is so far off. Not really too naughty?...

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Snowflake -
    I was looking for an old post and came across this one (yes, got side tracked). Just wondering how you went?
    Feel free to tell me to mind my own bees wax!