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Thread: Queston about IVF in Perth?????

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    Misty 74 Guest

    Question Queston about IVF in Perth?????

    Hello everyone!!!!!!!!

    I was wondering if anyone in here has gone through IVF in Perth recently and how much did it roughly cost you??????? Please.

    As me and my partner are going to be looking in to it this year.

    I know I need to go to the doctors and get a referal.

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    HI Misty
    We went to Pivet last year. Cost was $3,500 upfront, plus around $1,200 for theatre fees (no doubt the fees have increased since then..). Plus aneasthetist and other 'extras' (depending on the exact treatment you have). Before you hit the saftey net i think you'll get around $2,000 back from medicare for the base fee (nothing for theatre fees unless you have private insurance).

    I've heard Concept are really good - perhaps better 'service' than pivet from what i've heard

    Good luck to you

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    I went to Concept but don't have their most up to date costs. But give them a call, you'll find they're really helpful!

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    Misty 74 Guest


    Thank you for your replys.
    I was going to try concept as we dont have private health.

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