thread: What should I do ??

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    Sep 2008

    What should I do ??

    I am 41 years old.

    I am 9 days post two embryo's transfered via our 3rd IVF stim cycle. Whilst I felt positive initially, I am sceptical as to wether this last cycle has worked, as I am not feeling symptomatic at all.

    I have poor qualtity eggs, 42 collected out of 3 cycle's, which is wonderful I know, but it isnt really wonderful as none of my 42 eggs have resulted in a pregnancy.

    My two angels were natural conception.

    BT is due this Friday, and I have a frozen embryo (day 2, 6 cell, I presume) they didnt advise me on the stats.

    Should I use the frozen embryo in April, or should I wait April out, then do another full stim cycle in May, and leave the frozen embryo as a back up, and hope we can get a positive result from a new stim.

    Has anyone had similar experiences, or just any advice on what your thoughts are would be appreciated.

    I have had all the bt's done, ana came back specked, I think that is a lab thing though.


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    Jun 2007
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    I would of course wait til you know for sure that this cycle has been unsuccessful before going too far with planning, but of course you cant help thinking about it...

    Can you afford another stim cycle- or is money no decider? I think i would go for another cycle in may and then maybe you will end up a fresh transfer and also with another possible embie to freeze with your already frozen one.

    I really hope for you though that friday brings you good news and that you dont have to do either option as you will be pregnant

    xoxo SB

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    Apr 2007
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    Oh sweetie 9 days post transfer is good with My BFP I had no and I mean NO symptoms so this may just be it for you. Don't give up hope yet with BT on Friday

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    Mar 2008
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    firstly - dont give up hope yet about this cycle...i so hope you have success

    I do understand though you thinking ahead, because I tend to do that all the time...plan for the what-ifs and different scenarios, because it gives me a sense of control, even if that is just an illusion!

    I can see merits in going for a full stim cycle again. The things to consider...can you afford it? are you able/ready to deal with and face a full cycle again if you have to?

    If this cycle doesnt work, and you had a successful transfer with your frozen embryo...and it sticks, then that would be a wonderful outcome.
    Are you concerned about whether you would have more chance of success with a fresh embryo transfer? Because I am told the chances are the same, and often your body is less stressed out in a FET cycle. I fell pregnant after a FET...sure we lost the baby, but as we now know, that was due to other problems with me.

    Or is it that you then be worried about getting older (due to being pregnant from the FET) before you had another IVF cycle for a second child? Is that part of your thinking?

    Otherwise, if it didn't stick, then you would be straight back into another cycle anyway, without much time lost.

    I am thinking aloud through a range of things, just to put different aspects out there. And I am sorry if it isnt all that helpful.

    I truly hope though, that this conversation will end up being beside the point, because soon you will discover you are already pregnant.

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    Jan 2005

    WLAB, well, first of all, I don't think no-symptoms means this cycle failed. But I can totally understand your way of dealing with the result, I'd do the same, if I have a back up plan, its easier for me to move forward. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    I hear you about the egg quality, did FS suggest anything on improving them, I know in PGD thread (perhaps you already know), girls are drinking wheatgrass, tomoto juice and DHEA. What about change of protocols? They says Antagonist cycle tend to improve egg quality, although its not working on me it could vary from person to person. Also stim gradually tend to improve egg quality.

    Regarding when to do the FET, I'd incline to do another stim (of course still have a month break to get your body intune) to preserve another lot of frozen bubs. Also take some advantage of the safety net, especially you are planning to have two.

    Say if you are PG with the FET, then it will be at least another year to TTC, then your egg will be one year older than now. That's just my thought hun...think about it, do whatever you feel comfortable with.

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    Sep 2008

    Hi WLAB,

    Completely agree with what CP said. Just wanted to add - have you thought about changing FS? Sometimes if things don't go to plan another perspective may help, perhaps they could change your protocol in some way which would be beneficial.

    Sending a and lots of sticky vibes, praying you get a positive result with your BT later this week.


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    Sep 2008

    Thank you so much for your comments and opinions. I am so lucky to have you guys for advice, as many of you know, LTttc can just mess up your thought processes, and I guess I am loosing confidence in myself, and wether I am making the correct choices.

    A little of my choice is that the frozen embryo could be a second child, and I should race to get as many eggs out as early as I can. Try to get pregnant with a stim cycle, and have frostie as a second chance of a sibling.

    I keep hearing " oh I know of so and so, and they did IVF for years, and then had a bub naturally "

    It's hard because I cant even mourn this cycle because I have to race against the clock and the safety net to get a positive. Which is good, but as you know it's so emotionally draining.

    Oh I am rambling, sorry, thanks again for all your advice.

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    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    Hey wouldloveabubba- just wondering how you went with your BT on friday? Any results yet?

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    Sep 2008

    Hi Starbright,

    Thanks for thinking of me hun.

    Unfortunatly I didn't make it to BT, even though I had one to confirm the inevidable.

    FS did not want to do a FET this month, I am having "a month off" to let my ovaries have a rest, and trying a different protocol in May, if I can gether the courage to do another. FS wants to get more embies on ice, or of course stick.

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    Jan 2005

    WLAB...take as much time as you need and a longer break does help to improve the quality of your body, hence the eggs and end result. I am thinking along the same line, if this cycle gone busted, I might take a month off, donate 12 viral of blood to the lab and maybe another stim cycle just to get some snowbub until I feel confident that they will stick...

    Look after yourself.

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    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    I'm sorry to hear that sweetie i guess your FS made the decision for you then. I agree that as hard as it is- a month break to let your body recover is probably a godd idea. I will be thinking of you and wishing you all the success next time around

    Take care
    SB xoxo

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    Oct 2007

    so sorry that this cycle did not work for you. I hope that the different protocol is what is needed to get you your BFP! Dont confuse a loss of confidence for the grief and stress of the IVF journey - you are clearly listening to your body and know what you want to do - and how to get there.

    Just reading your original post, you said that your ana came back as 'speckled'. From my limited understanding, this does not mean that you have tested either positive or negative as you can have low levels of ana and still be considered negative. Speckled just referes to the patterns that the ANA make when looked at in the lab (there are a couple of differnt patterns). You really need to know the titer count to know if the test is positive or not - maybe just check with your Dr what the level was to make sure that it is not overlooked.

    Good luck for May

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    Jan 2008

    RELAX , is what you need to do. i read this IVF success book where a lady got all good eggs first cycle and no BFP and then not as good 2nd cycle and got a BFP.
    you never know.

    good luck. xx

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    Oct 2008

    Hi WLAB,

    Unfortunately I cant offer you any advice because of my 3 stim cycles I only got 10 eggs all up of which resulted in only 2 embryos. However it only takes ONE! Which for me has luckily resulted in a BFP recently

    I think the fact that you are still producing lots of eggs which are resulting in embryos is a good sign.

    I too stress about my options for a 2nd child even though I havent even had my first yet!

    Good luck with your decision. I hope you get your BFP soon.

    Take care,


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    Apr 2009

    I'm so sorry for you. Look after yourself.