thread: poccs & endo now ivf

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    Charlotte Guest

    poccs & endo now ivf

    Hi, new to this forum and kindly inroduced by sleebly.

    I am currently on my first cycle of ivf and waiting for BT on the 23rd Dec, with results. I feel pmt at the moment, with lots of cramping, sore breasts and many early morning loo visits. This has been going on & off for two weeks and I think it is either the Crinone gel or AF on the way. Very frustrating! I'm also on Metformin, finally the nausea from that has stopped.

    I was diag with "mild poccs" & "mild endo" (apparently both go hand in hand. I'm of normal weight and considered healthy otherwise. Have been ttc for over 2 yrs too long!

    The ivf cycle was rather painless. I was straight onto the injections (no pill to start and no nasal spray - just one injection to stop ovulation.) I had a total of 14 eggs collected of which 11 fertilised and 4 were of good quality. This was dissapointing. I have had two transffered and two frozen. Just wondering if 4 embryos is considered normal from a range of 14 to start with?

    DH and I pan to give ivf 6 months and if no luck we will take a break and maybe consider it again at a later date. With a 30% success rate who could be confident? If you told me I had 30% chance to live I would probably be planning my funeral.

    Hope to hear of some positive vibes as I'm feeling pretty anxious right now 8-[


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    Sal Guest

    Hi Charlotte! A big welcome to you. *hug* Please join us in the December thread, that's where we do much of our chatting.

    Firstly, :luck: :bluestick: inkstick: :luck: for 23rd December. All your symptoms could well be implantation, let's hope!

    Re your fertilisation results - is that to blast stage or 2/3 day embryo stage? If to blast stage then those results are pretty good.

    I have PCOS and mild endo as well and have done one IVF cycle. I am on FET now, with ET planned for Dec 30th.

    It is awful having to resort to IVF and the TWW is very stressful, you have picked a good site to be able to ask about others' experiences and get support.

    Right now in the December TTC thread we are all crossing our fingers for Ann, who is getting her BT result today, for her first IVF cycle.

    Arrggh, my boss wants to see me, will post again in a little while 8-[

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    Hello Charlotte and welcome to BB and more specifically the Long-Termers Forum.

    Reading your story, it sounds like you'll fit in perfectly with the rest of us, so please don't heistate to jump into the conversation in the Dec thread.


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    Sal Guest

    Charlotte, my IVF cycle involved provera pills, then lucrin, then gonalF (150ui). They retrieved 7 eggs, of which 6 fertilized and 4 made it to blast stage. I had a single one put back and three frozen. This FET cycle I'm on involves just taking progynova daily and then will have progesterone pessaries 5 days prior to ET. My doc is going to put 2 embys back, seeing as snowbubs don't stick as readily as fresh ones.

    I personally can't afford to do back-to-back IVF, so if FET doesn't work then I'll be going on to Meformin and Clomid (done Clomid before, but not with Metformin).

    ...gee, December 23, what a wonder Xmas present you could be having [-o<

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    Sal Guest

    Hi Charlotte, just to let you know, I read that post from the other site that upset you. It made my blood boil, and I have responded in no uncertain terms in that topic. You may want to read it - hopefully the moderator there will not remove it.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Hi there Charlotte,

    Just wanted to welcome you to BellyBelly! Wishing you lots of luck for this cycle. I hope to be hearing of some good news from you soon!

    Take care.


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    Sleeby, tell me if I'm being a sticky beak, but what happened?


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    Charlotte Guest

    Hi and thank you for the warm welcome. I have been looking for a site like this for a while and as Sleebly knows, I did not have much luck in a previous forum (no names mentioned).

    My 4 embryos were 3-4 days I think. On transfer day 1 had a million and 1 questions but my doctor was quick to get the job done and needless to say I didn't get all my answers. All I could hear was 14 eggs blah blah 11 fertilise blah blah 4-6 good blah blah, the two transfered excellent quality blah blah best of luck, see ya. Of the 6 only 4 came of it because they felt 2 of the 6 would make the thawing process. So delicate hey!

    Then the joy of the Crinone every night, how much fun is that :-s

    On a positive note. I know of several friends who have been successful with ivf. One ttc for over 3 years andhas just fallen pg naturally the second time after 1st ivf success.

    Another with poccs & endo and 1 mc has had a baby girl on clomid after 3 yrs ttc.

    Another who was on ivf for 1 yr then gave up and fell pg without trying.

    This keeps me hopeful!

    Thanks for the well wishes and straight back to you!


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    Sal Guest

    Hi Sushee, no you're not being a sticky beak. I was looking for a site that discussed PCOS a bit more, so found one. It has a forum, similar to this site and I was reading in the fertility treatment board. That's where I read some of Charlotte's posts. Can you believe that someone put a poll in that board about whether 'you should resort to IVF' and then the author proceeded to say that in her opinion IVF was wrong!! So Charlotte posted that she wasn't happy with the poll, and I PM'd her to let her know about his site. I decided to actually read the offending thread and I couldn't help myself, I lashed out at the hypocrisy and the fact that if I put up a poll about whether religion was hypocritical ther would be an uproar.

    I still have a rush of adrenalin, just thinking about it. I am very happy for people to have their own opinions, but they should be kept to oneself, especially if they are offensive.

    I doubt that this wonderful site would allow such a poll and such opinions expressed O

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    Charlotte Guest

    Sleebly, I just read your post in the "other forum". Wow....that was well said (typed). Thank you for sticking on my side and my thoughts exactly!

    It will be interesting if we get a reply. Hopefully if anything, we will have helped those in question to get real and move on to ttc with whatever it takes.

    Good on you, I'm proud of you and thank you for making me feel a whole lot better. You have made my day shine again.


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    Sep 2004
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    It would be a truly interesting thing to see if the person who posted that poll would be quite so quick to 'express her opinions' if she'd been trying unsuccessfully for years, and then found out (like I did) that there is absolutely no way for her to fall pg naturally.

    Something like that attempts to make me feel that because I have infertility problems, that I am not as entitled to a child as she is. What b*llocks!

    Some people can be such imbeciles.


    (sorry but that sort of talk makes my blood boil)

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    Definitely would not allow such a poll. Can be rest assured of that

    Welcome Charlotte and goodluck with everything.


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    May 2004

    Welcome charlotte, and loads of stickys for the 23rd!

    Sorry to hear of your recent upsets, but rest assured that there is no nonsense on this site, there are far too many mods lurking..... they keep us all in check!

    I've had the same comments said to me regarding moral/ethics re: IVF. But when you stop to think about it all, whats so different between IVF and any other medical intervention?

    All the best and come join us in the sticjy Dec thread.


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    Jun 2004

    Hi Charlotte,

    welcome to the gang. Lovely to have you, but hope you nick off after the 23rd IYWIM?? LOL!!

    Best wishes for that date by the way!!

    There's always one, isn't there, who has to put there two cents in and mix religion up with medicine to the point that they can't work effectively together. After all, look at Sushee and I. Both praying like mad and have our mums going to church for us to pray that IVF cycles work! You CAN combine the both. I agree with Jo, what's the difference between this and any other medical intervention? At least those going through IVF are guarranteed to want kids. Not just have them because they got blotto one night and ended up with an oops and regret it. (sorry, makes me a bit cross too!!!)

    Charlotte, your 4 sounds like it could be reasonable from 11 fertilised. You are never going to get 100% fertilisation rate anyway so the drop off from 14 to 11 sounds ok to me. Who knows what the "right" number is?? I had 11 eggs for my last two cycles and only got 1 good enough to put back the first one and 2 the second one, so you're doing better than me!!!

    I get what you mean about giving IVF a certain period of time and then having a break. I've been there, so I can fully support the break thing (and your finances will love you!). But on the other hand, 6 months may not be long enough to give IVF a chance. Keep in mind that you probably will have probably 2 months off between each cycle, so in 6 months, you may be lucky to get 2 cycles in. Whilst I hope that this first time is hugely successful for, many first goes are not successful (some are of course) and the drs will get a whole lot of information about you and your response from this cycle to build your next drug regime.

    I guess I'm saying, provided your finances and emotions can hold out, make sure you give yourself a realistic timeframe to expect IVF to work.

    Hope this helps.


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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Charlotte

    I'm so sorry about the poll thing but trust me I'm only new here and the girls have given me nothing but positive support and best wishes and of course heaps of advice.

    I hope your first round of IVF works for you.

    :bluestick: dust

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    Charlotte Guest

    Hi girls,

    Thank you, you have all been so supportive and made me feel very welcome. The advise is also very much appreciated. I will join you all in the Dec thread and look forward to offering my support to you as well.

    I think I can feel AF making her arrival soon. I have been feeling crampy on & off for over a week now and it's really starting to bug me.

    Hayseed, thank you for making me realise that my 6 month timeframe is probably unrealistic. I will persever for as long as I can physically, emotionally and financially. Your inspiration and support from this forum I am sure will make the journey easier.

    See you all in the Dec thread - Charlotte

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    Sal Guest

    Hi Charlotte, gee, not much longer to go for your beta :luck: It's such a hard wait, isn't it?! :bluestick: inkstick:

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    Charlotte Guest

    Hi Sleebly,

    Yes, the wait can be torture. If AF is coming this month I hope she comes sooner than later so I can have a little cry and then get on with celebrating Christmas at least.

    I'm feeling all these weird twangs in my belly and can't make out if it's AF arriving soon or the progesterone I'm taking or just plain nerves.

    I haven't had a drink in soooo long, I will at least enjoy a champagne or two if it's a BFN.

    Most of the time I don't feel very positive, just on the very odd occassion I think...wow....what if, maybe...I hope so. But again I don't want to get my hopes up.

    This I believe is the hardest part of ivf or ttc. If ivf offered a 100% success rate, well wouldn't that be great. It's the unknown and the wondering of what ones future will be, that is the hardest part for me. I can take the needles, the drugs etc, but I find it hard to take the waiting and the unknown for the future. It's cruel really! You sometimes feel like you are being punished, although I think I'm a good person.

    Enough ranting form me (obvious I'm nervous).

    Charlotte 8-[