thread: What dose of Puregon /gonal F did you start on ?

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Trish, feeling a bit nervous about my ET tomorrow, trying to guess how many blasts I'll have, Have to feel positive that I'll have at least 1 (out of 6) to transfer.

    When I had my last BT & u/s before EPU the nurse warned me to start drinking heaps to get into practice. Must admit though that I haven't been able to do it. But definately not having any duretic (sp?) drinks to go against what I have been drinking.

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    Jan 2005
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    Goodluck Tam I will be thinking of you for sure [-o<
    what time are you booked in for ?

    Didn't they call you today and give you some good news how the embies /Blasts are doing ?
    Will they freeze the remaining embies ?

    I am also wondering what is diuretic in decaf tea or is it caffeine or something else ?

    I will drink plenty of water anyway - even drink thru night lately because get thirsty /dry throat ? if from Synarel ?

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    Sep 2004

    as for what happened with all those follies/eggs, lets just say that I had a very strong AF, that was shockingly painful. The dr said much of it would have been reabsorbed back into my body and the rest, well heavy AF would explain that. I guess the hardest thing was the thought that a large amount of my egg reserve was diminished.

    When it happened they suddenly feared that I may have PCOS, but no. Im just very responsive apparently. Which I guess is good... but was hard to deal with at the time.

    Something I just remembered, actually. When it was happening -that is my levels going through the roof day after day - the clinic told me to try not to move at all because it helps the hormones to become more effective....??

    Tam, Im sure this one is going to send you to your graduatin ceremony, darlin!

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    Jan 2005
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    Bumping this up so Toohey can find it
    Yes, strangely I had reason to be concerned about my dose but hope [-o< it all okay now

    I think clinics need to monitor first timers better - until they can see how they are responding to stims. Thye all have their own protocols but I have seen quite a few 1st goers at risk of OHSS recently on this forum and others.

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    Sep 2004

    This time around I will be on Puregon starting at 100ui.

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    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    Last time i was on puregon 150 ui and had 14 follies and 7 eggs collected
    this time i am starting on 200 ui GonalF and i am praying ever so hard that i have a healthy # of eggies at the end of it all 8-[

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    I was on puregon 150 ui and I had 11 eggs collected, 9 mature enough, 6 were fertilized all grade 1.
    I have moderate endo.

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    Re: What dose of Puregon /gonal F did you start on ?

    Hi Baby,

    I was put on gonal-f and did not respond, so they tried me on puregon at 350iu. i was 34 at the time and weighed 38kgs, i responded but with only 5 eggs retrieved. 2 only left for transfer and none to freeze.
    #2 - i had 375iu puregon and instead of checking eggs everyday, they checked them every 3rd day. i had 2 transferred and 2 frozen and fell preg with twin girls, unfortunately lost them at 21 weeks.

    I think the amount of injection they give you is taken in consideration of a lot of things. ie, age, weight, previous response to treatment.

    want to talk minmegs@hotmail.com and anyone that wants to talk.

    Godd luck baby, i know how frustrating is to be on treatment, it took me and hubby 8 years to fall preg.