What I dont want to hear....

DH & I are blessed to have DS via IVF 2 & a bit years ago. We are now working on No2, and have beenn for nearly 18months now. But what realy gets up my goat is when people (especiually family) hear that we have been trying for so long. They give up on us and say..

áh well... at least you have ds'.

It really upsets me. I know we have DS. I know we are blessed to have him. However, just because we have him does not mean that we cant have another one.

Seriously... I know this is extreme, but you wouldnt say to someone who is about to loose their left leg... at least you have got your right leg!' Extreme, but same theory to me.

Sorry about my rant, but I get so upset. We have been going through such a hard time the last 18 months and thats all they can come up with - I just totally expect more from family. All i want is a hug and for them to say life just sucks sometimes - and its not fair.