thread: Sydney IVF Raises Prices

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    blizzy Guest

    Wow that is VERY Cheap

    When i was researching, it seemed that the cheaper clinics had a lot more hidden costs. For eg, you had to pay for all bloods and u/s which can eb quite expensive, i think the bloods are around $80-110 each time.

    At the end of the day, these clinics know we are desperate women wanting so badly what they can give us, and whatever they're charges are, we are going to pay it. All fees should never be 3 or 4 times the schedule fee, its silly. Shame on them

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    slyder Guest

    I reckon you're right blizz. I reckon they've not added some of the other fees. SIVF did make a point of saying when we started that their prices included absolutely everything (minus Lucrin and hospital).

    Yeah, I was discussing with DW last night how much it stinks that some medical professionals across all fields rort the safety net knowing they can make their prices huge and still get away with because the taxpayer absorbs a lot through the safety net.

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    Jul 2006
    In The Land Of Wonderful...

    After I had my lap in Jan, the specialist that did it suggested and referred us to Syd IVF - I nearly died, as he wants us to do a cycle through the city clinic (He wants us to use a specific Dr - Dr Mark Bowmen), and we worked out our approx up front cost would be almost $8000 - And thats without ICSI.

    I asked him about the difference in $$$ - He said because of the culture medium they use when the fertilise the eggs - Apparently it is the very best - Many clinics across the world consider it to be so after researching, and clinics from all across the world pay big big $$$ to buy it from them and use it in their clinics (especially the US ones)....

    Who knows how true this is - I guess we could all do our research - He did say the old 'You get what you pay for' line, and at the time we were feeling vulnerable & desperate given that we'd done 4 stimm cycles with no BFP and never having a frozen embie either.

    We know, though, that our issues are because of the infection I had after my c/s with Luke - Not anything with fertilisation, as our results have always been really good in that area.
    So, I guess the culture medium at this stage isn't that much of a main issue for us..... Ask me again after a few more cycles though if we don't get any results

    I truly think its about many different things, and the $$$ factor, whilst we don't wish it was an issue, sadly for most of us is the biggest issue
    We all are real people paying off real people bills (mortgages, personal loans, etc) We just have the added thrill of paying to conceive children on top

    It seems outrageous to me, these prices, but I guess if people keep paying them, and they keep getting results, then they can do whatever they want..... which is crap!

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    slyder Guest

    Yeah, good post Holly. What you said about the culture medium is true, and they are also using a new freezing method which they are claiming is starting to see FET's getting almost the same success rate as fresh transfers.

    I don't doubt that they are good, and I've been very impressed with every aspect of everythig they've done so far, they've been ace. But we're not rich, we do OK but like you say, we all have other commitments.

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    blizzy Guest

    I have just pad for my first full cycle with SIVF in wollongogn and upfront i paid $7850.70

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    pkgjmg Guest

    Exclamation Help me fight for LOWER IVF FEES

    Hi Everyone,

    This is getting out hand - putting fee's up .. don't they think we have enough stress as it is going through this process ..

    Well I've had enough! .. today I have written to

    Today Today
    John Laws
    Craig Emerson (our local parliment member here in logan)

    I have also started an online petition at
    Help me lower IVF fee's !!!

    the more signatures we get the better !
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    Apr 2007
    Mid Nth Coast, NSW

    Hey girls im with SIVF Newcastle and dont understand why there is such a HUGE difference in prices from the sydney clinics to newcastle, we paid for our stim cycle $4070, and i have just completed a FET cycle and only paid $1370, why such a huge difference? I would have thought the regional clinic would have been more expensive.

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    Apr 2007
    in lactation land

    i decided to do some ringing around about this today. spoke to the ACCC (australian competition and consumer commission) but it is unlikely they would be interested as it probably wldn't fall under the Trade Practices Act that they regulate. hmmm.
    am still waiting to hear back from the Department of Health, as I thought they may be interested seeing they (through Medicare) will be footing the majority of the increase.

    i spoke to the accounts area in Sydney of SIVF. first i got a bit of a run around as they weren't sure who i should speak to but eventually i got put up the line to a supervisor.

    i voiced my concern at several things, including timing - we have only been given 2-3 weeks notice of the increase), that there was insufficient reasons and justifications given for the 'benchmarking' of prices to Sydney CBD SIVF and that the increase was unreasonable both in % increase and lack of notification.

    those in canberra may be interested that i found out the increase will now reflect the fact we will have day surgery costs included in the price and we wont have to go to the CAP clinic for EPU. however, this still leaves a price increase of at least $1500 for canberra SIVF patients.

    the justification i was given is SIVF have been moving towards a baseline approach for some time and that there have been gradual increases for all clinics over time working towards this (something i was never aware of, were you?). when i asked why they wanted to use Sydney CBD as the baseline, the answer was that it costs the same to do business at all the clinics, ie Drs, nurses, cultures etc. i still didn't think this was a satisfactory answer. i also think SIVF CBD may have larger costs associated with its loction (high rent?).

    i explained that i wasn't happy with the limited of consultation and that there wasn't a decent and reasonable consultation period, that i was cynical that they were increasing their amounts the same day Medicare announces their new rebates for IVF in 2008. the answer was they are doing this as it is easier to set up their financial systems all at once. i explained that while i support them doing research, there were also funds to be found from other avenues other than the patients. they seemed to agree with this. i also said that it was unfair of them to put this additional pressure on couples that are already under significant emotional stress and financial stress with IVF. that they of anyone would and should be aware of that. i also said that i thought a lot of couples wouldn't say anything to them as they may be too concerned as to how their concern and complaint may effect the quality of the service provided to them due to the fact that there is a big power imbalance here and there may be a lack of other options of IVF clinics in some places, and that couples when they got to this stage were normally so desparate to have a baby they would put up with crap as it may be their last option and that it would be unfair to rely on this and reap the financial benefits.

    i asked about the other regional clinics and whether they are all increasing too. the answer was a bit vague but he mentioned that woolongong doesn't have its own day surgery so the cost of EPU isn't included in the price and hence the total shoud be less? i got the impression though that this price hike is for all SIVF clinics.

    i will let you know if i get any information from the health dept.

    also has anyone else spoken to SIVF about the increase?

    i believe this is now the most expensive IVF treatment in Australia. anyone know?

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    Jan 2006

    Have you considered the Public IVF clinic that runs from RPA at Camperdown?

    They work in conjunction with SIVF and the total that YOU PAY UPFRONT for a stimulated cycle is only around $1160 (with safety-net you can get up to a further $500 back from medicare once the cycle is finished) ( NOTE: blood and synarel is not included)

    Frozen Transfer costs around $200 + cost of pressaries & blood tests etc

    I looked into SIVF originally and was devastated at their prices as I knew that I couldn't afford it (let alone have more than one cycle)....My GP was the one that knew about RPA and referred me then when I mentioned it to her.

    You just need a referral from your GP however the wait to see the specialist is around 2-3 months but then once that is over you can start straight away!!

    I highly recommend them and am one of their success stories

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    slyder Guest

    Dusty, DW spoke with our nurse who was concerned about the increase (apparently it was different to what they had been told) and apparently had been on the phone to ask why the price includes hospital admission (as it apparently does with Sydney CBD) yet here patients are admitted to a separate private hospital. She too felt that our clinic fee may be less than that stated.

    Ultimately, I believe they will charge this price regardless and just describe it as the flat fee. It does seem silly to have such a price variance between the clinics, but the upfront cost is phenomenal and rather convenient as they can set whatever price they like, knowing that Medicare still has to meet 80% after the SN has been reached. The SN is great, but can and is abused.

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    pkgjmg Guest

    hi girls,

    i'm in queensland and I can tell you the clinic's also differ in prices up here ..


    our current clinic charges $ 1,375 for a FET cycle (this is NOT including prog support, dr's fee's etc) .. we get back $ 560 from medicare - that's all ! - you cannot claim the safety net for a FET cycle with this clinic and it bloody well stinks !

    so that's leaving us out of pocket $ 815 add on top of that $ 175 to go to blastocyst plus either $ 105 (prog pessaries) or $ 330 for crinone = $ 1,095 or $ 1,320 out of pocket

    and that's still NOT including my dr's fee's and parking fee's !


    another clinic here charges $ 1,639.15 (this includes taking the embies to blasto) for a FET cycle rebates of $ 693.15 + $ 756.90 - leaving us out of pocket only $ 189 !

    $ 189 + $ 105 = $ 294


    $ 189 + $ 330 = $ 519

    and then our dr's fee's ...

    CLINIC A out of pocket either $ 1,095 or $ 1,320

    CLINIC B out of pocket either $ 294 or $ 519

    now I ask you - which clinic would you choose ??????????

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    slyder Guest

    One thing I will say in defence of SIVF is that there are no hidden fees. The only things not covered in the "global fee" are Lucrin, FET oestrogen tablets, and pessaries. The two latter ones aren't dear but the Lucrin is $200.

    I was discussing the whole thing with DW on the way home and we both agreed that in our case, there's not much point getting too worked up because we don't have any other option, so we'll just have to suck it up. Personally, I don't think they're going to go back on their publicly stated position, but nonetheless, I admire those on this thread who have taken action in various ways.

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    blizzy Guest

    Wollongong soent have its own day surgery, so in my fees that i stated above, $1500 opf that is for the EPU day surgery fees

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    Dec 2005

    Rols, just want to mention that my clinic charges me $155 for lucrin. I do wonder if it would be worthwhile trying to source that from a pharmacy separate to the clinic.


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    blizzy Guest

    My lucrin was $205. That was from the pharmacy that was recomended by the cloninc. I also asked another one that was loac to me, and they would do it for $220.

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    Jul 2007
    Sydney - Inner West

    Wow ... I cant believe the costs. I am with IVF Australia, and paid $3500 for full stim + $80 synarel.
    Rebate was for the $3500 + then had to pay $450 for Anathestist (rebatable) and $500 for day surgery.
    My FS seems really good (he's the director of the clinic), but was dissapointed in the process. ie. no consistency when seeing people. Tomorrow I see FS and the last time I saw him was before I started the cycle. Don't know what the level of care is life for SIVF. You would hope for that cost the level of care or visits with FS during the process would happen???

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    Feb 2004

    Blizzy my Lucrin was $220 and that was at the chemist recommended by the clinic, they also said I could get it ordered in from anywhere else. I tried at our local chemist & they said it would cost me $440 to have it brought in, such a joke.

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    Dec 2006
    Out of my mind. Back in five minutes...

    Guys, Here is my 2cents...

    I was booked in to use SIVF, Sydney City clinic.

    I signed a quote for ICSI which was to be $8920.70. This was everything included, including day surgeries, except as Rols said those meds on top.

    My rate increase letter said that an ICSI cycle would be going up to $9071.70.

    So for me, there was only going to be a small increase, but an increase none the less.

    I was 100% impressed with the service / location / facilities / equipment etc offered from/at the clinic, and I adored my Dr, and would not have changed... However, I do know this is very $$$$$$$, and do find it terrible that in country areas, where you have no choice but to use SIVF, you should pay the same as me in the city where I have the full resources of their Clinic. As someone said, I cannot imagine that the rent in country areas could possibly be the same as a couple of floors in a city highrise...

    I was offered the RPA Clinic by my Dr, but using the RPA clinic you only have access to the Dr on duty, and cant have continuity of care from your Dr, and it takes time to get started. But, I did seriously consider trying them out.



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